Prismatic Jelly: Why is it Important in Stardew Valley?

Are you currently dealing with the Wizard’s Prismatic Jelly Special Order Quest? If so, you better know that this loot is quite rare, and you can only obtain them once. Here’s everything you need to know about its relevance in Stardew Valley!

A player holding a prismatic jelly in front of the wizard in Stardew Valley
Be ready for the rewards cos it’ll be great!

If you’re looking for new quests, your go-to spot is at Mayor Lewis’ Special Orders Board. This bulletin becomes available in the first year of Fall 2. You’ll occasionally find two unique tasks here, which give you a generous amount of time to finish the job. 

Anyway, if you stumbled upon the Wizard’s Prismatic Jelly Quest, you better choose it since he’s indulgent in giving rewards. But what is Prismatic Jelly, and how do you get it? In this guide, we’ll walk you through the methods of obtaining it and its importance in Stardew Valley!

What is a Prismatic Jelly?

It’s a rare item you can only obtain through the Wizard’s Special Order’s Quest. You can’t sell, consume, or keep it in your inventory. We understand the temptation of storing this precious loot, but attempting to do so gives you a greater loss. If you fail to deliver it, the jelly will disappear after a time limit of seven days.

Additionally, you can’t repeat this quest. You better make the most out of it since accomplishing it rewards you with 5,000g and a Monster Musk recipe. The recipe gives you a buff that aids in doubling the spawn rate of enemies. It can be a curse or a gift, but you may use it to obtain more monster loot.

How to Get a Prismatic Jelly?

A player standing in areas where you can find Prismatic Slimes
Take note of these sites to find these powerful mobs!

You may get this item by slaying Prismatic Slimes. These are rare monsters you’ll only encounter while the quest is ongoing. 

There’s a 1.2% for regular slimes from the local caves like Mines, Quarry Mine, and Skull Cavern to transform into these special monsters. These are the only specific location where you can find these mobs; you can’t spawn them in your Slime Hutch either.

Moreover, the chances of encountering them depend on your daily luck. You may calculate luck with this formula: 0.012 + Daily Luck / 10.0.  Also, beware of its appealing front. It may look harmless due to its color-changing state, but it has an HP of 1000 and 35 damage. Prepare your weapon as you encounter them on the dangerous floor of the Mines!

You may also obtain two pieces of it if you wear a Burglar’s Ring. But since it eventually disappears, acquiring two is entirely pointless.


Unfortunately, you can’t use it in any crafting recipes. It’s only helpful for this specific quest. However, don’t be disheartened since it’ll give you a generous reward later!


If you think you can place your extra jelly on the sewing machine’s spool, you can’t. It doesn’t make dyes or work on dye pots, either. It’s a bummer you can’t add new clothes to your collection with this item.


Despite its aesthetic and palpable appearance, it’s a universally hated gift by villagers. It’s intriguing how anyone could actually hate it if it’s pleasing to look at. Well, perhaps these NPCs are more interested in its function than its front.

Quests and Bundles

A player in front of the Special Orders Board in Stardew Valley.
Here’s the part where it gets useful in Stardew Valley!

You can only use it in the Wizard’s Special Order Quest: Prismatic Jelly. Upon obtaining a jar of Prismatic Jelly, you’ll need to deliver it to the Wizard’s Tower.

Additionally, you can’t use it either in any bundles. Anyway, it’s better to have fun finding this Rainbow Jelly from Rainbow Slimes. Happy hunting!

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