Horse: Uses, Care, How to Unlock It, and More

Are you wondering what a horse is for in Stardew Valley? Is it worth it? Where can you buy one? Read this article to find out more about this animal.

Riding the Horse in Stardew Valley.
Unlocking the Horse for the first time is amazing.

Animals fulfill various needs on a farm in real life, which remains the same in the game. There are many benefits to keeping farm animals like chickens, ducks, cows, goats, pigs, and even dinosaurs! 

A horse is a nice addition to your farm, but unlike pets like a cat or dog, which you earn over time, you have to purchase it.

What is a Horse in Stardew Valley?

The horse is an animal known for its speed in real life, and that’s exactly what it’s used for in-game. Ride it to boost your speed by 30%, letting you travel faster than on foot. This is helpful once your farm has grown too big or you just want to save time when traveling to and from Pelican Town. 

You can also share it with other players in Multiplayer mode.

Where to Get It?

To get one, purchase the Stable from Robin at the Carpenter’s Shop for 10,000g, 100 Hardwood, and 5 Iron Bars. The horse can be found in the Stable at the start of each day, even if you leave it somewhere else. 

Robin is building the Stable, which lets you unlock the Horse.
You can ask Robin to build any farm building for you.

You will be able to name it the first time you mount it.

Demolishing the Stable will also remove it from your game.

How to Call It?

This animal will always go home to you even if you leave it outside the farm. If you sleep without fetching it, you will automatically find it back in the Stable in the morning.

The Horse in the Stable.
The Horse automatically returns to the Stable at the start of every day.

However, you will get the following messages if you leave it:

  • “<Name> is wondering where you’ve been.”
  • “Your loyal horse waits patiently for your return.”

You can also summon it outdoors (including Ginger Island and the Desert) by playing the Horse Flute, which you can purchase in Qi’s Walnut Room for 50 Qi Gems.

Interactions While on Horseback

Unfortunately, you can’t go through small gaps when traveling vertically on your steed.

But you can still do the following while riding:

  • Open and close Gates
  • Open and close animal doors in the Coop and Barn
  • Place items inside the Shipping Bin
  • Collect items, add fish, add quest items, change appearance, and empty Fish Pond
  • Speak to Villagers

Animal Care

Unlike farm animals that need to eat every day or cats and dogs that need water and petting, it doesn’t need to eat and requires no upkeep at all. It doesn’t need food, water, pets, or medicine.

Stardew Valley Mods

We all love the vanilla Stardew Valley horse, but you can make it even better and improve your gameplay with a mod or two. 

Mods can make it teleport to you, improve the saddle and animation to make riding look more realistic, make it faster, and to fit small spaces and passageways. You can even use a mod called Better Horses to retexture it and make it look like a real-life breed. You can check out our favorite mods here.

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