Island Trader in Stardew Valley: All You Need to Know

Are you looking to progress your adventure in Stardew Valley with the exotic Ginger Island Trader? Read this guide to know how to unlock the merchant and know what items you’ll get!

The Island Trader waving at the player in Stardew Valley.
The Bluebird Merchant is cheerful as always!

Bartering items in Stardew Valley becomes the new concept after version 1.4 where players can browse items and what will be their equivalent in value. It’s Calico Desert for the introduction – a weird place to set up, but convenient for Skull Cavern speedminers. However, Ginger Island also gets tons of love from another remarkable merchant, offering area-exclusive items.

Meet the Island Trader – a unique NPC similar to the Desert Trader. And in this guide, we’ll talk about how you can meet the bluebird, what it sells, and give some valuable tips along the way.

Who is the Island Trader?

It’s a Bluebird Merchant (not with a mask) who can offer you a variety of unique items from Ginger Island. It won’t come until you fix his spot going North towards the Volcano. However, the store will be open at all times after fixing its trader’s hut.

How to Unlock the Island Trader?

Willy's dilapidated boat hidden at the backroom.
Before meeting the new vendor, you need to reach Ginger Island first!

Golden Walnuts will play a significant role if you want to unlock this new merchant. It’s a simple step but will take lots of work if you’re lost – not unless you follow these step-by-step instructions:

  • After unlocking the Community Center and fixing Willy’s Boat back at the Beach, travel towards the docks.

  • Move around the Island Resort (Southern Beach), and you’ll spot Leo retreating to the Jungle (East). Along the way, you’ll encounter a Golden Walnut that you should pick.

  • Head towards the Hut and interact with the Parrot. This will trigger a skippable cutscene, and you can now unlock several areas.

  • Wake up the sleeping turtle for Golden Walnuts (10) to unlock the west side of the island.

  • Unlock the Island Farmhouse for Golden Walnuts (20).

  • Head back to the Docks and head to the north side of the island. You’ll see another spot where you can interact with Parrots. Pay Golden Walnuts (10) to fix the trader’s hut.

Remember: Hunt for the special parrot currency first before spending them. Be mindful too, as they’re tricky to find if you don’t know where to look.

Now you can start browsing the Island Trader’s inventory!

Non-Rotating Stock

ItemBuying Price
Banana Pudding RecipeBone Fragment (30)
Banana SaplingDragon Tooth (5)
Deluxe Retaining Soil RecipeCinder Shard (50)
Golden CoconutCoconut (10)
Jungle TorchCinder Shard (5)
Luau SkirtTaro Root (50)
Mahogany SeedStingray (1)
Mango SaplingMussel (75)
Pineapple SeedsMagma Cap (1)
Taro TuberBone Fragment (2)
Tropical BedGinger (20)
Tropical TVTaro Root (30)
Warp Totem: FarmTaro Root (5)
Wild Double BedCinder Shard (100)

Rotating Stock

Tropical ChairEven seasonal daysLionfish (1)
Small CapMondayTaro Root (30)
Palm Wall OrnamentTuesdayPineapple (1)
Bluebird MaskWednesdayTaro Root (30)
‘Volcano’ PhotoThursdayMango (5)
Deluxe Cowboy HatFridayTaro Root (30)
Oceanic RugSaturdayBlue Discus (3)
Tropical Double BedSundayBanana (5)
Galaxy SoulLast day of the seasonRadioactive Bar (10)
A room full of items from the Island Trader.
Here are all items you can buy in no particular order.

Note: Unlocking the Galaxy Soul on the inventory requires you to kill at least 50 monsters that satisfy Qi’s Challenges.

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