Obsidian: Museum Donation, Uses, and More

Do you know what an Obsidian in Stardew Valley is? What about the ways to get it? Check this complete guide to learn more!

The player holding an Obsidian in Stardew Valley.
A closer look at the mineral in Stardew Valley.

Break rocks with Pickaxe or Mega Bombs, collect resources, and open geodes. This strategy is not new to seasoned Stardew Valley Players. However, we can’t say the same for newbies.

It’s one of many unique minerals in-game, but we’ll talk about everything you should know about the item.

What’s an Obsidian?

Despite its purple egg-shaped visuals, this item sells for 200g and 260g with Gemologist. It’s one of 53 minerals available for donation to Gunther’s Museum and Library. 

How to Find an Obsidian?

Clint cracking open Magma and Omni Geodes.
Geodes contain a variety of exotic minerals in the game.

If you’re looking at the Mines, you can find this mineral below floors 21 and beyond – by chance. In Skull Cavern, it doesn’t matter how deep you go since the area has endless(ish) levels. However, it’s worth mentioning the specifics since it’s found by breaking open Magma Geode and Omni Geode.


The player hovering over a "Studded Vest" on the Sewing Machine interface.
The clothing is worth the shot because of its design.

Combining this mineral with a Cloth on Sewing Machine will yield a Studded Vest.


Sebastian loves the mineral and will sometimes be a present from him if both of you are married. No other NPCs show a strong interest in the item.


Not used in any quest.


Not used in any bundle.

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