6 Best Ways to Make Gold in Stardew Valley

Are you having a hard time making gold on your farm? If so, this guide can help you find the best ways to make gold in Stardew Valley! Here we’ve ranked them based on the profits they could offer!

A player trying out the best ways to make gold in stardew valley
What’s there to lose? Let’s test them out.

Earning gold can give you a headache since it’s rare to find items that’ll give you a huge sum of money. For starters, you’d need to grind your way up by enhancing your farm’s buildings and investing in good seeds. But we can’t say the same for seasoned players who are still broke. Why are you penniless tho?

Kidding aside, we know that it’s an agreeable struggle. Hence, we made this guide to help players make more gold for their farms. We’ve ranked them the best ways to make gold in Stardew Valley!

Best Ways to Make Gold in Stardew Valley

1. Making Artisan Goods

A player surrounded with artisan equipment in Stardew Valley
Here’s the best way to earn gold in Stardew Valley!

You can easily create various products from your farm’s produce with artisan equipment. The best money-makers from this section are the Kegs and Casks. Since you may place fruits like Ancient Fruit or vegetables such as Wheat in a Keg and age them with the Cask to increase their value. However, the aging process may take a while, but they’re still considered the best way to earn gold since a single thing can cost a thousand.

Moreover, the Oil Maker is also helpful since it turns pigs’ truffles into Truffle Oil, one of the highest-selling products. You can also use it to produce regular oil from  Sunflower Seeds, Sunflowers, and Corn.

Sill despite the edge of other machinery, all tools are still handy in making decent to lucrative selling items in Stardew Valley.  Getting the Artisan Profession also elevates these goods’ base price by 40%, making them worth more. Here’s a list of pieces of equipment you’ll encounter and their products: in Stardew Valley

Bee House/BeehiveHoney
Wild Honey
CaskAges all alcoholic beverages made in the Keg.
Cheese PressCheese
Goat Cheese
KegPale Ale
Green Tea
Mayonnaise MachineMayonnaise
Dinosaur Mayonnaise
Void Mayonnaise
Duck Mayonnaise
Oil MakerTruffle Oil
Preserves JarJellies
Aged Roe

2. Mining for Minerals

A player venturing through the mines in Stardew Valley.
See what the Mines has to offer in Stardew Valley.

The Mines and Skull Cavern are areas with many resources and minerals. You may also find these items in the Quarry Mine, but the sites mentioned earlier are the usual go-to places in Stardew Valley. Gems are the most profitable item you’ll find in mining sites. You may even replicate them with the Crystalarium, which makes it a good passive income.

Nonetheless, resources and geode minerals both make decent profits too. It’s also recommended to get the Gemologist profession as it increases these loots’ value by 40%.

3. Preparing Cooked Dishes

A list of cooked dishes in Stardew Valley

If you’ve already unlocked the kitchen on your farmhouse or obtained a cookout kit, you may produce a variety of dishes. Making them won’t just give you extra income but also restore some of your health and energy in Stardew Valley.

Moreover, adding a Qi Seasoning won’t just increase your meal’s quality but also improve its price by 50%. This add-on also adds 80% recovery and 50% buff duration enhancement.

4. Owning Farm Animals and Fish Ponds. 

A player taking care pf animals in Stardew Valley.
Which animal are you eyeing for?

Getting additional farm buildings like Coops and Barns to home animals from Marnie can give you various animal products. These products alone can be shipped through the Shipping Bin and get good ROI at the end of the day. And if you picked the Rancher Profession, you’ll get 20% more profit from your livestock.

You may also sell your excess animals once they’ve reproduced themselves. While fish ponds may also give you profit especially if you raise cost-effective fish like Lava Eel. These creatures may occasionally offer rare items as their population increases.

5. Completing Quests 

Are you prepared for these tasks?

There are several quests in Stardew Valley, and most offer good payments upon completion. There are different kinds of quests you’ll encounter in-game which are the following:

  • Help Wanted Quest.
  • Story Quests.
  • Special Orders Board.

Aside from giving you good amounts of gold, completing them may occasionally increase your Friendship Hearts and points with villagers.

6. Shipping Collected Items

This isn’t the most recommended method, but starters may use this if they haven’t gained access to the Mines; this is a good start.

a. Selling Crops

A player shipping a pumpking in Stardew Valley.
The fall season calls for more pumpkins!

You can’t really earn much from being a farmer alone since this doesn’t give you huge profits because some crops’ seeds can be expensive. Moreover, it’s also tricky to grow giant crops from Melons, Cauliflowers, and Pumpkins. These three are the top-tier crops that are accessible in-game.  But if you want to continue growing your farm without being troubled by the prices, a Seed Maker can help you. 

This machinery can replicate some seeds, giving you more chances to get seasonal and rare seeds like Strawberry Seeds and Ancient Seeds in Stardew Valley. You may also choose the Tiller Profession to increase your crops’ prices by 10%.

b. Vending Fishes

A player shipping a lava eel in Stardew Valley.
Should we say goodbye to this profitable fish?

If you haven’t opened a Fish Pond yet, selling them to Willy is also an option. However, you may have a hard time mastering the use of the game’s fishing mechanic. It can be difficult despite owning the best Fishing Rod from the Fish Shop. 

Nonetheless, we’re not discouraging you since the careers in this field offer great benefits. The Fisher Profession gives 25% more profit, while the Angler provides a 50% increase.

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