Elvish Jewelry: Museum Donation, Uses, and More

Have you donated the Elvish Jewelry to Gunther’s Museum yet? Check this comprehensive guide to know how to get the item and its other uses.

The player holding an Elvish Jewelry in Stardew Valley.
A closer look at the rare artifact.

Stardew Valley has several riches and secrets hiding beneath Pelican Town, Calico Desert, and Ginger Island. While most are hard to obtain, effort and patience will pay off since Hoe is free and easy-to-use in-game.

Along the way, you might run across Elvish Jewelry – a quirky accessory hiding in plain sight. We’ll talk about the artifact and what you can do with it.

What’s an Elvish Jewelry

As one of 42 artifacts you can donate to Gunther’s Museum, its 200g value deserves your chest more than a Shipping Bin. It’s a relic from the elves, but Lewis won’t compensate much for a forgotten treasure.

How to Find an Elvish Jewelry

Digging Artifact Spots in Cindersap Forest gives you 0.8% of getting the item. However, you can also obtain it by breaking Artifact Troves or Fishing Treasure Chest.


An in-game prompt of the Sewing Machine and Dye Pots while using Elvish Jewelry.
This item holds different uses for dyeing and tailoring.

A piece of Cloth with the item will give you a Jewelry Shirt. Moreover, you can use it as a yellow dye on Dye Pots.


Dwarf and Penny like the artifact, but it’s not the best gift.


Not used in any quest.


Not used in any bundle.

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