Banana: Growing, Benefits and More

What better way to enjoy summer than adding tropical fruits to your thriving farm? This guide will teach you everything about planting a banana, a versatile and restorative fruit.

The player standing next to a row of banana trees
Outdoor banana trees on Ginger Island.

Bananas are found on Ginger Island, a tropical paradise rich with exotic fruits and crops. Planting this fruit during the summer season will give your farm a tropical feel. If you don’t want to go bananas looking for this summer fruit, this guide will show you how to get one and utilize it to your advantage.

What Is A Banana? 

The banana is one of Stardew Valley’s tropical fruits. If you plant its sapling, it’ll produce one per day throughout its harvest season, which is summer. Plant it in your Ginger Island farm or greenhouse, and it’ll produce fruit all year round.

Here’s a full table of its energy and healing effects:

Banana’s QualityEnergyHealth
Normal+75 +33
Silver+105 +47

Additionally, this fruit can activate the banana shrine next to Leo’s house. Simply place one banana and receive three Golden Walnuts from the gorilla in exchange.

How To Grow Bananas? 

Growing bananas can be stressful as it’s a little tricky to acquire. Players need to unlock Ginger Island, and getting there needs a lot of work. There are several ways to get its sapling in Stardew Valley, and the odds depend on your luck, money, and grind.

You can obtain its saplings by breaking golden coconuts found in Ginger Island or the Island trader. After completing the large animal collection, you’ll also receive a banana sapling as a reward.

If you don’t want to rely on luck, you can buy it for five dragon tooth from the Desert Trader. But this route is pricey and more challenging than finding the sapling itself. 

The player standing next to Professor Snail's tent
Professor Snail resides at the Island Field Office, located in the north-central region of Island North. 

In addition, Blue discus can produce one banana if the fish pond population reaches 4. 

Once you have the sapling on hand, all you have to do is plant it in tillable soil. But you must take note of random spawns and grass overgrowth as these will prevent your fruit tree from growing.

Unlike in the valley, planting it on Ginger island gives you fruit all year round. You may also plant it inside the greenhouse for a similar outcome.

The player pickaxing behind the banana tree to remove any fruit tree blockers.
Tip: Always pickaxe behind fruit trees to ensure there are no roadblocks.

It’ll take 28 days to mature, and once it starts bearing fruit, you can begin harvesting bananas to kick-start your venture. Unfortunately, you can’t speed its growth by putting tree fertilizers.

Selling Prices

What more lucrative way of planting this summer fruit than to sell them for a profit? Like many Stardew players, the main benefit of cultivation is to maximize earnings. However, you can increase its base price to 10% if you get the Tiller profession.

In addition, turning your fruits into products will spike their regular price, especially when you’re an Artisan, since it adds 10% to their value.

Is it worth the investment? Yes. During harvest season, banana trees yield more earnings because of daily harvestability. In terms of productivity, it’s a winner versus crops since you won’t have to replant them again. All you need to do is wait and collect their juicy produce.

The following table details the profits you’ll get by becoming an artisan or tiller:

QualityNormalWith TillerBanana WineBanana Wine with ArtisanBanana JellyBanana Jelly with Artisan

After a year, your trees will begin to yield silver-quality fruits.


Are you feeling lazy about arranging a trip to Ginger Island? Construct an Island Obelisk in the Wizard’s tower for instant travel to your island farmhouse! It requires ten bananas, ten iridium bars, and ten dragon teeth to construct—not a great option for those with limited materials, but it’s a cool piece of building to add to your farm.


This tropical fruit has limited recipes, with only banana pudding available in-game. Its recipe costs 30 bone fragments from the Island Trader. Make sure to upgrade your farmhouse before crafting this dish. If you’re short on materials, the cookout kit is another option.

Consuming this dish gives +125 energy and +56 health. Add Qi seasoning, and the meal’s energy and health restoration increases by 50%.


When used with cloth in a sewing machine, it creates dyeable relaxed fit pants. You can also turn this fruit into a yellow dye for pots.


Many Pelican Town Villagers appreciate this food item, such as Demetrius, Jodi, Kent, Elliott, Harvey, Jodi, Linus, Shane, Sandy, Robin, Pam, and Leah.

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