All Random Events in Stardew Valley Explained

Did you know that there are different random events in Stardew Valley? They happen rarely and can sometimes shock or entertain. Nonetheless, we’re revealing all of them so you can check if you missed something.

The player in different random events in Stardew Valley.
The world of Stardew Valley is filled with cutscenes and stories.

From a totally harmless Earthquake to straight out Witches and Fairies flying above your Farm, Stardew Valley has it all. There’s no telling how many more ConcernedApe would add since the game is still getting updates. But it’s too surprising for such a game to be that polished.

In this guide, we’re explaining every random event in Stardew Valley. We tried to be as simple as possible, so read more below!

Farm Events


The player experiencing the Earthquake random event and standing at the Railroad / Spa entrance.
A relatively safe “natural disaster”.

Did you hear that explosion at night? Well, that’s an Earthquake in Pelican Town, and everyone’s lucky to be alive. It turns out it helped Morris’ workers remove the boulders blocking the Railroad!

This event happens in Year 1, Summer 3. The Railroad is another area in-game that features the Spa. With the Spa, you can recharge energy freely without consuming anything.

Fallen Meteorite

The player witnessing the Fallen Meteorite event in Stardew Valley.
A gift from the heavens!

First, a large bang, then you’ll see a Meteorite in the morning.

With the event, a 3×3 Meteorite will descend into your Farm. It’s breakable, and you can start mining it using a Gold Pickaxe or better. As a result, you’ll get Geodes (2), Iridium Ore (6), and Stone (6).

The random event won’t happen if the following are present on 2×2 tiles within the 3×3 tiles:

  • Water Tiles
  • Farm Animals
  • Buildings
  • Placed Objects (obstacles)
  • Resource Clumps (wood, stone, fiber)

The Meteorite may land on your crops (worst case scenario). You’re safe if it’s more valuable than the destruction it incurred to your hard work.

Strange Capsule

The player witnessing the Strange Capsule event in Stardew Valley - before and after.
Where did it go?

If this once-in-a-blue-moon random event didn’t scare you, we don’t know what else will. 

The Strange Capsule event is by far the most interesting, as it features aliens. Yes, extraterrestrial beings. 

First, a UFO sound will play, appearing on the Mainland Farm. It can spawn anywhere except the Ginger Island Farm. However, the event will still take place even if you’re at the Island Farmhouse.

Initially, you’ll see the Strange Capsule glowing a dim, light blue color. It’ll stay as is until the third day, as it becomes a Broken Empty Capsule afterward. Note that there’s only a 0.8% chance for the event to happen, and respect tiles that may be destroyed.

Speaking of the third day, you may see a Strange Figure moving in bushes late at night. This is a rare and creepy sight unprepared players might encounter.

Note: You can accelerate the process by applying a Fairy Dust. The Strange Capsule will then instantly become an Empty Capsule. 

Stone Owl

The player experiencing the Owl Statue event in Stardew Valley.
It’s a cute and harmless statue.

The Stone Owl appearing out of nowhere without explanation is the most confusing random event so far. Firstly, you have a 0.5% chance of it happening, with similar criteria to the Strange Capsule event. But you’ll get more than one Stone Owl in a save file.

To know if the statue appeared on your Farm, you’ll hear the Owl sound effect. Most likely, you’ll obtain it in Year 1.

Although you can find the Stone Owl at the Night Market, they’re not the same.

Crop Fairies

The Fairy instantly growing your crops at night in Stardew Valley.
A useful fairy for your Farm crops!

The Crop Fairy has a 1% chance of happening except in Winter, as crops typically won’t grow. Plus, it needs to be a non-rainy day for the event to occur. If requirements are met, 5×5 tiles containing crops (not fully grown) will become ready for harvesting the next day.

Unfortunately, Wild Seeds will be untouchable to the Crop Fairy, and they can’t be the center of it. But they can still be affected if they’re on the 5×5 mark, producing random crops.


A random event in Stardew Valley: Witch flying over the Chicken Coop and the Slime Hutch.
Spoiler: She’s a blessing in disguise.

Sometimes, the Witch will visit your Farm at night. She’ll drop the following at the Coop or Slime Hutch:

  • Void Egg that hatches into a Void Chicken
  • Golden Egg that hatches into a Gold Chicken
  • Black Slime

The event is available at a 1% rate. It won’t happen unless you bought a Wicked Statue from Krobus and placed it on a Coop or Slime Hutch.

Note: Golden Eggs are available upon reaching Perfection.

Bundle Completion

The Junimos fixing the Quarry Bridge in Stardew Valley.
A small step to completing the Community Center!

In Stardew Valley, you may choose to side between the Joja Corporation or Community Center (Junimos). Every time you buy or complete a bundle, a cutscene will occur before the night ends.

Personal Events

Spouse asks for a child

The spouse asking the player to have a child or not.
How would you respond?

When you marry a bachelor or bachelorette, your spouse will ask to make or adopt a baby. The following are the criteria for a tad 5% of chance to happen:

  • Seven days of marriage
  • Ten hearts with spouse
  • Sleeps at home
  • No child
  • No child at a toddler stage
  • Nursery upgrade (with cribs)

After 14 days, the child will be born or delivered.

When you marry another player, there’s also a 5% chance that someone can propose to have children. Both parties must accept, and the offspring will be born after 14 days. The same criteria above apply.

A child is born or delivered

The spouse delivering the baby (random event) in Stardew Valley.
Too bad they don’t age.

Upon agreeing to have a child 14 days ago, this event happens. You’ll see the child in the crib in the nursery room the following day.

Farm Animal Birth

The player witnessing one of the Farm Animals (random event in Stardew Valley) give birth to an offspring.
More family members to join!

With an upgraded and vacant Barn, there’s a 50% chance of a farm animal delivering new offspring. Before a new day starts, you’ll be asked to name the farm animal. If pregnancy is disabled or no building is available, the event won’t happen.

Wild Animal Attack

The player interacting with distressed farm animals in the Barn (random event).
Everyone might be a little distressed for a while.

It’s essential to keep your farm animals at night in Stardew Valley. Failing will result in this random event where any livestock left outside permanently disappears the following day. Note that there’s a 50% chance of it happening, so you’ll be lucky if it doesn’t.

If it does happen, interacting with other farm animals will indicate distress because of the attack.

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