Stardew Valley Sugar: Recipes, Gifts, and More

Are you looking for more information about how to use Stardew Valley sugar? Would you like to know more about the best recipes that require sugar in Stardew Valley? Well, then continue reading this Stardew guide and learn more about this item and how to make the most out of it!

Buying Stardew Valley sugar

What is stardew Valley Sugar?

Like in real life, the Stardew Valley sugar is a cooking ingredient which comes with the description of “Adds sweetness to pastries and candies. Too much can be unhealthy.“.

It’s actually very common is various Stardew recipes (more information about that below), but no worries! It can always be bought from Pierre at his shop.

It costs just 100 gold coins from the General store and 125 gold coins from JojaMart, so it’s just up to you to decide which one works better for you!

Fun fact, you can also find some sugar in supply crates that are sometimes on the beach farm. Just keep in mind that you have to upgrade the farmhouse at least one time to be able to get that.

Other than that, you can make sugar from beets if you have a mill building. Just put one beet in there to make three pieces of sugar! Quite a good deal actually.

But this will be profitable only if you use regular or silver quality beets for that.

Stardew Valley Sugar recipes

Now that you know how to get Stardew sugar, let’s take a look at various recipes where you will need this ingredient!

While there are so many recipes to choose from, let’s take a look at some of the best ones!

  1. Blackberry cobbler: blackberry, sugar, wheat flour
  2. Cookie: wheat flour, sugar, egg
  3. Glazed Yams: yam, sugar
  4. Ginger ale: ginger, sugar
  5. Rice pudding: milk, sugar, rice
  6. Cranberry sauce: cranberries, sugar
  7. Ice cream: milk, sugar
  8. Chocolate cake: wheat flour, sugar, egg
  9. Miner’s treat: cave carrot, sugar, milk
  10. Pumpkin pie: pumpkin, wheat flour, milk sugar
  11. Rhubarb pie: rhubarb, wheat flour, sugar

and these are just some of the recipes! There are many more to choose from, so it is completely up to you to decide what you and your character wants.

For example, the poppyseed muffin will need poppy, wheat flour, and sugar. Or the pink cake will require melon, wheat flour, sugar, and an egg! As you can see, most of Stardew recipes are quite simple, especially if they are based on real-life recipes of desserts!

Plan: Cook Everything in Stardew!

As you can see from the previous parts of this guide, there are plenty of recipes to try out in Stardew Valley. There are a lot of them!

Yes, we are talking about 80 dishes!

Did you know that players are trying to cook all dishes in the game? Fun fact, you will need at least 87 ingredients to achieve that.

To make it easier and better to track, here is what you will need to learn and gather if you will want to finish this challenge:

  • 26 crops
  • 13 foraged items
  • 4 fruits
  • 2 animal items
  • 4 artisan items
  • 2 miscellaneous and random items (we are talking about maple syrup and squid ink)
  • 17 fishing items
  • 8 crab pot things
  • 5 items from Pierre’s General Store
  • 6 dishes

Do you think you can manage that? We think you can!

Gifting, Tailoring, Quests

First things first, you won’t need sugar for any Stardew quests! This is actually quite good news because you can focus on making great dishes for yourself and to gift to other NPCs in the game. Nice dishes can actually be a great way to improve your friendships!

However, you will need this item if you are planning to create the sugar shirt while using the sewing machine.

When it comes to gifting, it’s not the best option. Meaning, Abigail dislikes sugar and the rest of the NPCs hate it! It would be much better to turn sugar into some dessert (like pink cake or banana pudding) and use that as the gift!

So, what will be your next dish of choice? What will you be cooking with Stardew Valley sugar? Choose your favourite recipe and see how it works out!

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