Everything You Need to Know About the Deluxe Coop Upgrade in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a game filled with tons of things to do, build, and create. It’s truly a game where the player gets to control what happens and when it happens. Each farm building in this game comes with its own set of pros and cons that will have new players confused at first glance. Today’s article will focus on bringing to light all things about the Deluxe Coop in Stardew Valley to help you decide whether it’s worth it or not.

Deluxe Chicken Coop

How to get a Deluxe Coop?

The Deluxe Coop is a type of farm building that can be purchased from Robin in the carpenter shop. Robin will only offer you this building once you have purchased both the Basic Coop and the Big Coop. After purchasing, it will take Robin two days to upgrade your Big Coop to the Deluxe Coop. Although this upgrade process is quite simple at first glance, it does cost quite a bit of money and resources to complete.

Deluxe Coop Costs

The Deluxe Coop will cost you an astounding 20,000g, 500 wood, and 200 stone to purchase from Robin. Even though that in and of itself is a lot of resources, it gets worse. To build the Deluxe Coop you first need both the Coop and the Big Coop purchased. The Coop costs 4,000g, 300 wood, and 100 stone while the Big Coop costs 10,000g, 400 wood, and 150 stone. This means that the Deluxe Coop costs a total of 34,000g, 1,200 wood, and 450 stone. While this price may seem absurd at first glance, the benefits of the Deluxe Coop will absolutely outweigh this hefty price.

CoopBig CoopDeluxe Coop
Wood300 400 500
Stone100 150 200

Is a Deluxe Coop Worth It?

With such a high price it’s difficult for many to see the Deluxe Coop as a worthwhile upgrade. However, due to the features and animals that are added with this upgrade, the Deluxe Coop is an absolutely necessary upgrade for anyone who wants the full Stardew Valley experience.


Although the price tag may scare players at first, I assure you that the features of the Deluxe Coop will make it worth every penny. In addition to the hay hopper, and incubator that you got from the Big Coop upgrade, you get a few new features that help make life on the farm a little more easy. For starters, the Deluxe Coop comes with an increased animal capacity of 12 total animals. Additionally, the Deluxe Coop takes up the exact same amount of space, that being a 6×3 area on your farm. This means that there is no downside to the upgrade when considering your farm space.

The Deluxe Coop also gives you the ability to purchase Rabbits from Marnie’s Ranch which will create an overall increase in your farm’s profits. The final addition to the Deluxe Coop is the Autofeed System which instantly refills your feeding bench when an animal eats ensuring that you will never have an animal go hungry!

Optimizing Your Deluxe Coop!

Deluxe Coops, along with many other farm buildings, are easily one of the most optimizable aspects of Stardew Valley. These farm buildings can be nearly completely automated using Auto-Grabbers once you reach farming level 10. Not only that but they can be paired with other farm buildings like Silos to be optimized even further. Players can even use coops as storage for chests, machines, or decorations in order to optimize their gameplay experience even more.


Silos are a type of farm building that allows you to turn cut grass or wheat into hay to feed your animals. This building can be purchased from Robin at the Carpenter Shop just north of town and is quite cheap all things considered. To buy a Silo from Robin all you need is 100g, 100 stone, 10 clay, and 5 copper bars. Each silo stores up to a maximum of 240 hay which sounds like a lot but, hay can add up quite quickly so it’s always nice to build 2 or more Silos when farming coop-dwelling animals. Silos are a great addition to any Deluxe Coop setup as they go hand in hand with the Autofeed system. Because Silos allow for long-term hay storage they are a great way to provide year-round food for your Coop-dwelling animals. Silos are a great step towards fully automating your barns in Stardew. Similarly, Auto-Grabbers are another way to achieve automation in your Stardew Worlds.

The Auto-Grabber

The Auto-Grabber is a farm machine that you place inside of coops and barns. This machine will automatically collect every animal product for you each day. You can purchase the Auto-Grabber from Marnie on her ranch for the whopping price of 25,000g and it can only be bought after you reach level 10 farming. While that price may seem too high, it’s definitely worth it when you use the Auto-grabber in tandem with Silos and the Autofeed system which will boost your production exponentially. This setup will make for a near complete automation when created and will only require players to pet their animals once a day to increase friendship. Overall the Auto-Grabber is a worthwhile addition to any Deluxe Coop even with that harsh price tag.


Even though this isn’t new to the Deluxe Coop, it is still a very helpful addition to the coop. In Stardew Valley, having a profitable farm is the main goal. Saving money to invest and try new things benefits. One way to cut costs is to use an incubator. Instead of going to Marnie’s Ranch and spending boatloads of cash on new animals, all you have to do is put an egg in the incubator and wait.

Using the Coop as a Shed?

One great feature of the Deluxe Coop is its increased interior space. With such a large area players may wonder if they can use it for other things than just animals. The answer to that question is of course yes. Items like chests, furniture, or artisan machines are able to be placed within the coops without any real drawbacks. If players want to keep animals, however, they just need to make sure that there is enough room for animal products to spawn on the ground or they will not make any money.


When it comes to Coops and Coop farming in Stardew Valley, animals are the most important thing available to buy. Animals allow players to produce various goods like wool or cloth and sell them for high profits. By now you already have access to many different coop animals: Chickens, void chickens, golden chickens, blue chickens, ducks, and even dinosaurs. While each Coop has its own set of animals that can be purchased, the Deluxe Coop adds the Rabbit. Coop-dwelling animals can be purchased from Marnie on her ranch and their prices will vary depending on the level of Coop you own and the value of the animal and its products. For instance, a chicken is going to cost much less than a rabbit because rabbits produce items that sell for much more than a chicken and they require the Deluxe Barn to purchase. To learn more about the other coop-dwelling animals check out this article about the Big Coop Upgrade.

Animal Info/Products

Animal products in Stardew Valley are unique items that are produced by various animals, and their quality depends on your friendship with each animal. Each of these products can be sold for various amounts of money, certain animal products however can be turned into artisan goods using machines. For instance, Rabbits produce wool which on its own can sell for anywhere between 340g and 680g, however, wool can be turned into cloth using a loom which can increase your profits greatly. Now that we’ve gone over the basics of animals and animal products, let’s talk specifics.


Rabbits are coop-dwelling animals that can be purchased from Marnie at her ranch for 8,000g a piece. Once matured, rabbits will drop their wool which will grow back every 4 days. There is also a small chance that rabbits drop a Rabbit’s Foot instead of wool. Unlike sheep who require shearing, Rabbits will automatically drop their own wool and feet without any action from the player. Wool sells for anywhere between 340g and 680g depending on its quality and can be turned into cloth when placed in a Loom. Wool with a quality of silver or higher has a chance to produce 2x the cloth when placed in the Loom. Cloth can be used for tailoring various clothing items or can be sold for 470g each. See the chart below for specific information about wool and cloth prices. One Rabbits Foot can sell for anywhere from 565 to 1,130g based on its quality. See the charts below for detailed information on Rabbit Foot’s sell price.

Sell PriceSell Price
Wool 340g
Rabbit Foot 565g
Quality Wool
Quality Wool
Quality Wool
Chance to get
x2 cloth

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