Stardew Valley; Do You Need Fences?

Do you really need fences in Stardew Valley? The short answer is no, strictly speaking, fences are not necessary for success in Stardew Valley. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be using them.

What Are Fences Good For?

Keep Things Tidy

Most players in Stardew Valley use fences primarily for decoration and for easily sectioning off parts of your farm. They prevent animals or monsters from passing them. Building some around decorative grass will prevent your animals from eating it if you are allowing your animals to wander your farm.

Protect Your Crops

Players can use fences to create plots of land that can be easily sectioned and marked for particular crops. This makes organizing your farm much easier and allows for future planning. Combined with signs, fences are the easiest way to create an easy-to-navigate and attractive farm. Putting them around your crops will also prevent any debris from blowing over your crops and damaging them.

Keep Your Animals In One Place

Further, fences are great for keeping your animals where you want them. Any animals on your farm will randomly wander around (though they will stay on the farm). Putting up fences around them to create pens will ensure that your animals are always where you expect them to be; saving you valuable time.

Do You Need Fences On The Wilderness Farm?

If you’re playing on the Wilderness Farm, Monsters will spawn on your farm during the night. These monsters cannot damage your crops and can spawn inside if fenced-off areas, so fences are not needed more than any other farm.

Alternatives To Fences

Fences aren’t the only way to protect areas in Stardew Valley. Even though monsters and your own animals won’t damage your crops, there are a few things that will.


To protect against crows, you should build Scarecrows. They have a very large range and you should only need one for your first Spring, By summer, think about building a second or third if you’re having bird problems.


During storms, lightning will randomly strike the ground. If it hits a plant or animal, it will kill it. To prevent this, use Lightning Rods. Lightning rods will absorb any nearby lightning strike, protecting everything close to it. Not only that, but 24 hours later, they will create a Battery Pack. Note, that after a Lightning Rod has been struck, it will be inactive for the next 24 hours. Players may want to consider several around their farms.

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