How Auto Grabber Works in Stardew Valley – Quick Guide

Stardew Valley auto grabber is a type of equipment that allows you to automatically take and harvest products from your animals.

The auto grabber in Stardew Valley was first introduced in Version 1.3 of the game. Further improvements were given to the game and this tool now works on the later version of the game. In version 1.4, in one of its patch notes, the auto grabber was stated to be working on coops and barns.

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How Does An Auto Grabber Works in Stardew Valley

Simply put, the Auto Grabber is a milking machine that allows you to get your animal products faster. You don’t have to do it manually since this tool will do it for you.

Each morning, every animal in your barn or coop will be milked and get their products readied for you. What’s more, it eliminates the tedious tasks of manually doing it just for the friendship. Of course, it’s important to take care of your animals.

But if you’re already in the mid to late game, you don’t really need to maintain who’s sad or happy, but who you can profit the most, right? I mean, PETA might sue you for any kind of animal cruelty, but you get my drift. It’s just a virtual farm, anyway.

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Things to Consider When Using an Auto Grabber

“With great profit, comes great responsibility” or something.

Using the auto grabber will drastically increase your production rate since you can do other tasks while the grabber does its thing for you.

First and foremost, while the auto grabber automates everything from you, you’ll get no friendship points from the manual labor of milking or cutting wools of any wool-producing animal. When you’re using the grabber, it takes a lot longer for the animals to reach the maximum friendship needed to have the most optimal yield.

Second, the auto grabber doesn’t let you take care of the animals. You just make your work faster, that’s technology. You also need to use an Auto Petter, a device that allows you to pet your animals, which is one way of letting them get the friendship they need, even from a machine.

And lastly, the auto grabber cannot be sold.

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Where Can You Get An Auto Grabber?

So, even with all the warnings, you still want to have an auto grabber? Aight.

Auto grabbers are available for 25,000 gold, which is obtainable after pushing your farming level to level 10. This tool can be purchased from Marnie’s Ranch, but you can also find one of these inside treasure rooms of the Skull Cavern.

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