Nautilus Shell: Forage Overview, Tailoring, and More

Do you want to know what a Nautilus Shell is? What about its tailoring uses, quests, and selling value? Read this comprehensive item guide to learn more!

Willy's Shop with a Nautilus Shell
A Nautilus Shell in Stardew Valley.

Sometimes, orange-colored spiral shells appear at the beach and are ready for collecting. There’s nothing special about them except their rarity and effortless farming as a Fish Pond product.

What’s with the ancient loot, and what can you do with it in Stardew Valley? We’ll answer everything on this item guide.

What is a Nautilus Shell?

This inedible foraged good is a mollusk’s remnant which appears in a spiral-shaped beauty. You can spot a handful of them at the Beach or Beach Farm during Winter.

How to Get a Nautilus Shell?

The player farming Nautilus shell at the Beach Farm, and attending the Feast of the Winter Star.
You can get Nautilus Shells in different ways.

Aside from foraging, Demetrius may send one “specimen” to the mailbox upon reaching a good friendship. Moreover, anyone in Stardew Valley may give you the foraged loot as a Feast of the Winter Star present. But the most reliable source of getting it is through fish ponds, where most crab pot fish make it available at population nine.


The player wearing a Strapped Top and the Nautilus Shell used as an orange dye.
Nautilus Shells serving as an Orange Dye and Strapped Top.

A piece of cloth with the item combined at a Sewing Machine will give you a dyeable Strapped Top. 

You can also turn the foraged loot into orange dyes at Emily’s Dying Pots with their natural color.

Selling and Gifting

Everyone around Stardew Valley is not a fan of the shell except Leo. It’s not the best gift for him but still an excellent alternative.

Unfortunately, profiting with this item fell short because of its low value. At least you can buy some seeds, so here’s the list of the item’s selling prices for every quality:


Quests and Bundles

Field Research Bundle and Sturgeons requesting a Nautilus Shell.
The shell is a part of two quests in Stardew Valley.

When completing the Field Research bundle in Stardew Valley, you may use a Nautilus Shell. However, Sturgeons would appreciate it more if you’d drop the item at their aquatic home. As a reward, the fish pond’s capacity will be at the maximum, increasing your daily loot.

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