Best Move Buildings Mod: Stardew Farm Rearranger

Do you want to move your farm buildings around without taking a trip to the Mountains? Here’s great news for you, there’s a move buildings mod in Stardew Valley– the Farm Rearranger. Read further if you want to learn more about its features, installation procedure, and more!

A player using move buildings mod in Stardew Valley.
What a messy arrangement.

Visiting Robin to rearrange your buildings can be tedious and time-consuming. But what if we tell you that there’s an add-on that can save you a trip to the Mountain? Luckily, Cherry and cel10e made a modification that offers this alteration in the game’s vanilla version.

What is it, and how does it work in Stardew Valley? Save your questions for later because here we’ll have a deep dive to answer these queries!


  • Move buildings easily. You won’t need to visit the Carpenter’s Shop just to reposition your farm buildings. 


  • None. This add-on is pretty straightforward, meaning it only has a sole function.

Installation Requirements:

Mod Overview

An overview of the Farm Arranger from Nexus Mods in Stardew Valley.
Would you download it?

The Farm Rearranger is a move buildings mod that offers a time-saving method to reposition buildings with ease in Stardew Valley. But you must first meet some prerequisites before successfully using its features in-game. Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry about these things as they’re quite easy to attain.

Installation Procedure

Adding mods to your game is simple. And to input this add-on, you’ll need to follow the steps below:

  1. Install Json Assets, SpaceCore, SMAPI, and Farm Rearranger add-on from Nexus Mods/ModDrop.
  2. Unzip their Zip Files in your game’s mod folder.
  3. Run the game in SMAPI, and see if it works.

If you don’t know how to run your game on this mod loader, click here.

How to Use Move Buildings Mod- Farm Rearranger?

A player scrolling through the list of offers in Robin's Shop
Robin might go broke at this point.

This add-on doesn’t have a lot of features. As its name suggests, it only repositions your farm buildings to your liking. Hence, we’ll just dive into the specifics of how it works. Refer to the details below to understand how you can independently move your farm structures.

  1. Earn eight Friendship Hearts with Robin.
  2. Check your Mail Box and see if she sent you a mail about her new item, “Farm Rearranger.”
  3. Visit the Carpenter’s place, and check her shop’s offers.
  4. Make sure to have 25,000g to get the item successfully.

If you’ve purchased it already, you may now head back to your farmhouse and experiment with it. This new gadget doesn’t do many things, but it perfectly serves its purpose.

Moreover, you can also manipulate its default settings with Json Assets. You may change the 25,000g price to anything you like. This also applies to the number of Friendship Points/Hearts you need to obtain it. If you’re being cheap, you can set all of them to zero.

Additionally, you can also change the “CanArrangeOutsideFarm” from false to true. This allows you to move buildings from other maps too.

Gameplay Experience

As we’ve constantly noted, it doesn’t offer a lot of changes to your gameplay aside from making it easier for you to move buildings. But we find it convenient since we can also reposition any structure at any time without waiting for Robin’s availability. It was a genius move for mod creators to come up with this, which is why we like it.

However, some players may find it a waste of gold or time, but if you’re as lazy as we are- this add-on is for you!


It’s a 10 out of 10 for us. The installation procedure is on point, and so is the modification itself. We recommend it to beginners and seasoned players as it wouldn’t affect the game’s flow. It only makes simple yet relevant adjustments to their experience in Stardew Valley.

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