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Slime Hutch Inside

Your Slime Hutch layout will be the foundation of how you interact with your Slimes and collect the Slime Balls they spawn. This article will broadly describe the Slime Hutch, its purpose, and what tips to keep in mind when building or editing your layout.

What is the Slime Hutch?

The Slime Hutch in Stardew Valley is used to farm Slimes and gain a lot of slime, slime balls, and Slime Eggs. You can buy it from Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop, and you receive a free Slime Incubator with it. To purchase it, Robin will need 10,000g ; 1 x Iridium Bar, 500 x Stone ; 10 x Refined Quartz. It will take her two days to finish it. Marlon will give you one Green Slime Egg to get you started. A full Slime Hutch can hold up to 20 Slimes. 

Even the Slimes you farm will still attack you, so creating a layout in your Slime Hutch to keep the Slimes in isolation but still access them and their drops is crucial.  

Stardew Valley Slime Hutch Purpose

The purpose the hutch is to centralize, hold, breed, and grow Slimes you are farming. It’s also another way to profit, generate passive income and farm iridium ore or Petrified Slime. To get more Slimes, you’ll need Slime Eggs and at least one Incubator. Slime Eggs can drop by slain Slimes, or can be made by putting 100 slime into the Slime Egg Press. 

Breeding Slimes is available after you have at least five Slimes in your Hutch. Over time, a male Slime and a female Slime will mate. You can see this in action if both slimes have a heart above them. If one Slime rejects the other’s advances, then it fails and you’ll see an exclamation mark atop the rejector Slime. The difference between these genders is shown as a round antenna on top of male Slimes, and none for female Slimes. The Slime color of their offspring is random but will have the same HP as its parents. 

Slime Egg Tips:

  • Slime Eggs can be sold for 1000-5000 gold depending on the Slime Egg’s color. 
  • Slime Eggs take 4,000 in-game minutes to hatch. 
  • The Coop Master Profession reduces Slime hatching time to 2,000 in-game minutes.
  • Slime Eggs produced by the Slime Press can be any random color/type, except Tiger.

For a complete guide, check out this Slime Hutch article. 

Slime Hutch Layout

Without a slime ring, players will receive damage from the Slimes in your Hutch; the Slime Charmer Ring would make you immune to slime damage and you can get it from the Adventurer’s Guild after killing 1,000 Slimes. 

To avoid entering combat and farm your Slimes safely, you need to use pathway blockers, like fences, inside the Hutch so the Slimes cannot reach you. Here are some general tips when farming Slimes and designing your Slime Hutch layout.

Farming Tips:

  • The four water troughs need to be filled daily to continue Slime Ball production.
  • The troughs can be filled automatically through sprinklers.
  • A full Slime Hutch has twenty Slimes and will produce 60 slime per day. 
  • Slime Balls explode into 15-20 slime and can also drop Petrified Slime.
  • One Slime Ball will spawn overnight, for every five Slimes in the Hutch. A full Hutch would produce four Slime Balls a day.
  • Killing your farmed Slimes can give you their corresponding monster loot like copper ore, diamonds, gold ore, iridium ore, and more depending on its color/type.
  • Slimes won’t produce any Slime Balls outside, so there’s no benefit to farming them anywhere besides the Hutch.

Layout Tips:

  • Slimes will try to attack and mob you when you enter the Hutch.
  • The water troughs in the Hutch need to be filled to nourish your Slimes, but the Slimes do not need to reach the water source to benefit.  
  • You’ll need a wicked statue placed inside your Slime Hutch to protect your Slimes against the Witch. Without the statue, the Witch can curse your Slimes, changing their color to black or transparent. The Slimes’ original stats will not change.
  • Slime Balls will not spawn on crafted floors. 
  • You’ll need access to the Slime Egg Press and the Incubators. 
  • Incubators have an opening the Slimes exit out after hatching.
  • Fencing will decay normally, and Slime can break them.

With these tips in mind, here are some layouts to work with:

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