Who Is Marlon in Stardew Valley? [Everything You Need to Know Now!]

Marlon is quite an interesting new NPC in Stardew Valley. This guide offers all the nitty-gritty details you’ll need to get accustomed to a new NPC introduced by one of the best Stardew Valley mods. Are you curious to find out who Marlon from Stardew Valley Expanded is, where he lives, what he likes and dislikes, and what his schedule looks like? Keep reading!

Marlon Stardew Valley Expanded

Marlon is one of the non-marriageable characters introduced to Pelican Town through Stardew Valley Expanded, which is considered one of the best Stardew Valley mods available on Nexus Mods.

You will find this new fully functional vanilla NPC and the notorious monster hunter just north of Pelican Town in the Adventurer’s Guild. He comes packed with his own little backstory, dialogues, schedule, and new events.

Although he already has strong friendships with Magnus Rasmodius, Krobus, Isaac, Alesia, Camilla, and Gil, you must also befriend him if you consider yourself an adventurer and want to explore an entirely new world through an interesting character.

After reading this guide on Marlon in Stardew Valley, you will find it easier to befriend Marlon and develop a deeper relationship with him. So, without further ado, let’s jump right to it!

Everything You Need to Know About Marlon in Stardew Valley Expanded

Marlon Stardew Valley Expanded
Image Credits: Waifu Simulator 27

Who is Marlon?

Marlon Fay is a non-marriageable NPC introduced to the world of Stardew Valley by the Stardew Valley Expanded mod. He is the leader of the Adventurer’s Guild in Pelican Town and a courageous monster hunter.

Marlon received permission from the Order of the Knights of Pythagoras to found the guild, which he did approximately 25 years before the Farmer’s arrival.

He can be considered a little introverted because his job entails always being on high alert for danger and he has seen numerous people come and go while running the guild for several years.

Marlon believes his role is unappreciated and unrewarded, but he still works with a sense of noble sacrifice. And while he might feel like his role is thankless, he is quite popular outside of Pelican Town among all the other guilds.

Marlon has managed to pen down at least two books during his limited free time and often finds himself dreaming of retirement so he can raise slimes as a hobby.

Where Does Marlon Live in Stardew Valley?

Image Credits: Waifu Simulator 27

Marlon resides in the northeast mountainous region of Pelican Town and east of the mines in the Adventurer’s Guild, which is open from 2 PM to 10 PM and you will first meet him when you enter the mines.

Upon meeting for the first time, Marlon will gift you a Rusty Sword and instruct you to descend into the mines and start exploring. You can sell all the monster drops you find to him after approaching the counter inside the guild.

It is pertinent to note that in order for you to get allowed admittance to the Adventurer’s Guild, you must first complete the Initiation quest.

Marlon will also visit you after purchasing the Slime Hutch and offer you a Slime Egg that will enable you to start breeding slimes.

Marlon’s Family and Relationships

As we mentioned earlier, Marlon has several friends, but he maintains the strongest bond with two; Magnus and Gil, who is also an occupant of the guild. Moreover, Castle Village guild members also have the utmost respect for him. He has no family within the game.

What is Marlon’s Schedule in Stardew Valley?

Marlon Stardew Valley Expanded
Image Credits: Waifu Simulator 27

The guild is open from 2 PM till 10 PM, during which time Marlon doesn’t leave his spot behind the counter inside the Adventurer’s Guild. When the guild closes he attends town festivals.

After you join the guild, you will find Marlon visiting numerous places around the valley after the guild’s opening hours. Typically, you will find him outside the guild hall on Adventurer Summit in the morning and night.

You will find him guarding the ladder inside the mine on rainy days and visiting the grave of Ketra at the Railroad on Tuesdays and Sundays of fall and winter. Marlon will also close the shop on the 22nd of every season if the Community Center is rebuilt.

