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Fish Shop

Fish Shop

Fishing is a great money maker, especially in the early game of Stardew Valley. Willy’s Fish Shop is a great place to stock up on all of your fishing essentials. The fish shop is only closed on non-rainy Saturdays.



To start fishing, you will need one of several rod options. On Spring 2, Willy will invite you to meet him down at the docs. He will then gift you with a Bamboo Pole to get you started and help you cast your line for the first time. 

The Bamboo Pole is a simple rod. You will not be able to use any bait or tackle, but you will be able to use it at any fishing level. 

If you are new to fishing, you should check out the Training Rod. This fishing rod only costs 25g, but will allow you to easily catch some of the basic fish in the game. This can help you gain fishing experience faster if you still need time to practice the fishing mini-game. 

When you reach level 2 of fishing, you will be able to purchase the Fiberglass Rod for 1,800g. This is a worthy investment as you cannot upgrade your rod again until you reach level 6 of the fishing skill. With the rod, you will now be able to use bait and catch higher-level fish.

At level 6 fishing, you are able to purchase the Iridium Rod for 7,500g. This fishing rod allows you to use both bait and tackle. You are able to catch iridium-quality fish with this fishing rod. It is recommended to purchase this rod as soon as possible to gain the most gold from the higher quality of the fish and experience from fishing. This rod will also be the most helpful for catching legendary fish, such as the crimsonfish, angler, glaicerfish, and mutant carp.

Bait and Tackle

In addition to the rod you select, the bait and tackle that you select are essential for the most profitable and perfect catch.


Bait is unlocked at level 2 fishing. It sells for 5g each and it causes fish to bite faster. Fishing is a slow process, so this bait helps you tremendously. Bait is also required for crab pots.


Tackle is unlocked at level six. At this level, you will be able to purchase the spinner (500g), trap bobber (500g), and lead bobber (200g). 

The spinner slightly increases the bite rate when fishing. The trap bobber causes fish to escape slower, giving you more time to reel them in. The lead bobber adds weight to your fishing bar. This prevents the fishing bar from bouncing on the bottom. 

At level 7, there are two additional tackles that are unlocked. The treasure hunter (750g) prevents fish from escaping when collecting treasure chests. It also increases the rate at which you encounter treasure while fishing. The cork bobber (750g) will slightly increase the size of your fishing bar.

At level 8, two more tackles are unlocked. The barbed hook (1,000g) helps the green bar to stick to your catch. This works best on slow fish. The dressed spinner (1,000g) increases the bite rate when fishing. 

The last tackle is unlocked at level 9. The magnet (1,000g) increases the chance of finding treasure when fishing. Note: While the description on this item states that fish are not crazy about the taste, the bite rate does not decrease when using this tackle. 


Willy sells trout soup in his shop for 250g. This dish will buff your fishing skill by one level. This is a great boost early game, especially if you are trying to catch the legend fish before the end of your first spring since the recipe is not unlocked until Fall 14 in year one.


Copper Pan

The copper pan is used to gather ore from streams. This is unlocked after completing the Fish Tank Bundles in the community center or by paying 20,000g to Jojamart. If you are needing a spare copper pan, you can purchase another one from the fish shop for 2,500g.

Crab Pots

Crab Pots are unlocked at level 3 fishing. They can be purchased from the fish shop for 1,500g each. They also require 1 bait per catch. Check and fill your crab pots daily for the most profit. Crab Pots can be placed in any open body of water, such as lakes, rivers, and the ocean. When combined with luremaster fisher profession, you will not need to use bait for Crab Pots. 


Willy sells three different types of fish tanks. He sells small (500g), large (2,000g), and deluxe (5,000g) fish tanks. These can hold 3, 7, and 9 types of fish, respectively. 

You can also purchase a “fisher double bed” for 25,000g.


When you sell fish to Willy, especially in large quantities, there is a chance you will see these fish in his rotating stock. Some of the people in town may also comment on the fish that are being sold.

Ginger Island

Willy’s Boat

You may notice that there is a backroom in the fish shop. Willy even hints at a project that he is working on there. 

After completing the community center, Willy tells you about wanting to increase business at his shop. The following day he sends an invitation to the backroom of his shop. When entering this room, you see an old boat that will need to be repaired. 

To repair the boat, you will need 200 hardwood for the hull, 5 iridium bars for the anchor, and 5 battery packs for the ticket stand. 

Once the boat is repaired, you are able to travel to Ginger Island for 1,000g per ticket. 

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