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Pelican Town is full of little shops selling all sorts of things!  The war between Jojomart and the local businesses is a huge plot in Stardew Valley so it’s important to keep track of the local shops.  There’s Pierre’s General Store, the blacksmith, Wally’s fishing shop, and of course, the carpenter shop!

Where is the carpenter shop?

Carpenter Shop

The carpenter’s shop is north of Pelican Town, up past the community center.  Like Marnie’s shop, the carpenter shop is inside the house of one of the Stardew Valley villagers.

Who runs the carpenter shop?

Robin runs the carpenter’s shop!  Robin is one of the first villagers you meet in Stardew Valley.  She is married to Demetrius and mother to Sebastian and Maru.   She is always happy to help the player with their carpentry needs (for a price of course!)

robin counter

When is the carpenter shop open?

The carpenter shop is open from 9-5 every day except Fridays when the shop closes at 4 and Tuesdays when the shop is closed all day.

What does the carpenter shop sell?

Robin sells all kinds of things!  You can buy basic materials from her such as wood and stone, along with furniture, farmhouse upgrades, and even whole new buildings!  While some of the offerings change day by day, most of her stock stays the same.  


The carpenter shop is the best place to find new and cool ways to spice up your farmhouse!  And not only can you buy the furniture from Robin, but she also sells furniture recipes, which allow you to craft your own decorations!   Prices range from 300g for a small window to 6,000g for a deluxe red double bed.  While some offerings are simply for decoration, like plants or a wood lamp, some can be extremely useful.  For example, you can buy a calendar for 2,000g which lets you check for festivals and birthdays from your own home, or a mini fridge where you can store food!

Farmhouse upgrades:

Another thing Robin can do for you is to upgrade your farmhouse!  All upgrades can be bought with differing amounts of money, wood, and hardwood.  By upgrading your house you get new rooms and new gameplay options!  There are three total house upgrades.

The first upgrade gives you a kitchen space where you can store and cook food items.

The second upgrade adds two rooms, one room is empty and the other one has two single beds and a crib.  You need this upgrade to have children!  This upgrade also allows you to renovate, completely free and reversible design changes, and allows you to paint your buildings.

The third and final upgrade adds the cellar.  The cellar allows you to build casks, which can be used to age artisanal goods, like beer, wine, and cheese, to increase their value!

Looking for even more space? Robin can add two extra rooms for free! The southern room appears below the bedroom and the corner room is between the bedroom and the nursery. She can also remove the wall between the bedroom and the living room for a more “open concept” feel!

New farm buildings:

The most important things Robin can build for you are new farm buildings!  These add new gameplay, new ways to store things, and even new ways to care for animals!  Robin can also move your greenhouse if you want!  Each of these buildings are extremely important to your farm so we’ll go through them one by one.


The shed is an empty building that is a great place for chests.  If you have so many items that you have no clue what to do with, invest in a shed!   Having rows of sorted chests helps with item organization and storage.  Plus, you can put all sorts of furniture and decorations inside to make it your own!  The shed comes in two sizes.  The basic shed has plenty of room, but if you like keeping objects close to your chest (pun intended!) then the big shed might be for you!


The coop brings you one of the best parts of Stardew Valley.  Chickens!   And later on in the game, ducks, dinosaurs, and rabbits!  There are three sizes of coop, the basic coop, the big coop, and the deluxe coop.

The basic coop has room for 4 chickens.  These chickens can be fed hay or they can eat grass outside, but make sure you give them a fenced area, so they don’t eat all your grass!   The big coop unlocks ducks and dinosaurs and has room for 8 animals.  The deluxe coop unlocks rabbits and has room for 12 animals.  It also comes with an automatic feeder so that you don’t have to worry about keeping your animals fed!  It requires a silo, which we will talk about a little later.


The barn lets you keep larger animals, like cows, goats, sheep, and pigs.  Like the coop, there are three sizes, basic barns, big barns, and deluxe barns, each allowing you to keep more animals. Adding animals to your farm will add more work to your day, but it pays off in a big way. Not only will you have adorable virtual animals, but each animal provides you with a new product that you can sell to increase your profits!


The silo holds hay dropped from grass or wheat. This is where the automatic feeders get the food. It’s important to keep it stocked to keep your animals happy! Especially during the winter, when the animals can’t just eat grass. The silo costs 100g, 100 stones, 10 clay, and 5 copper bars.

Fish pond:

The fish pond can be used to collect fish!  You can place fish in the pond and after a few days they will start to reproduce and sometimes drop roe, fish eggs you can eat or sell.  The fish pond costs 5,000g, 200 stones, 5 seaweed, and 5 green algae. If fishing is your favorite Stardew skill, this is a great addition to your farm!


The mill is used to treat certain farm products.  You can turn wheat into flour, beets into sugar and rice out of unmilled rice.  This raises the price and also makes them better to use for recipes!


Have you ever been watering your plants when all of a sudden your water can is empty and the pond is on the other side of the farm?  If so, the well might be right for you!  For 1000g and 75 stones you can place a well on your farm so you can refill your water can wherever you want to!  

Shipping Bin:

You know the small bin that allows you to sell your goods before you go to bed?  Did you know that you can buy more?  It’s true!  You can place it anywhere on your farm for easy access.


Stables are essential to Stardew Valley.  Getting frustrated with how slow your farmer is moving?  Try horses!  Once you build the stable, you can add a horse to your farm which you can ride around town with a speed increase of 30%!  The stable is a little costly, it requires 10,000g, 100 hardwood, and 5 iron bars, but if you are attempting a speedrun this is a must-have!


If you play multiplayer, the cabins are a great place for your friends to live!  There are three cabins: the stone cabin, the plank cabin, and the log cabin.   Each cabin is beautiful and can be destroyed and rebuilt as needed!

Slime Hutch:  

The slime hutch is the most expensive farm building but if fighting monsters is your favorite part of the game, this will be the perfect addition to your farm!  For a large price of 10,000g, 500 stones, 10 refined quartz, and 1 iridium bar you can build your very own slime farm!  If you provide the hutch with a slime egg, the building will fill with slimes you can fight to your heart’s content!

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