Where Is Linus’ Basket In Stardew Valley?

Linus’ Basket is a quest Item in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is full of unique and interesting characters, each with its own stories and quests to offer. A favorite of many players is Linus, whose rustic, off-the-grid lifestyle has led him to be a bit of an outcast from the rest of the town.

Throughout the game, Linus may randomly post a few odd jobs for the player to complete. On Fall 8, though, the player will receive a letter from Linus. In this letter, he asks them to find his lost blueberry basket. All the player needs to do is to find Linus’ basket and return it to him at his tent in the mountains near Robin’s house.

This seems straight-forward enough, but the basket’s brownish color makes it very difficult to spot against the oranges, browns, and yellows of Fall in Pelican Town.

Where Do I Find Linus’ Basket In Stardew Valley

Linus’ Basket was lost while he was foraging for blackberries in the Backwoods. To find it the player must first exit the farm and head north. Walk toward the bus station and keep following the paved road back to the western part of Pelican Town.

Immediately to the east of the tunnel entrance, between some blackberry bushes, is Linus’ Basket. Simply pick it up and return it to Linus at his tent. Linus’ tent is located on the mountain, northeast of the Carpenter’s Shop, not far from Robin’s house.

What Do I get From Linus?

The majority of quests in Stardew Valley reward the player with hundreds – or even thousands – of gold. Linus, though, lives a very rustic, natural life and doesn’t have that kind of money to spare. In exchange for your troubles, Linus will give you one friendship heart to show his appreciation.

Linus does not have many friends and is often treated rudely by many people. Nonetheless, he is always friendly to the player and is one of the characters who will recover you if you pass out or fall to 0 HP. 

However, any other quests offered by Linus will offer a gold reward. Linus will occasionally post to the help wanted board requesting certain items and will reward the player with 3x the item’s value. Further, he may sometimes ask the player to fish trash out of the river in exchange for 500 gold.

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