Everything There Is To Know About The Slime Hutch

The Slime Hutch is a farm building you can buy from Robin’s Carpenter Shop for 10,000g, 500 x Stone, 10 x Refined Quartz, and 1 x Iridium Bar. It can store up to twenty Slimes and has an exterior size of 11 x 6 squares and an internal size of 15 x 8 squares. Robin finishes building it after two days. 

Slime Hutch Outside

Note: In this article, the item slime and the monster Slime will be differentiated by its capitalization.

What are Slimes?

Slimes are a type of enemy in Stardew Valley. They spawn in The Mines, Skull Cavern, Quarry Mine and Secret Woods. Each color of a Slime indicates different stats and loot drops, but they all drop slime or have a chance to drop a Slime Egg. Slime Eggs can be hatched into Slimes and those Slimes can make Slime Balls, which produce slime or Petrified Slime

Finding Slime Eggs 

Marlon introduces the idea of adding Slimes to your Slime Hutch through Slime Eggs. Over time, you will come into contact with them more often. You can get Slime Eggs from various sources.

MarlonGreenThis is a one time occurrence after your first Slime Hutch is built.
Slime Egg PressRandomPlace 100 slime into the Press to create one random colored Slime Egg.
Killing SlimesSlain Slime ColorAfter building a Slime Hutch, Slimes have a chance to drop eggs when slain. If the egg drops, it will be the same color of the Slime you killed. 
Killing Tiger SlimesTigerAfter building a Slime Hutch, Tiger Slimes have a chance to drop Tiger Slime Eggs when slain. 
Skull CavernPurple or RedTreasure rooms have a chance on dropping one Slime Egg.
Slimejack Fish PondsGreenOnce a pond is filled with nine Slimejacks, there is a possibility for a Slime Egg to be produced.
Note: There is a 1% chance that killing a Slime will give you a Slime Egg. Other times, the dropped loot can range from copper ore and gold ore to diamonds and seeds (in addition to slime).

Hatching Slime Eggs

In order to hatch a Slime Egg, you will need a Slime Incubator. One of these automatically comes with your Slime Hutch, but you can can create more with the Slime Incubator recipe unlocked at combat level eight. To craft it, you’ll need 2 Iridium Bars and 100 slime.

There are three main things to know about hatching Slimes:

– Eggs incubate for 4,000 in-game minutes, or three in-game days. 

– Hatching your Slimes outdoors can be done by putting the Slime Incubator(s) outside. 

– The Slime’s gender is random, with no way to know in advance.

Note: The Coop Master Profession, unlocked at level 10 Farming, cuts the incubation time in half. 

Selling Slime Eggs

Depending on its color, the price of the Slime Egg will increase or decrease:

Mob SourceNamePrice
Green SlimeGreen Slime Eggs1,000g
Blue SlimeBlue Slime Eggs1,750g
Red SlimeRed Slime Eggs2,500g
Purple SlimePurple Slime Eggs5,000g
Tiger SlimeTiger Slime Eggs8,000g

Caring for Slimes in the Slime hutch

Slime Hutch Inside

The Slime Hutch has four water troughs inside that need to be filled by players so the Slimes can produce slime balls. The Slimes don’t need to be fed like other farm animals, but they will attack players unless they have a slime ring.

The Slime Charmer Ring is a ring you can get as a reward from Gil at the Adventurer’s Guild after completing the 1000 Slimes Monster Eradication Goal. After unlocking it, you can also buy it for 25,000g. The ring prevents the Slime rebuff and makes you immune to damage from Slimes. 

Slime Hutch Layout Quick Tips

If you don’t have a slime ring, you can also fences, statues, or other pathway blockers in your hutch to separate and trap your slimes, making the building safer to enter. Isolated slimes will be trapped, but will still be able to reproduce in their enclosure. Slimes don’t need to reach the water source to drink from it, so you can enclose them anywhere in the hutch. If you don’t want to fill the water troughs, you can use sprinklers to automatically water them. Fencing will decay normally.

Note: A random event can occur where a Witch turns all slimes in the hutch into black or transparent slimes! They will still keep their stats, but their colors will change. To avoid the Witch’s curse, you can place a Wicked Statue inside the Slime Hutch. You can purchase the Wicked Statue Recipe from Krobus. 

Breeding Slimes

After gaining five slimes, you can start the mating process and produce slime balls. Male Slimes have a round antenna attached to their head, while female Slimes do not. 

Sometimes a female Slime will mate with a male Slime, and if both Slimes shows a heart, then they will create a baby Slime. If one Slime gets a heart and the other has an exclamation mark, then the exclamation mark slime rejected the heart Slime’s advances and no baby Slime will be created. You cannot promote/speed along mating between Slimes. The baby Slime will have the same HP as its parents but will be half their size. 

Note: If you want to breed Slimes to harvest specific drops for max profit like Iridium or Diamonds, focus on Purple Slimes, Red Slimes, or Tiger Slimes. Here’s a detailed guide on the Slimes and their drops.

Color Statistics

The game will randomly pick a color for the baby Slime by randomly selecting a red, blue or green color component from all the colors, but having a slight favor toward the colors of the baby Slime’s parents. 

Slime Balls?

Slime Balls are items produced by the Slimes in the Hutch on a daily basis. Slime balls can be right-clicked on to release multiple slimes and potentially drop Petrified Slime. 

You can get a maximum of four slime balls per day if you have a full Slime Hutch (at least twenty Slimes) and all four water troughs are filled. 

Note: Slime Balls cannot spawn on crafted flooring, so you need to have enough unoccupied tiles in the Hutch.

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