Stardew Valley Galaxy Sword: How To Obtain It

If you consider yourself a collector of items, then you’ve probably already heard about the Stardew Valley Galaxy Sword at some point. If not, don’t worry! Consider this as a guide that will answer all the questions you might have about this addition to your inventory.

How can you get it? Is it good enough, or is the Galaxy Hammer even better? Should you just focus on getting other items like the Lava Katana? These and many more aspects will be looked at.

What is the Stardew Valley Galaxy Sword?

If you’re new to the game or just haven’t had enough time to look into various weapons, now is your chance. First things first, the Galaxy Sword is a weapon in the game. 

Just as many other interesting items in the game, this is quite expensive if you somehow manage to lose the first one. This will cost you 50k Gold, but don’t think that you can sell it for more. Sadly, its selling price doesn’t even reach 2k Gold. 

Of course, if you need a sword, this is one of the best options you have, so definitely keep in mind that you’ll need to save up a little bit.

How to Obtain the Galaxy Sword

If you’re already swooning over the idea of having something so shiny, this is how you can get it. The most important aspect is to have a Prismatic Shard (yes, most of the awesome things in the game require this, so it’s definitely a trend). Once you have it, bring it over to the Three Pillars, which you can find in the Calico Desert

Let’s just hope that you won’t lose this weapon anymore because, as mentioned before, you might need to pay quite a lot to get another one. 

Benefits of the Stardew Valley Galaxy Sword

One of the best things about getting the Stardew Valley Galaxy Sword is that it unlocks a lot of other items. For example, once you have it, you can also obtain the Galaxy Hammer and Galaxy Dagger.

Is the Galaxy Hammer better? Well, it does do a bit more damage than the Sword, so that’s one important aspect to keep in mind if you’re planning an upgrade.

Possible Galaxy Sword Glitches

Before getting too much into the glitches, keep in mind that many of them do get fixed!

However, many players reported that you can cheat and get the Galaxy Sword way faster. Instead of obtaining the Prismatic Shard, buy some Green Wallpaper and head over to the desert to use this bug. 

Somehow, the game thinks that the Wallpaper is the Shard, so it works, and players have been exploiting this quite well.

Whether you want to wait it out and get the Sword the old way or you want to cheat, the Galaxy Sword is a great addition to your inventory. It’s a nice weapon to have before possibly moving on to other ones.

Just don’t forget to keep the Sword near you because you will need to save up a lot of money if you lose it somewhere during a fight!

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