Stardew Valley: Best Way to Farm Stone! (100% Working)

Stone is not a precious material, but its functions are unmatched. Ready to get tons of the resources? Read this short and easy guide for more info!

The player holding a Mega Bomb in Stardew Valley.
It’s not the most strategic place, but you get the point. Only in Volcano Dungeons!

With several craftable items and buildings relying on Stone, it’s no surprise that the resource is on-demand. Although you can find them in the Mines (or any caves) or your Farmhouse, it’s not enough.

In this guide, we’ll spill a confidential and underrated way of amassing vast amounts of the resource in Stardew Valley! We’ll also spill out why this material is important and what you can do with it.

Best Way to Get Stone

The first step is to unlock Ginger Island by fixing Willy’s boat. Afterward, go North towards the Volcano Dungeon. Don’t forget to bring Mega Bombs (or Cherry Bomb) and Watering Can. Place your explosives strategically where most normal rocks are, and you’ll have tons in your inventory.


On a side note, the same method is doable on Skull Cavern or the regular Mines. However, it doesn’t guarantee much, unlike inside the Volcano Dungeon. The Quarry Mine is a side option, but it’s waiting time to amass large quantities.

We highly recommend not to Pickaxe your way to break rocks inside Volcano Dungeon as they’re pretty tough. It may also be another reason why the guarantee of dropping at least one is 100%. Nonetheless, it’s one unheard place for most beginners you can use for advantage.

Crafting and Building with Stone

A chest full of stone-made items in Stardew Valley.
Some items you can make with the resource in-game.

There are different things you can make with Stone. Recipes will be unlocked depending on your level and progression in Stardew Valley.


ItemStone QuantityOther IngredientsRecipe Source
Basic Retaining Soil2 Reaching Level 4 in Farming
Bone Mill20• Bone Fragment (10)
• Clay (3)
Reward for completing Gunther’s Special Order
Brick Floor (5)5Clay (2)Carpenter’s Shop – 500g
Campfire10• Fiber (10)
• Wood (10)
Starter recipe
Cheese Press45• Copper Bar (1)
• Hardwood (10)
• Wood (45)
Reaching the 6th Farming level
Cobblestone Path1 Starter recipe
Crystalarium99• Battery Pack (1)
• Gold Bar (5)
• Iridium Bar (2)
Reaching Level 9 in Mining
Deluxe Retaining Soil5• Clay (1)
• Fiber (3)
Exchanging Cinder Shards (50) to the Ginger Island Trader
Drum Block10• Copper Ore (2)
• Fiber (20)
Six-heart cutscene from Robin
Furnace25Copper Ore (20)Cutscene from Clint (no friendship level required)
Garden Pot10• Clay (1)
• Refined Quartz (1)
Given by Evelyn after completing the Greenhouse (cutscene)
Geode Crusher50• Diamond (1)
• Gold Bar (2)
Reward for completing Clint’s Special Order
Gravel Path1 Starter recipe
Marble Brazier100• Aquamarine (1)
• Marble (1)
Carpenter’s Shop – 5,000g
Mayonnaise Machine15• Copper Bar (1)
• Earth Crystal (1)
• Wood (15)
Reaching Level 2 in Farming
Preserves Jar40• Coal (8)
• Wood (50)
Reaching Level 4 in Farming
Quality Retaining Soil (2)3Clay (1)Reaching the 7th Farming level
Recycling Machine25• Iron Bar (1)
• Wood (25)
Reaching the 4th Fishing level
Staircase99 Reaching the 2nd Mining level
Stepping Stone Path1 Carpenter’s Shop stock – 100g
Stone Brazier10• Coal (1)
• Fiber (5)
Carpenter’s Shop stock – 400g
Stone Chest50 Reward for completing Robin’s Special Order
Stone Fence2 Reaching Level 2 in Farming
Stone Floor1 Carpenter’s Shop stock – 100g
Stone Sign25 Starter recipe
Stone Walkway Floor1 Carpenter’s Shop stock – 200g
Thorns Ring50• Bone Fragment (50)
• Gold Bar (1)
Reaching Level 7 in Combat
Tree Fertilizer5Fiber (5)Reaching Level 7 in Foraging
Warp Totem: Mountains25• Iron Bar (1)
• Hardwood (1)
Reaching Level 7 in Foraging
Wicked Statue25Coal (5)Krobus’ Shop stock – 1,000g


TypeStone QuantityOther IngredientsPrice
Junimo Hut200• Fiber (100)
• Starfruit (9)
Barn150Wood (350)6,000g
Big Barn200Wood (450)12,000g
Deluxe Barn300Wood (550)25,000g
Coop100Wood (300)4,000g
Big Coop150Wood (400)10,000g
Deluxe Coop200Wood (500)20,000g
Mill50• Cloth (4)
• Wood (150)
Silo100• Clay (10)
• Copper Bar (5)
Slime Hutch500• Iridium Bar (1)
• Refined Quartz (10)
Well75 1,000g
Stone Cabin10 100g
Fish Pond200Green Algae (5)Seaweed (5)5,000g

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Rocks Respawn in Stardew Valley?

Yes, regularly and everywhere. The only exception is those large chunks appearing on your Farm after starting a new game.

Can You Buy Rocks in Stardew Valley?

While possible, we don’t recommend it even if the price is lower on Year 1 when bought from Robin’s Shop. Unless you have tons of money in-game, you know where to go.

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