How To Always Get Large Eggs In Stardew Valley

Are all your chickens laying small Eggs? Wondering why that is, and how to get Large Eggs instead? Read on to learn everything you need to know about Stardew’s Chickens and Eggs.

A screenshot from Stardew Valley in which the farmer is holding a large egg.
A freshly hatched Large Egg!

How To Get Eggs in Stardew Valley?

Eggs are one the most common animal products in Stardew Valley. To acquire Eggs, you need to first build a Coop and raise Chickens, Ducks, or other egg-laying critters! Mature, happy, egg-laying animals will lay Eggs for you every day.

What Are Large Eggs

There are a few different types of Eggs in the game. Chickens can lay either White or Brown Eggs, and either standard, smaller-sized, eggs, or Large Eggs. Large Eggs are more valuable on their own and can be used to craft higher quality Mayonnaise.

There are other types of Eggs in the game, but only Brown, White, or Blue Chickens can lay Large Eggs.

Are Large Eggs Always Better?

You can use small Eggs for gifting, crafting, tailoring, and more. However, there are certain things that only Large Eggs can do. For example, smaller Eggs, White or Brown, can only create regular quality mayonnaise in the Mayonnaise Machine. Large Eggs, on the other hand, produce Gold Quality Mayonnaise, which is worth far more gold.

Mayonnaise made from Large Eggs is worth more.

In general, Large Eggs are always either just as good or better than regular-sized Eggs.

How to Get Large Eggs

You may have noticed that immediately upon constructing a Coop and raising your first few chickens, you are not getting any Eggs or only small ones.

There are three possible reasons why you are only getting small eggs:

  1. It’s not a Chicken Egg: There is no such thing as a Large Duck Egg or Large Dinosaur Egg. Only Chickens produce Large Eggs.
  2. Your chickens weren’t fed: Chickens will only produce an Egg overnight if they’ve been fed throughout the day. Place Hay in the hay feeders each day to keep your Chickens fed.
  3. Your Chickens are unhappy.

How to Make your Animals Happy

There are two important factors to keep in mind when it comes to animal happiness – Mood and Friendship.

Your farmer can befriend their animals just like they can befriend the villagers in Pelican Town. An animal with which you have a high friendship score is more likely to produce higher quality goods – which includes Large Eggs.

Happy chickens will mostly produce Large, high-quality, Eggs.

To increase your friendship with any given animal, make sure you do the following:

  • Pet the animal – Right-click on each of your animals in the morning to say hello! If done properly, petting the animal will display a heart bubble that indicates they’re happy. If they’re in a bad mood, you’ll see a different symbol instead of a heart, which lets you know you’re doing something wrong.
  • Feed the animal – You don’t gain friendships with an animal by feeding them, but you do lose friendship points if you don’t do it. Furthermore, animals will have a bad mood in the morning if they haven’t been fed, and they won’t produce resources overnight.
  • Allow the animal to go outsideThe Barn and Coop both have little doors for the animals to use to go in and out. Make sure these doors are always open so that the animals can go outside and relax during the day, and still be able to go back inside when it’s nighttime. Be careful not to close the door once the animals are outside, or else they won’t be able to return, and their mood will be soured, or worse!
  • Provide Grass outside – Animals are happy when they are able to eat grass outdoors. If you’ve cut down all your grass, you can craft Grass Starter and create a pasture for your animals to enjoy. You need ten Fiber and the recipe for Grass Starter, sold by Pierre at his General Store for 1,000 gold.
  • Milk/Shear your animals – Of course, this only applies to animals that can be milked (Cows, Goats) or sheared (Sheep, Rabbit).

Animals can be in great, good, or bad moods. To check your animal’s mood, right-click on them twice, and you’ll see this pop-up with all their general info:

A happy porky!

Animals will be in a great mood if they’ve been pet, they’ve been able to eat grass outside, and they’ve been fed. The following things will cause an animal’s mood to worsen:

  • It’s too cold – If it’s Winter, you need to buy a Heater from Marnie to ensure that your animals are happy. This applies to both Coops and Barns.
  • Trapped outside – If you forget to re-open the Barn or Coop doors, and the animals are trapped outside their homes at night, their mood will worsen drastically. Moreover, this can be dangerous for your animals. The easiest solution is to leave the Barn and Coop doors always open.
One of the cows expressing their bad mood.

