7 Farm Maps – A Quick Breakdown of everything you need to know

Welcome to Pelican Town! When you start a new game, you’ll be able to customize your character and choose one of the seven available farm maps. Which one should you pick?

The seven different farm maps can be seen on this screenshot of Stardew Valley's "new game" screen.
A new beginning! Which farm maps looks the most appealing you?

Important Questions

What Are Your Options?

From the very get-go, all seven farm maps are available to you. You can choose between the following:

  1. Standard Farm
  2. Riverland Farm
  3. Forest Farm
  4. Hill-top Farm
  5. Wilderness Farm
  6. Four Corners Farm
  7. Beach Farm

What Do the Farm Maps Affect?

The different maps affect the game in many ways:

  1. They affect your starting home. The wallpaper, furniture, and décor will be different depending on which map you’ve selected. For example, the Wilderness Farm’s décor is monster-themed, and River Farm is fishing themed.
  2. They affect the layout of your farm. Some farm maps have more space for crops, others have more areas to fish.
  3. They affect available resources. The Forest map, for example, has the most amount of Trees, Stumps, and Logs, making it easier to collect Wood and Hardwood. The Hill-top farm has a collection of Stone and Ore that you can mine.
  4. They affect your success with fishing on your farm. Fishing is pretty standard on the Riverland farm, but you are very likely to catch Trash fishing on the other farm maps.
  5. They also affect the type of fish you can catch. For examples, you can catch Ocean fish on the Beach Farm, and Mountain fish on the Hill-top Farm.

How Can I see the Whole Map?

Since the farm maps are fairly large, it can be hard to explore the full map and clock the full layout. You can see the whole layout of your farm by going into the Options menu and scrolling all the way down until you find the Screenshot category. Click on the little Camera button to take a photo of your entire Farm.

The screenshot will be saved on your device, and you can click “Open Destination Folder” to quickly access the image.

The Zoom Level affects the resolution of the image. A higher zoom means more details.
The Wilderness Farm in its full glory.

You can also make use of the excellent Stardew Valley Planner. This tool lets you see the whole map and design your farm online.

Can I Change the Map Later?

If you’ve selected one farm map but have realized it isn’t totally to your liking, you might be wondering if there’s an easy way to change it. Unfortunately, once you’ve chosen your map, you can never change to a different farm map. However, you can always make a new character and try out a different farm map that way.

A Quick Breakdown of the Maps

Standard Farm

The Standard Farm is a great choice for beginners. It’s very spacious, providing you with a lot of room to plant crops and construct buildings. You can customize this map with ease because there is so much free space.

There are no real disadvantages to this map, other than that it’s a little basic in appearance.

An all-around great map choice.

Riverland Farm

The Riverland Farm contains a lot of water so if you like fishing, this is a good choice of map for you. You can catch both River and Forest Fish on this map.

The disadvantage of this farm layout is that there is not a lot of empty space. There are half as many tillable tiles on the Riverland Farm compared to the Standard Farm.

Fishing is a good way to spend quality time together with your chickens.

Forest Farm

The Forest Map is one of the most beautiful maps in the game. There are several bodies of water in which you can catch Pond and River Fish. You will also find more forageables on this map than on any other map. Finally, there is a lot of Hardwood to be collected on this map.

The disadvantage of this map is similar to the Riverland one, which is that there is just a lot less space for crops and buildings.

The Forest Farm is serene and beautiful!

Hill-top Farm

The Hill-top farm is the right choice for budding miners. There is a section at the bottom left of this map that continuously spawns Stones, Ore and Geodes.

Like the previous two, the Hill-top Farm is a little difficult to maneuver and has less tillable tiles than the Standard Map.

That’s a lot of worms.

Wilderness Farm

The Wilderness Farm’s unique point is that monsters will spawn here at night. If you’re looking to focus on Combat, or just want a bit of a challenge, choose this map. You can catch mountain lake fish on this map, but 65% of the time, you will end up catching trash.

The biggest disadvantages of this map are that fishing is often unsuccessful, and that the monsters that spawn can end up knocking you unconscious, or just inconveniencing you.

The Wilderness Farm is not for the faint-hearted.

Four Corners Farm

The Four Corners Farm has the second most amount of tillable tiles of all the farm maps. The map is sectioned into four separate “corners”, hence the name, which give it a unique layout. It’s a great choice for multiplayer games, as each player can choose one corner and make it their own.

Each quadrant of the map mimics one of the other four maps – the Forest Farm, Standard Farm, the Riverland Farm, and the Hill-top Farm. This map therefore has some of all the advantages of the other maps.

The Four Corners Farm is super spacious.

Beach Farm

The Beach Farm was added most recently and it’s one of the most unique of the farm maps. This map is great for fishing and foraging, and you have a chance to collect both Forest and Beach forageables. Occasionally, supply crates wash upon the shore of this farm, giving you unique loot.

The Beach Farm makes farming a little bit more difficult. There is one small patch of the map where you can place sprinklers, plus the Greenhouse, and that’s it. You can till the sand, but you won’t be able to place sprinklers there. As such, you would need to manually water all crops placed in the sand, which can be very Energy taxing.

The Beach Farm is gorgeous and unique.

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