Surprising Reasons Why the Petrified Slime is Important

Nobody wants a random geode mineral in their storage, and the petrified slime is no exception. But did you know it has different uses in Stardew Valley you haven’t heard of before? If you’re curious about the use of petrified slime, this guide is for you!

Petrified Slime, a mineral in Stardew Valley, above every artifact and other minerals inside the local museum.
Petrified Slime is usually donated at the Museum.

Contrary to what most beginners believe, the Petrified Slime is a mineral extracted from a Geode or Omni Geode. There’s also a chance of finding it inside slime balls and other means. The base selling price of the mineral is 120g and 156g with the Gemologist perk.

The mineral in a nutshell

Many beginning players have the first impression of getting a Petrified Slime from monster loots. When it was first introduced on update 1.0, players could only obtain it from two types of geodes that Clint will happily open for you. However, the 1.1 version of the game made it possible for the mineral to drop from Slime Balls. 

In terms of appearance, it is cylindrical in shape and greenish in color.

Extracting the Mineral

Clint at the workshop breaking open a normal and omni geode in his anvil.
A normal and omni geode may contain Petrified Slime.

Since there are 53 minerals and 46 artifacts in Stardew Valley, it’ll be a challenge to get your hands on Petrified Slime with geodes. Factors like luck and chance affect its drop rate.

When cracked open, geodes can contain various minerals, artifacts, ores, and resources such as stone and clay.

Specifically, you need to collect geodes from floors 1 to 39 and Omni geodes on any Mines. 

Additionally, duggies and carbon ghosts can also provide you these mineral deposits. If you don’t want to traverse down the mines, you can obtain it from Crane Game in Movie Theater or buy it from Krobus or the Desert Trader.

It will take you a lot of time grinding inside the Mines, or you can build a Hutch, raise slimes, and get better drops of the mineral. To build the structure, you’ll need 10,000g, 500 pieces of stones, 10 refined quartz, and an Iridium bar.

Uses of Petrified Slime

The player holding a cloth in the sewing machine (left); Wizard's reaction after given a Petrified Slime.
The Petrified Slime can be used as a clothing dye, gift for the Wizard, and more.

You might be wondering, “Why should I put all the effort in something that is less priced than Diamonds?” It may be one of the less valued items in Stardew Valley, but you’ll need the Petrified Slime in the future for the following reasons:

1. Gifting

Everyone in Stardew Valley hates the Petrified Slime with a passion. Give them the strange-looking item, and the friendship is over.

The only exception is the weirdo named M. Rasmodius who lives on the tower. He loves many exotic specimens that he’d want it to have in his collection. You can literally be friends with him and know many secrets, including Arcane.

Obviously, there are better gift choices for Wizard out there, and we have it here conveniently compiled for you.

2. Pond Quest

If you’re raising a Slimejack in a fish pond, you’ll need the same mineral. Do the job with no questions asked to expand the pond’s capacity from 7 to 10. It’s still better than Blobfish requesting for a wine.

3. Tailoring

As you might have guessed, the Petrified Slime has a room inside Pelican Town’s fashion industry. Yes. The 100,000-year-old critter that died long ago and fossilized can be used to color the clothes you wear.

After a cutscene, you can start crafting the shirt with Emily’s sewing machine. To trigger this, you need at least one piece of cloth, wait until tomorrow, and exit the farmhouse in the morning.

After which, Emily will tell you that you’re free to use her machine. All you need to do is swing by her place to get the job done.

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