The following tables contain all the information pertaining to Marlon’s precise schedule during all the seasons in Stardew Valley:

All Seasons

6:10 AMVisits the shop register.
7:00 AMGoes outside and behind the guild hall to the supplies.
7:50 AMMoves around the supplies between the barrels and crates.
9:20 AMGoes up to another crate.
9:40 AMReturns to the first spot and resumes with supplies.
10:40 AMMoves up once again.
11:00 AMGoes next to the guild hall to the log pile.
11:40 AMWatches the store after entering the guild.
10:00 PMStands next to the door after going outside the guild.
6:10 AMVisits Isabelle’s grave.
11:10 AMLeaves Isabelle’s grave to go to the guild hall.
12:00 PMMoves behind the guild store counter.
10:00 PMStands next to the door after going outside the guild.
6:10 AMReviews the guild store counter.
6:30 AMStands by the mine entrance after heading outside.
11:20 AMSupervises the guild shop after going inside the guild.
10:00 PMGoes back to standing outside of the mines.
6:10 AMStands at the guild counter.
6:30 AMVisits Isabelle’s grave on the Adventurer Summit.
11:10 AMReturns inside the guild hall and watches the shop.
10:00 PMGoes back to Isabelle’s grave.
6:10 AMVisits the shop.
6:30 AMWatches the river while standing at the Adventurer Summit pier.
11:20 AMWatches the store after heading back inside.
10:00 PMGoes back to the pier to see the river.
6:00 AMStanding in front of the sewer entrance in Pelican Town.
6:20 AMSpins around to safeguard the sewer.
8:20 AMGoes back to the guild store for the remainder of the day.
6:10 AMGoes to the store counter.
7:00 AMWatches the river after standing at the cliff outside the guild.
11:30 AMWatches the guild shop after going back inside.
10:00 PMStands outside the door of the guild hall.
Marlon’s Schedule – All Seasons

Fall Variations

6:00 AMStands in front of Ketra’s grave at the Railroad graveyard.
9:20 AMGoes back to Adventurer Summit and the guild store.
10:00 PMGoes outside of the guild by the door.
6:10 AMSupervises the guild store the entire day.
10:00 PMStands in front of Ketra’s grave at the Railroad graveyard.
Marlon’s Schedule – Fall Deviations

Winter Variations

6:10 AMSupervises the guild store the entire day.
10:00 PMStand in front of Ketra’s grave after going to the Railroad.
6:00 AMHas already reached the Railroad cemetery at Ketra’s grave.
9:20 AMGoes back to the guild hall for the remainder of the day.
Marlon’s Schedule – Winter Deviations


6:10 AMStarts working at the guild hall store.
8:00 AMGoes to the mines and defends the ladder.
11:20 AMGoes back to the guild hall to supervise the store.
10:00 PMReturns to the mine to protect the ladder.
Marlon’s Schedule – Rain

Monday, Community Center Restored

7:30 AMGoes into the front room of the guild hall.
8:00 AMVisits the Community Center in town and meets Kent there to stand in the corridor close to the forge.
1:20 PMRemains stationary in the hallway.
6:30 PMStands in the corridor leading to the Community Center’s office.
7:30 PMReturns to the Adventurer Guild and takes a position by the entrance.
Marlon’s Schedule – Monday, Community Center Restored

Before Guild Initiation

6:10 AMOccupies a position at the Adventurer’s Guild counter.
10:00 PMStands by the entrance of the guild hall.
Marlon’s Schedule – Before Guild Initiation

Which Gifts Does Marlon Like? Stardew Valley Expanded

Image Credits: Classic Cookie Gaming

Marlon’s birthday falls on Winter 19th and it’s the perfect time to gift him something he would appreciate if you’re planning on befriending him. The following tables contain a list of all the items Marlon likes, loves, is unbiased towards, dislikes, and hates:

Gifts Marlon Likes

  • Rusty Blade
  • Void Pebble
  • Void Shard
  • Void Salmon Sushi
  • Glazed Butterfish
  • Frog Legs
  • Big Bark Burger
  • Blue Moon Wine
  • Mega Bomb
  • Bomb
  • Purple Mushroom
  • Fried Mushroom
  • Mead
  • Wine
  • Pale Ale
  • Beer
  • All Universal Likes (Except Flowers and Dairy Artisan Goods)

Gifts Marlon Loves

  • Void Delight
  • Hero Elixir
  • Haste Elixir
  • Armor Elixir
  • Aged Blue Moon Wine
  • Life Elixir
  • Green Slime Egg
  • Purple Slime Egg
  • Red Slime Egg
  • Blue Slime Egg
  • Roots Platter
  • All Universal Loves

Neutral Gifts for Marlon

  • Razor Trout
  • Red Mushroom
  • Large Milk
  • Milk
  • L. Goat Milk
  • Goat Milk
  • Goat Cheese
  • Cheese
  • Cherry Bomb
  • All Monster Loot
  • All Universal Neutrals

