Everything you need to know about the riverland farm in Stardew Valley:

Are you tired of the standard farm?  Have you been looking for a river view from your farmhouse?  Are you good at fishing?  Well, I have a farm for you!  The Riverland farm is the perfect layout for fishing and enjoying the water!  Forget small fish ponds, fill your land with rivers and islands for the best fishing experience.

How to select the Riverland farm?

When you first start a new game save in Stardew Valley you get lots of customization options, including what you look like, your farm’s name, whether you get a dog or a cat, but you can also choose your farm layout!  There are seven options, including the standard farm which is best for farming, the forest farm which is best for foraging, the wilderness farm which is best for combat, the hill-top farm which is best for mining, the four corners farm for multiplayer, the beach farm that is for advanced players and is best for fishing and foraging and the Riverland farm!  Selecting this option will add rivers to your farmland, allowing you to fish without having to walk to Pelican Town!

What is the layout of the Riverland farm?

The standard farm map includes the most land for farming, a barn, and a coop, as well as a small pond and lots of trees.  The Riverland farm quite literally adds rivers onto your farm.  You still have your farmhouse and the abandoned greenhouse, but instead of a large chunk of land to farm, you have little islands of tillable tiles surrounded by water that are connected by little bridges.  There will still be grass, branches, and hardwood stumps for you to clean up in the beginning. While the river-style farm may have less space for farming, you will have plenty of space for fishing!

Riverland farm layout

Which fish can you catch on the Riverland farm?

When you fish on the riverland farm you have a 70% chance of getting a town river fish and a 30% chance of getting a Cindersap Forest fish.  This means you can catch any fish that you could catch in Pelican Town or in the forest next to Marnie and Robin’s houses.  If you’re trying to complete the community center you will still need to seek out fish from other areas like ocean fish or the infamous woodskip from the secret woods, but it will be much easier to catch bream, salmon, walleye, and many more!

What does the farmhouse look like?

No matter what farm map you choose the outside of the farmhouse looks the same, but the interior changes!  When you live on the Riverland farm your farmhouse has the same furniture as the rest, with the bed in the lower right-hand corner, a tv against the back wall, and the table and chair against the left wall.  The walls are wood and there are two port windows, along with an anchor and map hung up around the fireplace.  There are also hardwood floors in a slightly darker color than the standard farmhouse.  This is a lovely cabin home for your river property!

What is the difference between the riverland farm and the beach farm?

You’ll notice that both the river farm and the beach farm are good for fishing, so what’s the difference?  Good question!  The newest farm layout, the beach farm, is good for both fishing and foraging, as it adds a sandy beach onto your farmland. While the beach layout has more space for farming and buildings, sprinklers don’t work on the sand so if you have a big farm the workload might become overwhelming!  There is also the addition of supply crates in the ocean farm which could contain many different objects, including seeds, oil, bombs, and many more! Unlike the river farm layout, the beach farm does not have bubble spots, which increase your likelihood of catching a fish, as opposed to trash, and cause the fish to bite faster. That being said, some players do consider the river-style farm to be even harder to play because it doesn’t have as much space.  It all depends on your play style!

What is the best layout for the Riverland farm?

There is no true “best layout” because everyone plays Stardew Valley differently, but if you’re looking for some inspiration and tips for how to make the best out of the river farm type, I’ve got you!  Each Stardew Valley farm layout has its own problems and special perks so let’s go through them together!

The main problem people have with the Stardew Valley river farm is having room to place buildings.  Because of how the land is spaced out, big buildings can only be placed in certain areas.  I have found that the best place to put your barn and/or coop on the two bottom left islands, this is also a good spot for slime hutches if you love those!  Generally, the largest piece of land is the top right quadrant where your farm and greenhouse are.  I see lots of people placing sheds, stables, and silos there.  It’s worth noting though that if you are planning on having animals they will have less grass to eat so you may need to stock up on hay.  

It is best to use the smaller islands for farming, probably focusing on the most sellable plants, as you have less space. As for what to plant, this depends on how are into the game you are.  Most people who love the Riverland layout make most of their money on fishing and ancient fruit, however, this can be hard when you’re first starting out.   As with any map, foraging throughout Pelican town can be a great side gig, things like morel, spice berry and chanterelle can keep you going throughout the year! You can also still use the cave to get mushrooms or berries! You can also focus on foraging on the sand of the ocean beach with things like mussels and cockles if you want to keep the fishing aesthetic!  

The plants that make the most money generally are melons, green beans, sunflowers, red peppers, and corn.   If you’re interested in artisanal goods, then blueberries and hops should also be planted because they are incredibly helpful for crafting!  The best part of most of these plants is that they only need to be planted once, and then they keep providing crops throughout the season.  This lowers the initial cost and the amount of work it takes to farm.   Remember to plant these the first day of each season so you can get the most out of them!

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