How to Get Keg in Stardew Valley- Full Guide 2022

Have you ever heard about the artisan equipment that produces beverages in Stardew Valley? If you haven’t heard of Keg, then you’re missing out. It’s one of the many items that significantly give you lucrative artisan goods. Continue reading this guide and learn how to use and craft it! 

A player standing beside a row of keg in Stardew Valley.
Are you ready to wait for good artisan items?

How’d you usually make use of your regular wood? Do you use it for upgrading buildings or communities? Perhaps, you’ve tried using it for crafting various items. In that case, you might want to use it in making a Keg!

Owning this equipment helps you produce several drinks and receive great restoration benefits. You can also sell its products since they’re pretty lucrative, especially when aged in a Cask. Read further to learn how to craft and use it in Stardew Valley!

What is a Keg?

A player holding a keg in Stardew Valley.
It may look like a regular barrel but it can give you tons of gold.

This item is a type of Artisan Equipment used to produce various beverages in Stardew Valley. You can only unlock the crafting recipe once you reach Farming Level 8. If you’re lucky, you can obtain it as a reward by completing the Artisan Bundle in the Pantry. However, remember that you can’t resell this item or give it to other villagers in Stardew Valley.

Here’s the list of drinks you can make using this piece of equipment, alongside other information you’ll need:

NameIngredientProcessing TimeSell PriceWith ArtisanHealthEnergyBuff
Beer1 Wheat1 Day200g280g5022-1 Speed
Coffee5 Coffee Beans2 Hours150g31+1 Speed
Green Tea1 Tea Leave3 Hours100g134+30 Max Energy
JuiceAny Vegetable4 Days2.25 x Vegetable Base Price+1.4 x Juice Base Price7533
Mead1 Honey10 hours200g2807533-1 Speed
Pale Ale1 Hops1-2 Days300g4205022-1 Speed
WineAny Fruit6.25 Days3 x Fruit Base Price+1.4 x Wine Base Price5022-1 Speed

How to Craft A Keg?

a player crafting a keg in stardew valley.
Congrats on reaching Farming Level 8!

You need to acquire Wood (30), Copper Bar (1), Iron Bar (1), and Oak Resin (1). You can quickly get the first three materials by chopping trees, mining, and smelting ore. 

However, obtaining an Oak Resin takes about seven to eight days. You’ll need to construct a tapper and place it in an Oak Tree to receive it successfully.

How to Use Keg?

A player putting a pumpkin in a keg in Stardew Valley.
What are we brewing today?

You simply need to pop in any fruit or vegetable in the equipment to make it work. And unlike the Preserves Jar, a keg multiplies the base value of most Vegetables by 2.25 and Fruits by 3. You might notice that it favors crops with much higher base value than those with low-value high-yield crops, such as Corn or Tomatoes. 

Here’s a list of profitable items you can place in this machinery alongside their base prices:

FruitsBase PricesVegetablesBase Prices
Ancient Fruit550gPumpkin320g
Apple100gRed Cabbage260g
Banana 150gHops25g
Cactus Fruit75gWheat25g
Crystal Fruit150g
Spice Berry80g
Wild Plum80g

Where can you store a Keg?

A player finding good places to store kegs in Stardew Valley.
If you’re cellar’s already jam-packed, here are some locations you might want to consider these places.

You can store this equipment in farm buildings, like Shed, Barn, Cellar, Coops, and Cabins. Coops are the cheapest, but they can only hold fewer Kegs. You can also store them outside your farm.

While you have some alternative options in placing this equipment, like the Calico Desert, Railroad, Quarry, Tunnel, and Road. These areas are inaccessible to villagers, which prevents them from unintentionally destroying your layout.

Initially, the Cabins are the most affordable if you don’t upgrade them, offering the smallest land area of only 15 tiles. But once upgraded, it can offer a larger space that can hold 113- 351 items, depending on the level. 

Moreover, you may get these buildings at Robin’s carpenter shop. So, pay her a visit to purchase them! Below is a complete list of farm structures, including the spaces it offers:

Farm BuildingsOffered Spaces
Optimal Shed67
Optimal Big Shed137
Optimal Barn90
Deluxe Barn136
Empty, Unclaimed Cabin42
Single Upgrade Cabin1113
Two Upgrade Cabin351

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