CJB Cheats Menu: Installation Requirements, Features, and More

Do you want to get full control of your gameplay in Stardew Valley? If you’re in a rush and want to quicken the game’s pace, try installing CJB Cheats Menu! If you want to learn more here’s a guide to walk you through its features and installment procedure!

A player hovering over CJB Cheats Menu's features in Stardew Valley.
What a convenient way to play Stardew Valley.

A few things that some new players can relate to is the need to do tedious tasks just to earn money in-game. Getting coins may take ages– which is a bummer, especially if you badly want the house upgrades and farm buildings.

Moreover, you won’t just need to earn gold coins but also Qi Gems, Golden Walnuts, and Casino Coins. These other currencies play a huge role in collecting other items. Aside from earning them, you may also encounter issues such as maintaining Friendship Hearts, collecting Wallet Items, and more.

Attempting to complete these tasks takes loads of hard work, but did you know that there’s a hack that’ll save you from all this trouble? If you’re only interested in learning about the tattletales of NPCs– such as Marnie and Mayor Lewis’ secret relationship, then CJB Cheats Menu is for you.


  • Time Saver. With this mod, you can save time grinding and interacting with NPCs you don’t like. 
  • All-in-One Mod. It has it all covered. It offers various features that can change your gameplay. 


  • Single Mods compared to All-in-One. You’d find various cheats in Nexus that offer these benefits individually. But with CJB Cheats Menu, you’ll get various benefits by simply downloading this package.

Installation Requirements:

  • Latest Version of SMAPI.
  • CJB Cheats Menu Zip File.
  • Content Patcher.

Mod Overview

CJB Cheats Menu from Nexus Mod's Website.
Nexus Mods offers a lot of great mods such as this one.

CJB Cheats Menu mod is a full cheats menu that offers an all-in-one function. It lets you enjoy the game without going through hurdles of tasks. You also have options regarding the language that you’d want to see when using this mod as it’s translated in these languages:

  • Chinese.
  • English.
  • French.
  • German.
  • Hungaria.
  • Italian.
  • Japanese.
  • Korean.
  • Portuguese.
  • Russian.
  • Spanish.
  • Turkish.

Installation Instructions

In downloading CJB Cheats Menu in Stardew Valley, you first need to have the latest version of SMAPI as the game launcher instead of STEAM. Follow these install steps to change the launcher:

1. Extract the content of the SMAPI Zip File.

2. Choose the compatible installer for your device’s OS. 

3. Copy the text and open STEAM.

4. Head to Stardew Valley’s Properties on STEAM.

5. Change the Launch Option by pasting the code you copied.

You can get CJB Cheats Menu here. After successfully installing them, you must go to Stardew Valley’s Manage section and extract the files in the Mods folder.


Using CJB Cheats Menu comes with several advantages. Logically, it’ll satisfy your laziness and do favors like saving your time. Here are the complete elements you’ll encounter by installing it on your PC.

