What Useful Items Can You Get From a Copper Pan?

Do you want quality ores on-the-go while adventuring in Stardew Valley? Not in the mood for mining? Don’t worry. Copper Pan is your answer, and we’ll let you know what riches you can get from the tool!

The player holding a Copper Pan near the Mountain Lake.
An unlockable cutscene that’ll play after you finish every Fish Tank donation.

In Stardew Valley, you can’t always trade your time and effort for copper ores and chunks of stone. Although it’s one of the most efficient and obvious ways, it won’t work for some players. Thankfully, all it takes is a basin, and you don’t have to dig deeper.

Minerals, gems, and many more riches hide beneath Pelican Town’s soil. A few Pickaxe upgrades can make the difference and could even save your life! However, does it still matter for the time-consuming journey with bad luck?

Extra loots count, and this helpful tool can add an advantage. What’s with the pan, how to get it, and what riches can you get from panning? We’ll also include tips that’ll be indispensable for your looting!

The Copper Pan in a Nutshell

The player panning from the Dig Site river.
Helpful tip: panning spots are higher at the Dig Site.

A Copper Pan is an ore-gathering tool (and other items) available in Stardew Valley. Watch out for shimmering lights in a body of water, as that’s where you can start panning! The process is similar to swinging a Scythe or any weapon, needing no energy.

How to Get the Pan?

The Junimos and JojaMart workers removing the Glittering Boulder near the MOuntain Lake.
Depending on your route, either Junimos or Morris’ workers will remove the Glittering Boulder for you.

There are two ways to get the item: completing the Fish Tank bundle or buying “Panning” from the Joja Community Development Form for 20,000g. It’s a long and tricky process or easy if you have gold. 

Unfortunately, the Joja route is more expensive than Willy’s free offer (or 2500g if lost). Yet, purchasing saves time and the trouble of catching every fish in Stardew Valley. It’s up to you whether or not you’ll get the cutscene or straight panning – there’s no bad option.

Loots from Panning

Diamond, Snake Skull, Lucky Ring, and Iridium Ore on top of a Beach Farm layout picture.
There are several items you can get by panning aside from these items.

Now that you have the tool, you can start collecting by left-clicking to any bodies of water with the shimmer. You’ll get essential resources for starters, including ores, stones, and random gems. However, the items you’ll get will differ if you’re on Ginger Island, where fossils are abundant, unlike the valley.

Nonetheless, here’s a complete table to show you what items you can get with their selling prices:

Common ResourcesSelling Price
Copper Ore5g
Iron Ore10g
Iridium Ore100g
Gold Ore25g
Lucky Ring100g
Earth Crystal50g-65g
Fire Quartz100g-130g
Frozen Tear75g-97g
Omni Geode0g
Ginger Island
Fossilized Tail100g
Taro Tuber20g

While panning resources straight from rivers isn’t the most productive and lucrative, they still have obvious uses. You can earn situational money from crafting and building to gifting to item delivery.

Copper Pan Tips

In-game prompt of Level 10 in Foraging.
Prioritizing Tracker over Botanist lets you have a pointer to see every forage item or panning spot.

Finding the right spot to use this tool in Stardew Valley is challenging enough. You need to memorize how it looks, or you can pick the Tracker profession after reaching Level 10 in Foraging.

Aside from common forage items, you can follow green arrows that’ll lead you to the place. Unfortunately, they rarely appear, and the treasure you get isn’t worthwhile. Wearing lucky rings, consuming lucky food items, getting the Special Charm, and checking the TV will help.

Lastly, bringing extra pans and leaving them near the source can help you save an inventory slot. Since the shimmering lights spawn more on the Dig Site at Ginger Island, it’s the best place to keep an extra in case.

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