Stardew Valley Heater: Great Price, Source, and Uses

Did you know that your animals can also get cold in the game, so you might need the Stardew Valley heater? The winters in Stardew Valley can be quite harsh, so learning more about this useful items can make your animals happier during the colder days! Read more about this item in this guide below and find out how you can get it in the game and how to use it!

stardew valley heater

what is the stardew valley heater?

If you just started playing this game or you haven’t advanced a lot, you might not know what this item is even for! No worries, we will explain everything and give you more information about how you can use the Stardew Valley heater!

First things first, the heater in Stardew Valley is a tool that you can use to keep your Stardew animals warmer and happier during the colder Winter days. It becomes a very useful item once you start focusing more on having animals on your farm.

So, how can you even get this item? There are two ways to do that actually!

Firstly, you can buy it from Marnie for 2000 gold coins. If you don’t want to spend money for this, you can complete one of the bundles to get a reward. This tool is a reward for completing the Fodder Bundle in Stardew Valley. For this particular bundle, you will need 10 Wheat, 10 Hay, 3 Apple, and you will get 1 Heater as a reward. Most of these items are quite easy to get, so you might want to go with this way of getting the Stardew Valley heater.

How to use the stardew valley heater?

Once you get this heater in Stardew Valley, let’s take a look at why it can be very useful for your farm,

The heater itself can have an effect on the mood of your animals and make them happier during Stardew Winter. This works when the animal is in the barn or the coop and it’s past 6pm. Keep in mind that the animal should have a mood of 150 and above.

Did you know that having one heater is enough? Of course, you can have more, but one is absolutely enough to keep the animals warm and happy! Any additional heaters you put in the barn or the coop will have no additional benefit.

So, how do the animals actually get the benefits from the Stardew Valley heater? Basically, the animal should be able to freely enter the building without being trapped in the building. If that is done, they will get 10 mood points every 10 minutes (game minutes) after 6pm. The maximum limit can be 255.

How to take care of your animals?

Since you already know where to get and how to use the Stardew Valley heater, let’s take a look at other ways to take care of animals in Stardew!

For example, you need to build a great friendship with the animals. That can be done through petting, milking or shearing the animal, or letting them eat grass outside. Petting seems to have the best effect on you friendship (with either 15 or 30 points, you will get 30 if you have the shepherd or the coopmaster professions).

Also, don’t forget to check if your animals are in a great mood! You can do that by right-clicking after petting the animals.

If you notice that the animal’s mood is quite bad, take some time to pet them, feed them, or get them a heater in Stardew Valley if it’s the Winter season.

Stardew Valley chicken

Also, there are a few things that will decrease the mood. For example, leaving the pets in the rain or leaving them outside after 7pm will make their mood worse. Also, they will be in a bad mood if you forget to feed them or pet them!

Taking care of your animals will require some patience and effort, but it will be worth it in the long run! Happy animals will make your farm better and will improve the produce that the animals make!

Are you ready to improve your coop or barn and get a lovely Stardew Valley heater for your animals? Don’t forget to keep upgrading your buildings in Stardew and advance in your gameplay!

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