Stardew Blacksmith: A Comprehensive Guide to its Services

Do you ever wonder what the full services of the Blacksmith in Stardew Valley are? Here we won’t talk about Clint’s personal life, but we’d rather venture through his line of work! Read further to learn more about his shop and its offers!

A player in front of the Blacksmith Shop in Stardew Valley.
What service do you need?

If you’ve ever come across some trouble like opening a Geode, we know that Clint is the guy we should be looking for. Well, this case only applies to players who haven’t obtained the Geode Crusher. But did you know that there’s a case wherein we’d totally need his assistance?

You’ve read that right. Despite owning several machines that help you gain more Mining Experience, you’ll still need the Blacksmith’s help in upgrading your tools and other stuff. Read further to learn more about this shop in Stardew Valley!

Where is the Blacksmith Shop in Stardew Valley?

A player pointing out the blacksmith shop's location.
You know the landmark now, alright?

Finding the Blacksmith’s shop isn’t challenging, in fact, it’s just right behind the museum. You may visit it by crossing the bridge close to Mayor Lewis’ manor and taking a few steps going north. Once you find a gray-bricked home, you’re in the right place.

But if you’ve fixed the Minecart close to the Bus Stop you can just take a free ride from it and visit the store.

What time does the Blacksmith open in Stardew Valley?

The shop is open from 9 AM to 4 PM every day. But interestingly, you can still get his services past his closing time if you’ve stayed there longer. As long as you’re inside the facility, you may still purchase anything you like even if the owner isn’t behind the counter.

Additionally, upon fixing the Community Center successfully, it’ll be closed every Friday. It also becomes unavailable every Winter 16 at 10:30 AM, since he’s taking a trip to Harvey’s clinic for a checkup.

What can you buy from the Blacksmith in Stardew Valley?

It offers plenty of services that benefit both starter and seasoned players. You may find several resources sold here, but this doesn’t include rare gems or any crystal mineral. Nonetheless, we’ve listed the help that he can offer you when visiting the store:


A player checking through the Blacksmith's stocks in Stardew Valley.
You have a choice, you either grind for these resources or spend tons of gold.

Pelican Town doesn’t escape the inflation of goods either. Since once you reach the second year, prices likely take a hike. This also applies to the Carpenter Shop, so you better have your business booming to prevent it from going bankrupt. Check the table below to see the prices alongside their changes as the years go by:

Name Year 1 PriceYear 2+Price
Copper Ore75g150g
Iron Ore150g250g
Gold Ore400g750g

Quick Tip: Instead of purchasing Coals from this store, you may just forage for wood or get some from Robin’s Shop. You’ll need to place it in a Charcoal Kiln and wait for 30 in-game minutes to obtain the product. However, purchasing lumber is only viable in year one since in the following year prices increase.

While instead of using a Gold Ore to make bars, you can either purchase Iron Ores or Bars and use the Transmute (Au) formula. Using this method helps quicken the smelting process from five hours to two. It also enables you to save 350g for the first year and 1,000g for the second.

Tool Upgrades

A player getting tool upgrades in Stardew Valley.
The first ever upgrade you can get.

If your element is to become more efficient, then getting a tool upgrade is a must. They may come off as pricey, but they’re worth it since you can complete various quests with the right tools. 

Below are the upgrades for different variations of Axe, Pickaxe, Hoe, and Watering Can:

Copper ToolCopper Bar (5)2,000g
Steel ToolIron Bar (5)5,000g
Gold ToolGold Bar (5)10,000g
Iridium ToolIridium Bar (5)25,000g

While you may also upgrade your bins to get the partial value of the things you disposed of. Although the amount may vary on the type of enhancement you got.

Copper Trash CanCopper Bar (5)1,000g
Steel Trash CanIron Bar (5)2,500g
Gold Trash CanGold Bar (5)5,000g
Iridium Trash CanIridium Bar (5)12,500g

Processing Geodes

A player processing geodes at the Blacksmith Shop in Stardew Valley.
With the minimal fee, we don’t think that we should complain.

Here’s a tip to prevent getting disappointed with the products inside a Geode. If you hear a clicking sound, then you must expect that the item’s price is 75g or lower. But if a short melody plays in the background, you better celebrate as it can be something good.

Additionally, getting an Artifact Trove or Golden Coconut requires Clint’s service because your Geode Crusher won’t be of any aid. Below are the fees for availing the assistance he offers:

ItemCost to Process
Frozen Geode25g
Magma Geode25g
Omni Geode25g
Artifact Trove25g
Golden Coconut25g

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