Forest Farm: Be The Best Lumberjack around

Starting up a new game and wondering what map to go for? The Forest Farm is a great option for beginners and veteran players alike!

A screenshot from Stardew Valley showing off the Forest Farm during the Fall Season.

How to Select the Forest Farm

If you already have a save file with a different map selected, you won’t be able to switch mid-game. However, you can select the Forest Farm when you start up a new game by selecting its icon on the right side of the screen, as seen below.

An Overview of the Layout

If you’re wondering what the Forest Farm looks like in detail, let’s have a look at the screenshot below!

The Forest Farm in the Spring Season.

The Forest Farm has four important segments to it. Going left to right, here’s all you need to keep in mind!

The left side of the map features the two alcoves where Large Stumps will grow each day. If you want to reap the most Hardwood possible, you should not build things here. In this photo, two Large Stumps will never regrow due to the placement of the Barn and Coop.

A bit to the right of this grassy area, there is the Greenhouse and a long vertical area where crops are viable. This could be your main farming area once you need a bigger demand than the small swath of earth in front of the house.

To the right of this, you can see another grassy area and a lake. This lake is great for fishing, but, of course, you won’t be able to plant crops here. You could place the Coop, Barn, Shed, or Fish Ponds in this space easily.

Finally, we come to the house. There is a small swath of land right in front of the house that’s very convenient for farming when you start the game. A tiny pond is situated here, where you can easily refill your watering can.

the Advantages of the Forest Farm

1. Plentiful Forageables

This large open map has a high chance to spawn forageables. In the Spring, expect many Leeks, Dandelions, Morels, and Wild Horseradishes. In the Summer, Grapes, Mushrooms, Sweet Peas, and Spice Berries. In the fall, any Mushroom type can spawn right in your backyard!

The Chanterelle Mushroom is normally quite a rare find!

2. Renewable Large Stumps

Much like in the Secret Woods, the Large Stumps on the Forest Farm are renewable. This means you can chop them down every day, and they’ll grow back overnight. Racking up Hardwood is easy with the Forest Farm!

The Large Stumps on this farm layout grow on the left side of the map, in the two alcoves. One small issue to keep in mind is that if the spaces where the Stumps would normally grow are taken by something else, the Stumps won’t respawn. Make sure to keep these areas clear if you want to get the most out of this great advantage.

The Secret Woods and the Forest Farm are the only two places where you can get Hardwood repeatedly. Other ways to collect it are by breaking barrels in the mine, choosing the Lumberjack profession, or planting and chopping down Mahogany trees.

Hardwood is used to craft the Cheese Press and Oil Maker. Both of these Artisan Equipments will take your earnings from animals to the next level. Hardwood is further needed to craft Casks, which triple the prices of your alcohols and cheeses.

One of eight renewable Stumps!

3. Can Catch Cindersap Forest Fish

The pond in the Cindersap Forest contains fish of both the River and Lake variety. You can catch either type of fish on your Forst Farm as well!

There is also a 5% chance that you will be able to catch the Woodskip, a rare fish that is used in the Specialty Fish Bundle in the Community Center’s Fish Tank.

4. Abundant Berry Bushes

The Forest Farm has numerous bushes all around. These bushes will contain berries when it is berry season.

Salmonberry Season occurs between the 15th and 18th of Spring. Salmonberries are one of the least valuable forageables in the game, but they are very plentiful. Consider crafting them into Jelly to earn some profit!

Blackberry Season occurs between the eighth and 11th of Fall. Like Salmonberries, they are not terribly valuable. However, Blackberry Cobbler is a worthwhile recipe you can make that you can learn by watching The Queen of Sauce on the 14th of Fall, Year 2. This simple recipe grants you 175 energy and only requires two Blackberries and some Sugar and Wheat Flour.

The amount of berries you gather from a bush depends on your skill in Foraging!

5. Beautiful and Serene

You’ll notice that the Forest Farm is thematically very similar to the Secret Woods. The borders of the farm are made of shrubbery, which gives off a unique and beautiful look. The Forest Farm in Spring is extremely lush and green, whereas, in the Fall, it’s a gorgeous orange.

The Disadvantages of the Forest Farm

1. Limited Farming Space

The Forest Farm feels quite spacious, but in fact, the number of tillable tiles on this map is the lowest of all farm maps. This is because large swaths of the ground here are covered in grass which you can’t remove or plant crops on. Luckily, you can still build buildings on this grassy terrain.

2. High chance to fish up trash

Unlike the Riverland Farm and Beach Farms, fishing isn’t quite as likely to be successful on the Forest Farm. About 50% of the time, you will end up fishing up trash. However, trash can still be valuable if placed within a Recycling Machine.

At least Leah likes Driftwood!

How to Earn Money with the Forest Farm

1. Focus on High-Profit Crops

Since there is not much room for fields and fields of crops, it’d be best if you were to focus only on the most profitable crops. Here is our article on the best crops, so you can decide which crops to sow in which Season.

2. Invest in Foraging

Foraging can be quite lucrative if you invest in it early on. Make sure you chop down wood and replace chopped down trees with seeds at every go. Cut down your Large Stumps every day, and collect as much foraging experience as possible.

Once you’re level five in foraging, you’ll be able to select the Gatherer profession. From then on, any forageable you collect has a chance of being doubled. Later, you’ll also be able to choose the Botanist profession. After that, all forageables you collect will be of Iridium Quality.

With a little hard work and perseverance in upgrading your Foraging skill, you’ll be able to earn some real money from foraging.

3. Capitalize on Hardwood

The Forest Farm gives you more access to Hardwood than any other farm layout. Make the best of it by using this resource to the fullest!

You can use Hardwood to craft two very important machines for increasing profit – The Cheese Press and the Cask. The Cheese Press will dramatically increase your Barn profits by turning your Milk into Cheese. Casks can then further age Cheese, as well as wine, to make them even more valuable.

4. Upgrade Animal Structures ASAP

While you are limited in tillable soil, the Forest Farm has plentiful space for raising animals. Once you’re able to afford it, purchase the Coop and Barn and slowly start to upgrade them. You should be able to raise pigs by Year 2 and start to earn some excellent money by turning the Truffles they find into Oil.

Truffles are considered forageables, so if you’re focusing on foraging, you’ll gain extra benefits from raising pigs. Both your Gatherer and Botanist profession benefits apply to Truffles!

Is the Forest Farm Worth it?

Despite the drawback of the small amount of farmable area, the Forest Farm is definitely worth your consideration. It’s a beautiful, spacious map where foraging is made easy. Furthermore, it is the best map for collecting Hardwood, a highly valuable resource.

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