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hot pepper


Seed Prices:

Pierre's General Store 40g
Joja's Supermarket 50g


A hot pepper is a crop that is obtainable in summer. The crop takes 5 days to grow and you will recieve 1.2 per harvest. It can be sold at a base price of 40g, 50g for the silver quality, and 60g for the gold quality. When consumed, you will recieve a boost of 13 energy, and 5 health.

Base Sale Price


GOLD / DAY: 13.71g


GOLD / DAY: 17.14g


GOLD / DAY: 20.57g


Season summer
Growth Duration 5 days
Amount per Harvest 1.2
Multiple Harvests? true
Days Between Harvest 3 days
Giant Crop Chance? false

Healing Effect

Energy Gain 13 energy
Health Gain 5 health