Complete Guide to Getting Stardew Valley Farm Upgrades

Did you know that you can get farm upgrades in Stardew Valley? Every renovation costs you a fortune, but they’re also worth it as they open new ways for you to make money. Here’s everything you need to know about these upgrades!

Stardew Valley Farm Upgrades in a players farm.
Bring some life to your farmhouse with these Farm Upgrades!

Farm upgrades are significant in Stardew Valley, especially if you plan to expand your business. Additionally, don’t forget to save a hefty amount of gold since we’re not kidding when we say their prices are no joke. They’ll cost you a vast in-game fortune! 

Nonetheless, these new farm buildings eventually give you more income as you learn about their function and importance in-game. Here we made a walkthrough for all Stardew Valley farm upgrades!

How to Get Stardew Valley Farm Upgrades?

A player purchasing Farm Upgrades from Robin in Stardew Valley.
Robin is your go-to worker if you want some upgrades.

Getting farm upgrades call for Robin’s services. She’s Pelican Town’s carpenter, and you’ll find her shop in the mountains; head north of town to get there. Before redoing your space, you must visit her and learn about the materials and gold you need.

After successfully meeting these requirements, you can now acquire the house upgrade or farm building. It takes three days to construct them while enhancing these premises consume two days (except for house upgrades).

Farmhouse Upgrades

During your beginner era in Stardew Valley, you only have a cramped farmhouse containing a single bed, table, TV, and fireplace. It’s a decent space for an individual, but if you plan to get married and extend your business, this small farmhouse won’t do. 

Each enhancement expands your farmhouse’s interiors. It also adds a few alterations to its facade. After getting enough supplies, here are the features you should look forward to upon purchasing an upgrade:


A player with the first farmhouse upgrade.
This one’s better compared to your old farm.

On your first upgrade, you’ll need Wood (450) and 10,000g. And upon getting it, you’ll find a kitchen with a counter which enables you to cook your own meals without a cookout kit. It also comes with a fridge that you can use as storage for your cooked dishes.

The upgrade also adds a bedroom on the right side of your farmhouse. While your single bed becomes a double bed. This simple enhancement helps you tick off some steps for marriage eligibility.


A player with the second farmhouse upgrade in Stardew Valley.
Oh, we’re upgrading big time- aren’t we?

If you wish to have a child after 14 days of getting along with your spouse, you may obtain the second upgrade. It adds a nursery to your home and a second room on the upper portion of your farmhouse. 

Additionally, the nursery contains two single beds and a crib. This house upgrade will cost 50,000g and Hardwood (150). It may sound too expensive, but this unlocks the renovation section in Robin’s shop, and guess what? All renovations are free!


A player with the final house upgrade in Stardew Valley.
Now we’re talking. Are you ready to age your goods?

The third upgrade costs 100,000g. You won’t need other materials for it aside from gold. This touch-up adds a Cellar to your farm, allowing you to age certain products in Casks, such as alcoholic drinks. Moreover, aging them sells for higher prices. Here are some items you can age in this artisan equipment:

  • Cheese.
  • Goat Cheese.
  • Beer.
  • Mead.
  • Pale Ale.
  • Wine.


A player looking through the list of renovations in Stardew Valley.
You can get all of these for free!

You may also get free renovations from Robin’s shop. It includes adding new rooms like a corner and southern room. Removing the crib and the single room’s partition is also an option to revamp your space.

Farm Buildings Upgrade

Some players prefer using their lands by adding different buildings that help them grow their profits. You can get them anytime, and we recommend purchasing since they’re also decent money-makers. The following are the premises you can buy in Stardew Valley:


A player looking through the materials needed to build a coop in Stardew Valley.
This is a good start for your first business expansion.

If you want to start with a cheap farm building, we suggest owning a Coop. Getting this allows the purchase of chickens and other poultry animals. You may also upgrade it to increase the capacity and house more sorts of animals. 

Standard Coop6×3• Hay Hopper
• Feeding Bench
• 300 Wood
• 100 Stone
4000g4• Chicken
Big Coop 6×3• Hay Hopper
• Feeding
• Bench
• Incubator
• 400 Wood
• 150 Stone
10,000g8• Chicken
• Ducks
• Void
• Chicken
• Dinosaur
• Golden Chicken
Deluxe Coop6×3• Hay Hopper
• Feeding Bench
• Incubator
• Auto Feed System
• 500 Wood
• 200 Stone
20,000g12• Chicken
• Ducks
• Void Chicken
• Dinosaur
• Golden Chicken
• Rabbits


A player looking through the materials needed to build a barn in Stardew Valley.
You’re signing up for a bigger business, are you ready?

To earn a Shepherd Profession, you’d need farm animals like cows, goats, sheep, and more. However, you must have a Barn before you can get this livestock on your farm. Here are the upgrades you can get alongside their features:

Standard Barn7×4• Hay Hopper
• Feeding Bench
• 350 Wood
• 150 Stone
6000g4• Cow
• Ostrich
Big Barn7×4• Same as the Standard Barn, but it enables pregnancy. • 450 Wood
• 200 Stone
12000g8• Cow
• Ostrich
• Goat
Deluxe Barn7×4• Same with the Deluxe Barn but adds an Auto Feed System.• 550 Wood
• 300 Stone
25000g12• Cow
• Goat
• Pigs
• Sheep
• Ostrich


A player looking through the materials needed to build a shed in Stardew Valley.
This is a space-saver in Stardew Valley.

Being organized is sometimes a must in Stardew Valley, especially if you like collecting items from the Mines. If you refuse to use your house’s corner rooms, you can get a Shed that serves as extra storage. You can also redecorate it and add pieces of furniture alongside some wallpaper to it.

