Complete Guide to Stardew Valley Lost and Found

Do you ever wonder where your lost items go? You might want to check out that medium-sized box from the Mayor’s Manor- perhaps, you’ll find them there. This guide will discuss every detail of Stardew Valley Lost and Found!

A player with Lost items in Stardew Valley
NOTE: Don’t panic when you lose something, okay?

Being a hardworking farmer may occasionally cause you some trouble. For instance, you stayed until 2:00 AM in-game– the next thing you know, you’ve passed out and either got robbed or lost some items. On other occasions, you may have mustered too much courage in battling against powerful mobs and eventually got knocked out.

Whether it’s the first or second scenario, we all know that these two have a common denominator: you lost something. Is there any method to retrieve important items? Luckily, there is. In this guide, we’ll discuss the function and importance of Lost and Found in Stardew Valley.

What is Stardew Valley Lost and Found Box?

A player interacting with the stardew valley lost and found box.
Did you find it in your game?

It’s a bin with a question mark on top of it. You’ll find it at the Mayor’s house beside the books concerning roommate eviction, divorce, and a ledger. Unfortunately, not all missing loots are retrievable; they fall in a classification based on their relevance in-game. 

To retrieve things such as weapons, you simply need to interact with the box and click the items you wish to reclaim. It immediately transfers them back to your inventory.

What Can You Retrieve in the Lost and Found Box in Stardew Valley?

There are certain items you may retrieve from this bin. But don’t get your hopes high since it occasionally fails to recover your possessions in-game. Nevertheless, here are some classifications of retrievable objects:

Donated items to incomplete special orders

A player being given a choice to collect their items in the lost and found box in Stardew Valley.
Look! You have a lost item in this box. What did you lose this time?

As unfortunate as it may sound, you may sometimes fail to complete a Special Order. However, you may still get your donations from this bin despite flunking some tasks. Getting the opportunity to recover them is also handy since some orders are repeatable.

Missing quest items and tools.

We can’t blame you for staying until 2:00 AM in-game, but expect that you’ll lose some items and coins when doing this. Even though not all loots are retrievable, you’re in luck since you can claw back non-sellable quest items. Here’s a list of the things you may find for this type of quest:

Lost AxeRobin’s Lost Axe
Lucky Purple ShortsMayor’s “Shorts”
Berry BasketBlackberry Basket
War MementoThe Pirate’s Wife (TPW)
Gourmet Tomato SaltTPW
Stardew Valley RoseTPW
Advanced TV RemoteTPW
Arctic ShardTPW
Wriggling WormTPW
Pirate’s LocketTPW

Items from the Stardew Valley Fair’s grange display.

Participating in the Fair is an enjoyable experience since you get to show off your harvested crops and play some mini-games. However, there are some cases wherein players forget their products from the event; should you get worried? Fortunately, you can put your troubles to rest since you’ll find them in the bin at Mayor Lewis‘ Manor.

Offline Players’ Belongings

Interestingly, a player’s belongings can be retrieved while playing offline. But it’s sometimes odd that the box doesn’t contain the missing item. Nevertheless, it works perfectly on other occasions.

Hats from Dismissed Kids

If you offered the shard to it, we hope you know what happens next.

After visiting the Witch’s Hut and offering a Prismatic Shard to the Dark Shrine of Selfishness, your children will turn into doves. Additionally, if they’re wearing a hat before you dismiss them, you’ll discover their belongings in the box from Mayor Lewis’ house.

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