Gifts Marlon Dislikes

  • Void Eel
  • Starfish
  • Puppyfish
  • Minnow
  • Kittyfish
  • King Salmon
  • Frog
  • Clownfish
  • Butterfish
  • All Forage Items (Except Red Mushroom, Holly)
  • All Universal Dislikes (Except Bombs, Monster Essences)

Gifts Marlon Hates

  • Grampleton Orange Chicken
  • Ice Cream
  • Holly
  • All Flowers
  • All Universal Hates (Except Monster Loot)

What Are Marlon’s Movie Theater Tastes? [Favorite Concessions and Movies]

The Movie Theater opens from 9:00 AM till 9:00 PM and it is a building where you can watch movies once every 7 days – either alone or with a guest of your choice.

Offering a close-to-reality experience, the Movie Theater is available either after you complete the Community Center or after you complete all the community upgrades offered by Morris.

You can buy a Movie Ticket for 1,000g and taking another NPC to the movies will grant you a lot of friendship points. However, if they’re not a fan of the movie, it will award you no points.

You can also gain a few extra friendship points by offering the NPC a snack that they like or love while you’re at the Movie Theater with them.

With that said, if you want to create a close bond and friendship with Marlon, you will need to know which movies and concessions he likes, loves, and dislikes.

Let’s take a look at the following lists of movies and concessions that Marlon likes, loves, and dislikes:

Movies Marlon Loves

MysteriumFall, Y1
It Howls in the RainFall, Y2
Movies Marlon Loves

Movies Marlon Likes

Brave Little SaplingSpring, Y1
Journey Of The Prairie King: The Motion PictureSummer, Y1
Natural Wonders: Exploring Our Vibrant WorldSpring, Y2
WumbusSummer, Y2
Movies Marlon Likes

Movies Marlon Dislikes

Miracle at Coldstar RanchWinter, Y1
Zuzu City ExpressWinter, Y2
Movies Marlon Dislikes

Concessions Marlon Loves

Panzanella Salad200g
Cappuccino Mousse Cake220g
Stardrop Sorbet1250g
Jasmine Tea50g
Hummus Snack Pack90g
Kale Smoothie120g
Apple Slices100g
Truffle Popcorn180g
Concessions Marlon Loves

Concessions Marlon Likes

Salted Peanuts120g
Personal Pizza150g
Salmon Burger150g
Concessions Marlon Likes

Concession Marlon Dislikes

Cotton Candy50g
Ice Cream Sandwich150g
Chocolate Popcorn1130g
Star Cookie150g
Rock Candy150g
Sour Slimes80g
Joja Cola (large)40g
Black Licorice25g
Concession Marlon Dislikes

All Marlon Events You Need to Know

Adventurer’s Guild Initiation

MapAdventurer’s Guild
ExtraThe scene in the original game where Marlon hands the player a sword at the mine entrance must have been witnessed by the player. The player must have spent at least ten days playing the game.
Description: ExpectationsMarlon says that the player has demonstrated himself when they enter the Adventurer’s Guild. He leads the player in an oath after asking if they want to join the Adventurer’s Guild. He introduces the player as the 23rd member of the Adventurer’s Guild before stating that the player is able to purchase weapons and complete bounties. He extends a warm welcome to the player and states that he has high expectations for them.
Adventurer’s Guild Initiation

Sewer Curiosity

MapAdventurer Summit
ExtraIt is still Year 1 and the player has donated 60 goods, but they do not have two hearts with Marlon.
Description: Gaining TrustThe question regarding the sewers is posed to Marlon. Marlon delivers hints about beloved gifts and states that they must first gain his trust. After giving the 60 items to Gunther and before speaking to Marlon, Gunther will claim that he once witnessed Marlon enter the sewers.
Sewer Curiosity

Sewer Key Alternate

MapAdventurer Summit
ExtraIf it’s year two or later, you need a half-heart with Marlon to reach the bottom of the mines. It takes two hearts with Marlon if it’s the first year.
Description: Krobus IntroMarlon advises the player to see Krobus, a shadow character who resides in the Pelican Town sewers because they have established their value. The Guild is responsible for keeping Krobus hidden from the community and the Order of the Knights of Pythagoras. Krobus is a shadow person, unlike other shadow people, yet he is unable to communicate with humans because they are hostile to shadow people. After the introduction, Marlon hands the player the key to the sewers, enabling them to return to Krobus whenever they like.
Sewer Key Alternate

