Workbench: A Quick guide On Its Use, Setup, and More!

Do you struggle with your inventory even after upgrading? What if you have so much clutter in your storage that finding crafting ingredients is a waste of effort? If that’s the case, then this guide will help you!

The workbench in Stardew valley and its layout in one picture
Here’s what a workbench looks like in Stardew valley

There’s no shortage of the resources you can collect in the game. But too much can be difficult to manage.

Organizing your storage space can sometimes be a pain. It is a common concern that often takes up your time and effort. If you’re struggling with your storage system, this guideline might help you maximize your crafting and inventory!

What is a workbench?

The workbench is one of the finest in-game purchases to make if you want to keep your supplies well-organized and available for instant crafting.

Having one allows you to work more efficiently and save time. But, how does it work?

Everyone wants a spacious chest!

In Stardew Valley, the chest is one of the most significant and must-have items to get since it allows you to store all ingredients, goods, and resources you’ve collected while farming, foraging, fishing, and exploring in Pelican Town.

Unfortunately, there is only so much room in the chest. And once it reaches its capacity, sorting and browsing through many resources would be challenging.

So, how could you fix this issue?

benefits of having a workbench

Having a workbench makes it easier to craft things like cheese presses, hardwood fences, walls, kegs, and other items because it allows access to all adjacent chests without opening each one individually.

Please note that workbenches are breakable, so lightning, explosives, meteorites, and storms can destroy them. 

Organizing items

Organizing your storage system can be made easier with the help of a workbench. This keeps you from having to go back and forth, especially if your chests are spread all across the room.

Moreover, you can manage your crops, forage items, crafting resources, and more with less effort.

For example, set a chest next to it for natural resources (such as stones, woods, seeds, forage, etc.), one for monster loot, and another for freshwater/ocean ingredients. You can also keep them in separate chests, one for wood, second for stones, third for ores, and so forth.

Doing so gives you more storage space and access than your typical inventory and chest.


In addition, it aids crafting by offering access to your chests’ supplies to provide the necessary resources at your disposal.

Although having one is not required for crafting, it will save you time and energy because you won’t have to sort through each chest just so you can find the ingredients you need.

Here are some other things you can craft alongside it:

  • Artisan items
  • Farming items
  • Fishing items
  • Bombs
  • Storage items
  • Signs
  • Refining items
  • Miscellaneous items (e.g., fairy dust, sewing machine, etc.)

How To Get The Workbench?

Now that you know what a workbench is, you’re ready to put it to good use.

Getting a workbench is simple. First, you must go to Robin’s Carpenter shop (Open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) in the Northern part of Pelican Town and select the shop. Scroll down the menu, and you’ll see the workbench, which costs 2,000g. 

The player buying a workbench in Robin's Carpenter shop
The workbench isn’t craftable. You can only buy it at Robin’s.

How to set up a workbench?

The first step in building your workstation is to craft or prepare at least two chests. You’ll need 50 woods to craft one, which you can collect or buy from Robin’s Carpenter Shop. Then proceed to the crafting menu and select the chest.

The workbench has a radius of about seven chests, each of which takes up one tile next to it, leaving one space for access. Its grid pattern is similar to a sprinkler, except the workbench has eight adjacent tiles—and would disregard chests outside its radius.

If you want to access the entire contents of the two to seven chests, they should be positioned around and touching the workbench.

The player showing the workbench and chests layout
Here’s an idea of what the chests arrangement should look like
The player showing the workbench and color coded chests
Fun Fact: You can color-code chests to make them aesthetically pleasing or make things easier to find! 

Storage-wise, seven chests are more than sufficient to cover many crafting options.

The minimum number of chests to put all the ingredients needed for crafting is two. When it comes to placing your chests, here’s a detailed guide:

Number of ChestsAdjacent Tiles

Remember, keeping it in a safe place like your home or a shed is better than leaving it out in the open. You can also place it in a cabin, coop, or barn. 

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