Coconut: Uses, Benefits, and More

Unlocking new maps in Stardew Valley gives you a chance to discover items like the Coconut. If it’s your first time seeing it in-game, you may want to learn more about its uses. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know about it in this guide!

A player holding a coconut in Stardew Valley.
You’d go nuts once you learn the uses of these coconuts!

Ginger Island and Calico Desert are other maps that you’ll discover in Stardew Valley. Upon setting foot in this area, you’ll find new goods such as Coconuts. You won’t typically find it in Pelican Town, but it sometimes gets requested by villagers. 

What is a Coconut?

It’s a nonseasonal inedible foraged fruit acquired by shaking palm trees. Since you can’t directly consume it, you won’t get any healing effects. But it has culinary uses that can access these benefits.

Remember, coconuts aren’t seeds that can grow palm trees on your farm. So, save yourself the time of developing these trees in Pelican Town.

How to Find a Coconut?

There are different methods to get this item in Stardew Valley, including:

  • Calico Desert and Ginger Island. You can jerk palm trees in these locations to obtain this fruit.
  • Oasis. Purchasing it from this store on Mondays costs 400g.
  • The Mail. You may receive it as a gift from Sandy.
  • Traveling Cart. They sell coconuts for 300g to 1000g.


A player standing in front of the Trading Hut in Stardew Valley.
Exchange items without losing gold!

Bartering ten pieces of it with the Island Trader gives you one Golden Coconut.

Selling Prices

Jellies and Wines being produced in kegs and preserves jars in Stardew Valley.
Load yourself with gold by selling these products.

Like other foraged items, its price varies on the grade of goods you’ll get. You can also make some wine with it by using a keg or place it in a preserves jar to produce jelly.

Moreover, you can use your Artisan Profession to increase the value of these goods by 40%. These are the profits you’ll get by vending them:

QualityPricesWine Wine with Artisan ProfessionJellyJelly with Artisan

Here’s a catch about its base price. You can sell it for 110g if you purchased or received it as a gift. And stacking it with normal quality coconuts will obtain the same bonus.


A player holding a warp totem in Stardew Valley.
Transport yourself to the desert in just a second.

It helps create a Warp Totem: Desert. This crafted item easily transports you to the Calico Desert anytime you wish. Here’s the list of loots you need to collect for this item:

ItemIngredientsRecipe SourceSelling Price
Warp TotemCoconut (1)
Hardwood (2)
Iridium Ore (4)
Trading Iridium Bars with the Desert Trader (10)20g


A player standing in front of the table with different dishes in Stardew Valley.
Try new dishes with this foraged fruit!

Despite its inedible function, a Coconut item is used best in cooking recipes that restore a certain amount of health and energy. They also give you buffs to enhance your skills in Stardew Valley. 

Moreover, adding Qi Seasoning to these cooked dishes would increase their prices and buff duration by 50% and even add 80% to their healing effect. It also provides a +1 for each buff, except for Speed.

RecipeIngredientsEnergyEnergy with QSHealthHealth with QSBuff + DurationBuff + Duration with QSSelling PriceSelling Price with QSRecipe Source
Mango Sticky RiceCoconut (1)
Mango (1)
Rice (1)
+113+203+50+91+3 Defense (5m and 1s)+4 Defense (7m 30s)250g375gLeo, +7 Hearts via Mail.
Tom Kha SoupCoconut (1)
Common Mushroom (1)
Shrimp (1)
+175+315+78+141+2 Farming (7m)
+30 Max Energy (7m) 
+3 Farming (10m and 30s)
+31 +30 Max Energy (10m and 30s) 
250g375gSandy, +7 Hearts via Mail.
Tropical CurryCoconut (1)
Hot Pepper (1)
Pineapple (1)
+150+270+67+121+4 Foraging(5m and 1s)+5 Foraging (7m and 30s)500g750gGinger Island Resort for 2000g


A player standing in front of the desert obelisk in Stardew Valley.
A mystical door that transports you to the desert.

If you want an additional structure on your farm, why don’t you get a Desert Obelisk from the Wizard? It also transports you to the desert, but it’s not as portable as the Warp Totem: Desert. You’ll need these items to construct this building:

Building Farmland Tiles OccupiedCost
Desert Obelisk3×2Cactus Fruit (10)
Coconut (10)
Iridium Bar (20)


A shirt that is produced in a sewing machine in Stardew Valley.
This screams for a trip to Ginger Island’s Resort!

Placing it in the spool of the sewing machine with a piece of cloth gives you a chic Vacation Shirt and a dark brown dye for dyeable shirts. Other than these perks, you can also turn them into orange dyes for your pots.


Haley and Linus would love to receive it. Other villagers may also feel satisfaction in receiving it, except Abigail.


This fruit helps in completing the following tasks in Stardew Valley:

  • Exotic Spirits. Gus will ask for this item via mail on the 19th of Winter, Year 2. You’ll get 600g and one Friendship Heart as a reward.
  • Help Wanted Board at Pierre’s General Store. It gets randomly requested once you complete the Vault Bundle. You’ll receive 300g and 150 Friendship Points upon its completion.
  • Fish Pond. Sandfish or Scorpion Carp may occasionally ask for three pieces of it to increase the pond’s capacity from three to five.


A Coconut is an option to complete the Exotic Foraging Bundle in the Crafts Room.

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