Slime Hutch Eggs

ExtraPlayer has the letter confirming the construction of the Slime Hutch. In multiplayer games, you must be the host.
Description: Marlon’s GiftWhen Marlon comes to the farm, he informs the player that he heard about their new slime hutch from Robin. He quips that he lost an eye because he was a slime breeder when he was the player’s age. Marlon hands the player a slime egg, instructs them to put it in an incubator so it may hatch, and provides information on where to obtain more.
Slime Hutch Eggs

Galaxy Sword Event

MapAdventurer’s Guild
ExtraA day must have passed after the player obtained the Galaxy Sword.
Weapons Cache
Marlon notices the Galaxy Sword when the player visits the Adventurer’s Guild after getting it and remarks on how honorable it is to get one. He shares with the player his first experience with obtaining a galaxy weapon. He ends by telling them that the guild’s secret supply now sells the Galaxy Hammer and Galaxy Dagger.
Galaxy Sword Event

Void Shard Event

MapAdventurer’s Guild
ExtraA Void Shard must be owned by the player and be stored in their inventory.
A New Threat
Marlon detects the void energy emanating from the player’s inventory’s Void Shard as soon as they walk into the guild hall. Marlon brings you to the wizard’s home to deliver the news after learning where it originated. When Magnus Rasmodius senses the energy, Marlon tells him what the player informed him about it. The wizard requests that the shard be placed in his hex so that he can determine its origin. The shard is destroyed in the process, but Magnus has time to discover that it was built by someone specifically to use void energy to corrupt monsters. The wizard instantly departs to inform the Ministry of Magic of the Ferngill Republic. Magnus says he’ll credit you with the discovery, but he subsequently forgets to let you know about the encounter.
Void Shard Event

Marlon’s Boat Quest

MapAdventurer’s Guild
ExtraLance has earned the player two hearts.
Description: Arriving in the HighlandsAccording to Marlon, Lance informed him that he had an outpost in the highlands and was confident his boat could make the journey without incident. However, Marlon needs to get the following monster pieces before he and the Farmer may travel: 30 Slime, 25 Bat Wings, 50 Void Essence, 40 Solar Essence, and 20 Bug Meat. Marlon visits the farm the day after the final package is delivered and requests that the farmer return to the guild hall. When the farmer arrives at the guild hall, a cinematic that transports him to the highlands for the first time will start.
Marlon’s Boat Quest

Marlon’s Heart Events

Hearts: 2

ExtraThe guild initiation ceremony was witnessed by the player.
Description: KrobusMarlon advises the player to see Krobus, a shadow character who resides in the Pelican Town sewers because they have established their value. The Guild is responsible for keeping Krobus hidden from the community and the Order of the Knights of Pythagoras. Krobus is a shadow person, unlike other shadow people, yet he is unable to communicate with humans because they are hostile to shadow people. After the introduction, Marlon hands the player the key to the sewers, enabling them to return to Krobus whenever they like.
Marlon’s Heart Events [Hearts: 2]

Hearts: 4

ExtraThe player must have at least once made it to the bottom of the mines.
Description: MeetingsMarlon, who is at the cemetery, runs into the player. He is showing honor for fallen allies. He congratulates the player for eliminating the mining threat posed by the monster. The player is then welcomed to attend guild meetings between Marlon and the wizard. The player has the option of politely declining the invitation or graciously accepting it, in which case Marlon promises to let them know when the next meeting is.
Marlon’s Heart Events [Hearts: 4]

Item Recovery Service

In The Mines, Quarry Mine, Skull Cavern, or Volcano Dungeon, Marlon will retain lost things in a “Item Recovery Service” option in the Adventurer’s Guild Menu if the player drops out from low health. One lost item may be purchased by players for the same amount as it would cost to ship it. Items remain in Marlon’s menu until the player next faints from low health, at which point any new items lost will take their place. If the day finishes at 2 AM, nothing is lost; only the gold fee is taken away.


This concludes our comprehensive guide on Marlon in Stardew Valley. We hope this read has helped you garner all the information you need pertaining to Marlon from Stardew Valley Expanded and you’re now better equipped to build a deeper connection with this NPC. Use this information however you like to try your luck with this striking character now!

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