What Are Eggs for?

Eggs are used for many things:

  • Cooking – The following dish recipes require one Egg to cook: Blueberry Tart, Chocolate Cake, Cookie, Crab Cakes, Fried Egg, Omelet, Pancakes, and Pink Cake.
  • Gifting – Jodi, Kent, Sam, Shane, Marnie, Linus, Demetrius, Leah, Alex, and Pierre all like Eggs as gifts.
  • Crafting – You can turn an Egg into an artisan good – Mayonnaise – by utilizing the Mayonnaise Machine. Mayonnaise is more valuable and is liked by nearly every villager in Pelican Town, with the exception of Jas, Vincent, Sam, Sebastian, and Caroline.
  • BundlesThe Animal Bundle in the Community Center requires, among other things, one Large Brown Egg, one Large White Egg, and one Duck Egg.
  • Tailoring – You can craft Plain Overalls using a small Egg, and a Cardigan using a Large Egg. Fried Eggs, Duck Eggs, Ostrich Eggs, and more craft other, unique pieces of clothing!
  • Slingshot Ammo – While this isn’t recommended, you can load your Slingshots with Eggs and use them as ammunition.
Omelets are easy to make and provide a big boost to your Energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Get A Coop?

Visit the Carpenter’s Shop to build your first Coop. The shop is located in the Mountains North of Pelican Town and is run by Robin.

Speak with Robin and select “Construct Farm Buildings” to find the Coop.

2. What Are Coop Upgrades For?

Once you’ve purchased the standard Coop, you can upgrade the building twice until you finally have a Deluxe Coop. These are the different types of Coops in Stardew Valley and what features they have:

Standard Coop

The standard Coop allows you to house four Chickens. It costs 4,000 gold and also requires 300 units of Wood and 100 units of Stone to build.

Big Coop

The Big Coop allows you to house up to eight coop animals. Once you’ve got this upgrade, you can also raise Void Chickens, Golden Chickens, Ducks, and Dinosaurs, in addition to Chickens. Additionally, the upgrade comes with an Incubator, which allows you to incubate eggs and grow your own animals. The Big Coop costs 10,000 gold and also requires 400 units of Wood and 150 units of Stone to build.

Deluxe Coop

The Deluxe Coop allows you to house up to twelve animals. In addition to the previously available coop animals, you can also raise Rabbits in a Deluxe Coop. Additionally, this upgrade comes with an auto-feed system. If you also build a Silo, and store Hay in it, you won’t have to worry about feeding your animals each morning. The Deluxe Coop costs 20,000 gold and also requires 500 units of Wood and 200 units of Stone to build.

The Deluxe Coop in its full glory.

3. How Do You Get Coop Animals?

You can purchase most coop animals at Marnie’s Ranch, located in the upper-northern corner of the Cindersap Forest. The exception to this are Golden Chickens, Void Chickens, Blue Chickens, and Dinosaurs. Check out our handy articles below to learn how to get these four rare coop-animals:

4. Which Animals Lay Eggs?

Nearly all of the Coop animals lay eggs, with the exception of Rabbits. Rabbits will instead provide Wool, and, very rarely, a Rabbit’s Foot. Additionally, Ostriches, which are kept in Barns, lay Ostrich Eggs.

5. What are White Eggs and Brown Eggs?

There are two types of Eggs when it comes to their color – White, and Brown. White and Blue Chickens lay White Eggs and Brown Chickens lay Brown Eggs. To get a White Chicken, talk to Marnie at her ranch and purchase a chicken. You’ll be asked which Coop you’d like to place them in, and, at the top of your screen, you’ll know what type of Chicken you’ve gotten. If you don’t want that type, exit the screen, and re-do the process.

6. Why Am I Not Getting Any Eggs?

There are two possible reasons why you may not be getting any eggs at all:

  1. You don’t have a mature Chickens: Chicks, baby chickens, will not produce eggs until they’re fully grown. Chicks will grow into mature Chickens after three nights.
  2. You didn’t feed your Chickens: Chickens will only produce Eggs if they were fed the night before.

7. How Do I get Large Milk?

You need to follow the same principle as with Eggs. A happy, well-fed, and mature Cow has a chance to produce Large Milk instead of regular Milk.

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