Moreover, you may start with a smaller one, but if you want something more spacious, check its side-by-side comparison to help you decide:

Standard Shed• 300 Wood15000g7×3• Small interior
Big Shed• 550 Wood
• 300 Stone
20000g7×3• Double-size interiors.

Non-Upgradable Farm Buildings

There are some farm structures that you can’t upgrade, but getting them still enhances your gameplay in Stardew Valley. Here are some Farm Upgrades that you can get to improve your experience and earn more gold!


A player looking through the materials needed to build a stable in Stardew Valley.
It’s called speeeeed- like, literal speed. Get a horse to know what we mean!

A horse is handy in traveling quickly in-game. Interestingly, you don’t get it from Marnie. You’ll find it from Robin together with its Stable– it’s a complete package. You only need Hardwood (100), Iron Bar (5), and 10,000g to construct it in Stardew Valley. It also comes in the size of 4×3.

Fish Pond

A player looking through the materials needed to build a Fish Pond in Stardew Valley.
This pond can make your fisherman’s life easier.

This building is useful in hoarding goods from fishes in Stardew Valley. You can add any fish to it, but note that they should be the same. Completing Fish Pond quests increases their population. Hence, you don’t have to ask the carpenter to upgrade them for higher populations.

Moreover, it only takes two days to build it. Here are the specifications for constructing it:

StructureFootprintMaterialsCostInitial Capacity
Fish Pond5×5• 200 Stone
• 5 Seaweed
• 5 Green Algae


A player looking through the materials needed to build a silo in Stardew Valley.
Every player’s salvation is this building in Stardew Valley.

Winter is every player’s weakness in Stardew Valley. Due to the limited supply of almost everything, getting hay for your farm animals becomes difficult. Luckily, Robin offers a Silo to store hay on your farm for your animal feed.

These are the materials and amount of gold you need to build it:

Silo3×3• 10 Clay
• 100 Stone
• 5 Copper Bar 
100g240 pieces of hay.

Slime Hutch

A player looking through the materials needed to build a Slime Hutch in Stardew Valley.
Slimes aren’t our best buddies, but they’re profitable.

It may sound odd, but you can breed Slimes in-game. They’re great sources of monster loots, saving you the time to visit dangerous areas like the Mines. Nonetheless, owning them doesn’t mean they won’t harm you; make sure to carry a weapon with you when going to the hutch.

These are the materials and features you must look forward to when getting this building:

StructureFootprintFeaturesMaterials CostCapacityAnimals
Slime Hutch11×6• 500 Stone
• 10 Refined Quartz
• 1 Iridium Bar

10,000g20Any type of Slime 


A player looking through the materials needed to build a Mill in Stardew Valley.
Are you ready to meet new products?

Do you want to make certain ingredients from scratch? You can make some Flour from Wheat, Sugar from Beets, and Rice made from Unmilled Rice by processing them in the Mill. Here’s everything you need to construct it:

Mill4×2• 50 Stone
• 150 Wood
• 4 Cloth


A player looking through the materials needed to build a well in Stardew Valley.
You no longer need to travel far just to get some water.

If you’re tired of going back and forth to refill your Watering Can, you can always add a Well that’s close to your crops. You only need to interact with it to supply your Can with water. Additionally, it only costs 1000g and 75 pieces of stone.


A player looking through some cabin choices in Stardew Valley such as the stone, plank, and log cabin.
This one’s a fancy way to welcome your friends in Stardew Valley.

If you’re in a rush since you’re real-life friend is coming for a visit to your farm, Robin has your back. A Cabin is your friend’s room in-game. They’re not upgradable, but it has all the necessary things a visitor would need.

They come in the size of 5×3 and cost 100g each. Here are some rooms you can pick for your friend alongside the materials you need:

Cabin TypeMaterials
Stone• 10 Stone
Plank• 5 Wood
• 10 Fiber
Log• 10 Wood

Shipping Bin

A player looking through the materials needed to build a Shipping Bin in Stardew Valley.
Immediately ship your items and get your money the next day!

If you want to ship your items without leaving your farm, you can always get a Shipping Bin. You initially get one bin upon starting the game, but you can add more by purchasing one from Robin. It’ll only cost you Wood (150) and 250g.


Can you increase the size of your farm in Stardew Valley?

Unfortunately, you can’t increase your farmland in the vanilla version of Stardew Valley. However, if you’re in dire need of getting more space, you may use mods like Ace’s Expanded Farms and Ultimate Farm. These modifications offer a wider space for players who prefers greater hectares of land.

Why can’t I build Stardew Valley Deluxe barn?

The incapability of getting the Deluxe Barn means you haven’t got the first and second versions of the building. You must first purchase them to obtain the benefits of the final barn upgrade.

Can you undo renovations in Stardew Valley?

You can immediately get rid of the renovations you made in-game. For instance, you may re-add the crib you demolished and the partition you removed in your bedroom. Clearing additional rooms are also possible.

Moreover, you can remove some farm buildings by picking the “demolish” option below the premises’ requirements. But this doesn’t apply to farmhouse upgrades because once you’ve upgraded them, you can’t revert to your old home.

Can player 2 upgrade their house in Stardew Valley?

Unfortunately, the second player (visitor) in multiplayer can’t upgrade the cabin or the host’s farmhouse. They may only enjoy the game with their friend, but upgrading their space in the host’s world is impossible. 

How often do you need to upgrade your Farmhouse in Stardew Valley to get married?

You only need the first farmhouse upgrade to get married in Stardew Valley. However, do note that you must meet other prerequisites first before you can marry any marriageable candidate.

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