Best Places for Crab Pot Farming in Stardew Valley

Do you want a successful Crab Pot farm in Stardew Valley or a side profit? Check these strategically best places in this guide! 

Different best places for Crab Pots in Stardew Valley.
Pick your location!

In the world of Stardew Valley, Crab Pots are the neglected tools for fishing. Its expensive crafting materials, inconsistent yield, and daily maintenance worsen its already-dying reputation. Yet, the tool might be misunderstood, as placing them everywhere isn’t as impressive as catching Carp or Sardine.

Fishing doesn’t guarantee a massive profit in the game. But maximizing the potential must be a step ahead to seal the deal. Ready your baits, patience, and time as we talk about the best places for crab pot farming in Stardew Valley!

Crab Pots: Explained

After fishing long enough to reach Level 3 (in the same skill), you’ll unlock a Crab Pot. This tool is floated on any type of water, although it remains on shore. Securing a catch requires bait and a day of waiting; the yield depends on your luck. Note that specialized baits don’t do anything.

If you select the Luremaster profession upon reaching fishing level 10, priming a Crab Pot with Bait is unnecessary.

There are three ways to get the tool:

Regarding crafting, picking the Trapper profession will reduce the crafting ingredients’ amount and type. Specifically, it’ll be Copper Bars (2) and Wood (25) only.

Important: Choose the Trapper profession first. Luremaster and Mariner will be next, but it’s up to you. For further reading, read this comparison regarding the two Level 10 professions. You can level up fishing with Crab Pots if you’re consistent. After all, they’re reusable, and the only thing consumed are Baits.

For a quick reference, here are every Crab Pot items you’ll get:

FreshwaterSaltwaterTrash Items
CrayfishClamBroken CD
PeriwinkleCockleBroken Glasses
 LobsterSoggy Newspaper

Note: The chance of Trash appearing is relatively high unless you have the Mariner profession. It’s a tradeoff with replacing tons of Baits for the next morning.

Best Places for Crab Pots


The player holding a Bait in front of Crab Pots in the Ocean.
Where all excellent fishes thrive.

There are two places you need to place your crab pots strategically in the Ocean.

The first one covers the whole Pelican Town Beach on both ends. Since you’re going to the Fish Shop and foraging on the Tide Pools, we thought collecting more on the get-go is best. More profit will come upon collection if you’re also frequently traveling to Ginger Island.

Speaking of Ginger Island, why not make the Island Farm and Docks your primary base of operations? Not only will you take full advantage of that Triple Shot Espresso (or Coffee), but you’re doing more things in one run!


Crab Pots in the Cindersap Forest in Stardew Valley.
Still water in the woods.

At the heart of Cindersap Forest lies a pond that may also be a perfect spot for fishing in Stardew Valley. However, you may consider placing Crab Pots in that location and covering everything.

Why do we think it’s worthwhile? As you traverse the area – visiting the Wizard or chopping down Hardwood – you can gather fresh catches! Now that’s multitasking at your hands, equating to more money!


The player holding a Bait in front of Crab Pots in different Rivers in Stardew Valley.
With the water flowing, so do your money.

These streams of water flow from one another (or to other bodies). If you want to let the money flow, consider placing Crab Pots here. We’re specifically looking at three places: Pelican Town, Cindersap Forest, and Dig Site.

Pelican Town and Cindersap Forest’s rivers are connected. Plus, the passageway is where most players go when returning home after foraging or socializing. Hence, it’s wise to fill the entire town and make it your farm! The same goes for Cindersap Forest, although we recommend limiting it near Leah’s Cabin. Not only are you profiting, but you’re securing that relationship!

Now to the Dig Site, you’ll need tons of progress. But assuming you have Ginger Island access, you can pay a Parrot some Golden Walnuts to fix the bridge. The area is similar to the Quarry, but you’ll get fossils and bones instead of regular minerals. Nonetheless, it’s a strategic place for your new farm!

Secret Woods

The player holding a Bait in front of Crab Pots in the Secret Woods.
Not so secret at all.

On the far left of Secret Woods lies a small pond where you can also fish. Since most players go here for Hardwood and foraging, why not turn it into another farm? Although it isn’t spacious, it makes your trip more profitable and meaningful.

Even better, plant those Mahogany Seeds for more Hardwood to make every second worth more!

Riverland Farm

The player holding a Bait in front of Crab Pots in the Riverland Farm in Stardew Valley.
Starting over again without crops.

Are you tired of planting crops in Stardew Valley and want to go full fishing? The Riverland Farm is by far the best place for Crab Pots!

With the layout surrounded by a River, you’ll mainly get freshwater catches. Plus, the entire area is almost water, which means more profit. But that doesn’t mean you won’t get trash!

Beach Farm

The player holding a Bait in front of Crab Pots in the Beach Farm.
Excellent loot everywhere!

Although Beach Farm fell short against its Riverland counterpart, it’s still a decent pick. If you’re looking forward to Fish Ponds, it’s the perfect map.

You may have fewer spaces for your tools, but it’s incredible how you can catch almost everything here!

If you’ve more time, we recommend including Barn Animals and Artisan Goods Factories here!


Mountain Lake

The player holding a Bait in front of Crab Pots in the Mountain Lake.
It’s conveniently near your favorite place in Pelican Town!

The Mountain is home to a large Lake and Mines. If you’re planning to dig stones and some minerals, consider doing a side task – Crab Potting. If you’re using a Minecart, feel free. But don’t forget the routine of collecting yields before venturing below the ground.

Important: Have a Chest nearby for storage as you’re most likely to mine in this area. Preferably, somewhere near your tools, but not in the way of villagers as they may destroy your hard work. You can also put Worm Bins here and there, but that’s another story for its profitability.

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