Pink Cake: Cooking, Benefits, and More

Aside from Chocolate Cakes, have you heard of the Pink Cake in Stardew Valley? It heals you quickly and even gives you a lot of gold! Here’s a quick guide to help you make them.

A player looking at a pink cake on a table in Stardew Valley.
Have a slice of this sweet treat!

Celebrations usually call for wine and cake. But instead of using it on fancy occasions, why not make some profit with it? Having a Pink Cake in your inventory doesn’t just make a lovely gift. It’s also a lucrative way to earn gold in Stardew Valley.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to make this dessert and the benefits it’ll give you!

What is a Pink Cake?

a player standing in different locations of stardew valley and a letter.
You have tons of ways to get this dessert!

It’s a cooked dish made in the kitchen of your upgraded farmhouse or cookout kit. But aside from preparing it yourself, you may also obtain it in:

  • Krobus’ Shop every Saturday (50g to 500g).
  • Feast of the Winter Star. Probable gift from your secret gift-giver.
  • Stardrop Saloon’s Rotating Stock (960g).
  • Letter from Mom (only applicable to male characters).
  • Reward for accomplishing Chef’s Bundle in the Bulletin Board (3).
  • Drop from Big Slimes (0.1%). It gives two if you have a Burglar’s Ring.
  • Statue of Endless Fortune every Spring 10, 14, and Summer 4 (some villagers’ birthdays).

Consuming this dessert gives you loads of healing effects, but adding Qi Seasoning increases its benefits by 80%. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of this sweet course with and without the add-on:

Healing EffectsWith SeasoningWithout Seasoning


In making this dish, you’ll need a Melon, Sugar, Egg, and Wheat Flour. However, you’ll only get its recipe from The Queen of Sauce on the 21st of Summer, Year 2.


Putting it on sale gives you 480g. But if you add the seasoning, your profit increases by 50%, turning its value into 720g.


A pink shirt from a sewing machine in Stardew Valley.
Vibrant colors won’t hurt your eyes, trust me.

You can make a shirt from it and red dyes for your pots.


Haley, Jas, Marnie, and Vincent find this cake a terrific gift. While other NPCs also appreciate receiving it, except for Harvey, Krobus, Leah, Willy, and Leo.


Not used in any quests.


Not used in any bundles.

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