How To Craft Fiber Seeds in Stardew Valley?

Do you want to get more Fiber Seeds? They’re instrumental in crafting items in Stardew Valley. In this guide, you’ll learn how to make them!

Fiber Seeds in the middle of the Cindersap Forest in Stardew Valley.
Here’s what Fiber Seeds look like in Stardew Valley.

Beginners typically overlook Fibers since they randomly appear when cleaning their Farm. However, did you know that you can use it to make a lot of tools and equipment?

If you’ve run out of weeds to destroy, or perhaps you’re too lazy to scavenge for them. Don’t worry; you can craft them using simple ingredients. This guide will teach you how to create fiber seeds!

What are Fiber Seeds?

Fiber seeds are one of the eight craftable seeds in Stardew Valley. They’re nonseasonal crops cultivated on tilled soil. It’ll only take seven days to grow them. But before growing them, make sure that you have a Scarecrow to avoid getting its produce devoured by greedy crows.

They also change their colors every season. They’re in a shade of green whenever it’s Spring or Summer, while it turns into brown-maroon hues every Fall. It then becomes blue during the Winter Season.

Additionally, they’ll drop four to seven pieces of Fibers when harvested with a scythe. 

Where to Get Them?

An old man in Stardew Valley.
Linus- the Village’s Outcast.

You won’t find them in stores, but you’ll get its recipe from Linus upon completing his “Community Clean-Up” Special Order. Wherein, you’re required to collect 20 trash items (except for Joja Cola) and discard them in the bin at the Train Platform.

Furthermore, you only have seven days to complete it, and remember, this isn’t a repeatable task.

How to Craft Them?

It’s simple to create this item; all you need is one mixed seed, clay, and five saps. Once you get all of these ingredients, you’ll produce four seeds!

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