How to Get to Ginger Island in Stardew Valley- Guide 2022

Have you heard of Ginger Island in Stardew Valley? You may have read it in articles and wondered how you could get there. Read further to learn more about the process of reaching this area!

A few areas in Stardew Valley Ginger Island.
Are you excited to roam around this area?

There are several maps in Stardew Valley, and some of them are yet to be discovered by newbies. After successfully fixing the Bus and reaching Calico Desert, you must be itching to unlock more maps that satisfy your curiosity.

Luckily, on the game’s 1.5 updates, they finally added a new map called Ginger Island. What is it and how can you visit it? We’re here to help you get to this place and spoil you with some spots you need to look forward to seeing!

What is Ginger Island?

Ginger Island Beach Resort Stardew Valley
This is just the first part of this new map!

It’s a new map added to the game’s new update. You’ll find it in the Fern Islands archipelago and it’s the only place that’s accessible to players. Interestingly, you can’t use gold in this area, they use Golden Walnuts instead. 

Moreover, you also have a farmhouse here wherein you can grow any summer crop since it’s the only season in this area. It doesn’t experience thunderstorms either. The map also offers new landscapes and adventures. It’s divided into four sections: Island (I.) North, South, West, and East.

Below is the list of sites you’ll encounter in these areas:

I. TraderGem BirdsBeach ResortThe Farm
Dig SiteSoutheast (Subpart of South)Gourmand Frog
I. Field OfficePirate CoveBirdie’s Shack
Volcano DungeonMermaidGreen Whack-a-Mole
Tiger Slime Grove
Colored Crystal Puzzle
Qi’s walnut room
The Beach

How to Reach Ginger Island in Stardew Valley?

A player holding a warp totem while standing in front of the Island Obelisk in Stardew Valley.
These warping points are amazing!

To successfully reach the place, you’d first need to receive a letter from Willy asking for your aid. If you haven’t received any mail related to this, then you may not have completed the Community Center’s Restoration. Nonetheless, if you have accomplished the mentioned task, you may now head to Willy’s backroom and fix his boat.

Aside from repairing the boat, you may also use an I. Obelisk or a Warp Totem: I. to visit the site. This building and item immediately transport you to the place in one snap. However, we don’t recommend starters to use this method since it’s both costly and difficult to achieve.

How to Fix Willy’s Boat?

A player in front of WIlly's Boat in Stardew Valley.
This boat had a great glow-up!

Entering the backroom triggers a cutscene with the local fisherman in which he tells you about his old boat that requires repairs. You can offer him some help by gathering Hardwood (200), Iridium Bars (5), and Battery Packs (5).

After obtaining all the items, you may now proceed to fix the Hull, Iridium Anchor, and Ticket Machine. Expect it to be fully functional the next day. Upon repairing the boat, you can now visit the site by paying 1,000g for a ticket.

What to Expect in Stardew Valley Ginger Island?

Upon arriving at the new landscape, you’ll find a talking parrot that aids your travels around the map. You’ll also meet a new NPC, Leo, who lives in a hut that has a Banana Shrine outside. While new quests are also encountered including meeting the Pirate’s wife, setting free Professor Snail from the Mushroom Cave, gathering fossils, and more.

Moreover, you may now enhance your weapons after accessing the Forge that’s surrounded by lava. Be careful though, there are also several monsters protecting its entrance!

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