Stardew Valley Blacksmith or Prospector?


Mining can be a very useful skill in this game, so in no time you might be wondering you should become a blacksmith or a prospector in Stardew Valley! This is one of the biggest skill debates, so we will try to give you all the sides of this story to make the best decision for your gameplay!

Below you will learn more about the professions and how to actually reach these options by working on your mining level in the game.

Here’s what you need to know:


Before we jump straight to the Stardew Valley blacksmith vs prospector debate, let’s talk about how you can actually learn to mine and reach that level.

First things first, you might need to spend a lot of time in the mines of Stardew Valley! In all fairness, the easiest way to level up in mining would just be to spend time there smashing rocks!

Sounds easy so far, right? Thankfully, not everything has to be complicated here!

Once you reach level 5 of mining, you will be given your first decision where you will have to choose between two professions. Here’s what you will receive for your first choice:


Alright, the first two options will be a Stardew Valley miner or a Stardew Valley geologist! Which one is better? Which one should you choose?

Let’s talk.

If you choose the miner option, them you will receive 1 more ore in every vein. This is also the option that leads to the Stardew Valley blacksmith or prospector options.

If you choose the geologist option, gems will sometimes appear in pairs (there’s a 50% chance for that, by the way).

Which one is better? It really depends on what you need in the game and how much you have already progressed in Stardew Valley.

Meaning, gems might sell for plenty of gold coins, but you do need plenty of ores in the earlier stages of the game. That’s why you might need to consider both sides of this profession and choose whichever seems closer to your needs!

LEVEL 10 Mining (stardew valley blacksmith or prospector)

Before we get into the Stardew blacksmith vs prospector debate, let’s see what type of professions you get from each of the two choices.

If you chose to become a miner, then you will receive choices between a Stardew Valley blacksmith or prospector.

If you chose to become a geologist, you will have to choose between becoming a gemologist or an excavator.

Alright, so which is the best?

If you end up being a blacksmith, your metal bars will be more valuable! Meaning, they will sell for 50% more. However, you can also be a prospector and your chance of finding coal will double! This is quite a good option if you’re planning to build a lot of things with coal or use it for other reasons.

Then again, if you choose to be a gemologists, your gems and minerals will be 30% more expensive when you’re trying to sell them.

This already sounds quite nice, but don’t forget the last option. If you choose to be an excavator, then your chance of finding geodes will double.

These 4 options all give something unique to those who are interested in mining, so there is only one question left to answer.


Apart from the original Stardew Valley blacksmith or prospector question, there are two more professions to consider.

Many players agree that two of the best professions are Gemologist and Prospector.

Why is that?

Well, being a gemologist is great due to the amount of gold you can get from various diamonds and crystals. However, you will always need more coal for the game, so being a prospector in Stardew Valley doesn’t sound bad at all!

It all depends on what you need more in the game. If you need more gold coins right now and in the long run, then you might want to stick with being a gemologist, but other than that, we would recommend choosing to be a prospector in Stardew Valley!

Which career seems the best for you?

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