Stardew Valley Custom Music: How To Change The Music?

You can add custom music to Stardew Valley. Players can use one of several available mods or they can alter the game files directly. Using mods is a simple process, but provides limited results. Altering the game’s files can let players do nearly anything, but it complicated and potentially risky.

Adding Custom Music To Stardew Valley With Mods

To change the music in Stardew Valley, players can use one of several mods, all of which behave slightly differently. Please look through their respective pages for detailed instructions and troubleshooting.

How To Install Mods In Stardew Valley

To install mods in Stardew Valley, players must first download and install SMAPI. This is the mod launcher for Stardew Valley and is needed for any mod to work. Next, simply download and install the mod from its source, following the instructions provided there.

Best Stardew Valley Custom Music Mods

There are several mods that allow players to change the music files. These typically allow the player to replace the existing sound files with files of their choice. However, the game only supports .WAV sound files, so any files will first need to be converted.

Stardew Symphony – This mod lets players add custom music packs to Stardew Valley without editing any game files. There are countless pre-made music and sound packs available to choose from. Players can also make their own. Music can be played per location, season, time of day, or the weather.

Custom Music – This is a mod that allows you to add your own sound files to the game. You can replace any sound or music file with one of your choice, but the setup is a little complicated. Please look through the mod’s page for detailed setup instructions.

Custom Music By Altering The Game Files

It is possible to edit the game’s soundtrack directly with the use of mods. This is a lengthy process that requires additional software and may damage your game if not done properly. There is a full breakdown available here.

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