  • Earn gold, Qi Gems, Casino Coins, and Golden Walnuts. Quickly earning these currencies may kill the thrill of playing Stardew Valley. However, increasing your money on every map lets you acquire more items without working too hard.
  • Teleport Anywhere. You can effortlessly visit the Skull Cavern and other areas in-game without taking several minutes of walking or riding your horse. 
  • Increase Friendship Hearts without decay. Some NPCs are quite challenging to befriend. Take Sebastian or Shane as an example. With CJB’s mod, you can easily enhance your ties with them without giving them anything. Setting it on No Decay also saves you the trouble of occasionally checking them to maintain your relationship.
  • Limitless Gift-Giving to NPCs. Instead of having limits on giving gifts to your favorite NPCs, you can finally provide them with anything at any time. It lets you increase your points with them instantly.
  • Control and freeze time. This feature could save you if you’ve experienced succumbing in the Mines past midnight and passing out. It gives you the option of freezing time in specific areas or the whole map.
  • Control the Date and Year. You can skip through different events and seasons to cultivate your favorite crop or annual event. 
  • Complete Quests. Without doing anything, you can achieve the task by setting it to complete.
  • Get Instant Treasure Chests. Fishing for treasure chests will become a more manageable task if this feature is activated. Every haul would give you a chest with mysteries inside. 
  • Water Plants Automatically. Operating this property gives you more time to do other tasks. It also prevents your crops from wilting.
  • Instantly obtain wallet items. Getting wallet items requires a lot of time and effort. With this cheat, you can immediately have anything necessary to complete specific tasks in Stardew Valley.
  • Instant buildings. Usually, after visiting Robin and purchasing farmhouses or building upgrades, you’d need to wait two to three days. This mod eliminates this waiting process and swiftly constructs the enhancements.
  • Boost crops’ growth speed. You can speed up the harvest of lavishing yields such as Starfruit and Ancient Fruits. It lets you produce instant profits without depending too much on the money hack.
  • Control Tomorrow’s Weather. If you have plans that don’t involve the rain or thunder, you can always set the next day’s weather to prevent sabotaging your goals.
  • Infinite Health and Energy. Mobs from the Mines and Skull Cavern can kill you in seconds. But by activating the unlimited stamina from this package, you won’t need to take a treat with you to regenerate your stats.
  • Automatically Get Equipment. By ticking out the boxes on this cheat, you’ll acquire the pieces of machinery that you need without crafting recipes.
  • Fast machine processing. Aging items like wine take several in-game days; why would you wait if you can get them instantly? Installing this mod gives you an efficient way to obtain high-profit items without waiting.
  • Get infinite Hay. You may experience some shortage in Hay if you have plenty of farm animals. Here you can get immense amounts without worrying about running out of stocks.
  • Infinite Water Can. You wouldn’t need to refill your cans every time you water your plants as it’s transformable into limitless.
  • Auto-feed and pet animals. It’s a time-saving feature that lessens your tasks on the farm
  • Instant Professions. Getting great professions gives you benefits like increasing profits in specific percentages. Typically, you’d need to earn enough experience to choose your career, but you’d no longer need to reach them with the aid of this mod.
  • One hit kill. Getting this modification also lets you defeat monsters in one tap which helps in obtaining loots quicker.
  • Durable Fences. Having this feature lessens your task of regularly changing the broken fences of your farm.

How to Use CJB Cheats Menu?

A player changing the controls on CJB Cheats Menu in Stardew Valley.
Which key would you choose?

Using this mod only requires you to press the letter “P” to open it in-game. You can also change these keys on Linux, macOS, and Windows by accessing the game’s menu and hovering over the “Controls” Tab. 

Moreover, there’s also an option of encoding the config.json code on the mods folder. You need to run Stardew Valley on SMAPI at least once to do this. After accomplishing these steps, you may now choose any Button Keys in Stardew Valley.

Gameplay Experience

As a beginner who had this mod from the get-go, it may get disorganized as you don’t know where to start. But as you explore more of its features and read the instructions carefully, things will go smoothly.

However, expect that downloading this on your PC would kill the fun of the game. The thrill of needing to complete tasks and hunting for must-have items would dissipate. You’d ponder over the question, “would I want to search for the Dark Talisman or just use this cheat?” 

Nonetheless, it’s still a great mod. It doesn’t have a lot of bugs, but you may sometimes experience getting teleported to the abandoned JojaMart instead of the Movie Theater. 


CJB Cheats Menu is an eight out of ten for us since it makes every task more manageable. However, we don’t recommend it to those who want to enjoy the game. But if you desire to experience the same benefits, you may download it here.


Do CJB Cheats work on Multiplayer?

Yes, CJB Cheats Menu works on Multiplayer. Your peers may experience the same benefits without having the mod on their computers. However, the time alteration feature is a single-player function if you’re the farm’s owner. 

How do I use CJB Cheats Menu on Android?

Yes, it’s available on Android, and you may also find it on Nexus. You’ll need SMAPI 3.7 or its latest version for it to work. If you’re interested in getting it on your phone, click here to download its file.

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