Stardew Valley Cheese: 3 Great Recipes, Price, and Source


Are you looking for more information about the Stardew Valley cheese? Do you know what recipes you can make with this item and in what other ways you can use this in Stardew Valley? If you would like to learn more, then read this Stardew Valley guide about cheese in Stardew Valley!

Stardew Valley Cheese press
Stardew Valley Cheese Press

What is stardew valley cheese?

First things first, the cheese in Stardew Valley is described as an artisan good that you can make from the cheese press in the game. If you will try to make you own cheese, then it will take you 3.3 hours until it’s ready!

You can use both milk and large milk to make the Stardew Valley cheese, but keep in mind that the large milk will make gold quality cheese! Isn’t that what we all want in the game?

If you would like to purchase the Stardew Valley cheese and save some time, then you can go to the Desert Trader. That’s where you can buy cheese for one emerald.

P.S this trade can only be done on Fridays.

Now, let’s take a look at the different selling prices you can get from this item (the price can depend on your profession and on the quality of the item itself).

Cheese QualityBase Selling PriceSelling Price with Rancher ProfessionSelling Price with Artisan Profession
Regular Cheese230 gold276 gold322 gold
Silver Cheese287 gold344 gold401 gold
Gold Cheese354 gold414 gold483 gold
Iridium Cheese460 gold552 gold644 gold

As you can see, cheese can be very profitable in Stardew Valley! Even the base selling price is quite good, but, of course, who wouldn’t want to get more than 600 gold coins for a high-quality cheese?

Stardew Valley Cheese at the Dessert Trader
Visit the Desert Trader for Stardew Valley Cheese

Recipes with cheese in stardew valley

Since you can use the Stardew Valley cheese for a few various recipes in the game, we will go over the main dishes!

This time, we will be looking at the recipes for Pepper Poppers, Pizza, and Cheese Cauliflower! Here is what you need to know:

Pepper Poppers

First of all, the pepper poppers are a great dish to make because of multiple NPCs will appreciate it as a gift! Also, you can eat it if you would like to get a few buffs.

Eating pepper poppers in Stardew Valley gives you a +2 farming buff and a +1 speed buff on top of 130 energy points and 58 health points. The recipe is really simple too as you will only need a hot pepper and Stardew Valley cheese to craft.


Pizza is also popular in the game, not only in real life! This dish also gives you 150 energy points and 67 health points. Other than that, it is a loved dish by both Sam and Shane, so it becomes a great gift for these characters.

Sadly, this dish gives no buffs when consumed.

Still, if you would like to make this dish in Stardew Valley, then you will need wheat flour, a tomato, and Stardew Valley cheese to craft it.

Cheese Cauliflower

The last recipe you need to know about is the cheese cauliflower in Stardew Valley. Did you know that Maru loves this dish?

If you decide to make this dish and eat it, it will restore 128 energy points and 62 health points. Sadly, this cheese cauliflower dish gives no buffs when consumed, but it’s still a great recipe to keep in mind! Also, it’s very easy, so you will need just cheese and a cauliflower.

How can you use stardew valley cheese?

If you are looking for ways to use cheese in Stardew Valley, take a look at some recommendations below!

Firstly, you can use it for the Artisan Bundle in the Pantry! Once you finish this bundle, you will get a keg as a reward.

Also, there are plenty of NPCs who will like this item as a gift. For example, Abigail, Haley, Shane, Sam, and even Krobus will thank you for this artisan item!

Just don’t give it to Jas, Sebastian, and Vincent because they will hate it! That’s why it might be better to find them some other items.

Are you ready to start making cheese in Stardew Valley? It can be a great source of income, so give it a try!

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