How to Easily Use Stardew Lightning Rod- Full Guide 2022

Do you want to use lightning to your advantage in Stardew Valley? Interestingly, there’s a way to do it as long as you have a Lightning Rod. Here’s a guide to learning more about its benefits to your gameplay!

A player holding a Lightning Rod in Stardew Valley
It’s a somewhat good substitute for fences.

If you hate rainy days with roaring thunders and dashing lights, you might change your mind after learning about the Lightning Rods. It’s an essential item you can use on your farm to make a Battery Pack.

However, how do you get it in Stardew Valley? In this guide, you’ll learn how to craft and use it to your advantage.

What is a Lightning Rod in Stardew Valley?

A player surrounded with charged lightning rods in Stardew Valley
Oh, yay! What are we going to do with these batteries?

It’s a crafted item used to make Battery Packs in-game. Using it during winter isn’t advisable since storms don’t occur during this season. And if you wish to remove it, you may use any pickaxe, axe, or hoe to do so.

Where to Place a Lightning Rod?

A pl\ayer standing in Ginger Island and at the town square in Stardew Valley.
Avoid placing them in these locations, alright?

You can place this material anywhere in-game. However, not all spots are beneficial. So, it’s recommended to plan things out before randomly placing them.

Whereas, putting them outside your farmland or on Ginger Island isn’t the most brilliant idea. Since it doesn’t get changed in these areas, especially on your farm on the island where it doesn’t experience any storm.

While placing it on a grass starter fends off your farm animals from feasting over your grass. This is a handy technique if you plan on having a grass expansion. You can also use them to protect your farm.

However, note that it doesn’t cover a specific area. The rod catches the approaching lightning strike, making it possible to avoid damage on your farm.

It simply prevents your things from being struck by thunderbolts, as long as it’s not processing any packs. Since it only works when it’s not holding any electricity, adding multiple of them is advisable to enhance your lightning protection system.

How to get a Lightning Rod?

You may obtain this rod by completing the 10,000 Bundle in the Vault. But you may also make it once you reach Foraging Level 6 and get its crafting recipe. However, you won’t find it in local stores in Stardew. 

How to Charge a Lightning Rod?

Charging this handy item can be tricky since you need to do some Math to guarantee it. But you can wait for it to intercept thunderbolts during a stormy day. Anyhow, if you want to see how complicated the formula is, here’s a run-through: the chance to intercept = 1 – (number of charged rods / total number of rods)².

The chance of a lightning strike occurring is quite unpredictable, but you shouldn’t miss it! And if you hate making calculations, here’s a table of the chances of getting them:

Percentage of Charged RodsPercentage

Unfortunately, there’s a 25% for a bolt to strike against a non-intercepted area on your farm. You won’t experience any damage if you’re lucky since it also depends on your luck buffs and daily luck.

Moreover, staying awake longer when a storm comes is best so you can charge more battery packs in Stardew Valley.

How to Craft a Lightning Rod?

A player trying to craft a lightning rod in Stardew Valley
It’s not that hard to make, is it?

After reaching the required foraging level, you may now craft this material. You’ll need an Iron Bar (1), Refind Quartz (1), and Bat Wing (5) to make it. There’s no limit to producing this item, as long as you have all the materials needed.

However, you may not want to over-produce since you can’t sell them afterward.


Does it matter where you put Lightning Rods Stardew?

Yes, it does. Placing your rods outside the farm map puts your efforts since this placement doesn’t intercept these thunder strikes. The order of the placement doesn’t matter either, but if you want to protect your farm fully, then you might want to devise a decent pattern for it.

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