How to Craft in Stardew Valley | Full Guide 2022

Have you just started playing Stardew Valley and feel lost about the crafting mechanic? Are you wondering what you can do with it and how? Don’t fuss, because here’s a guide you might find helpful! 

Crafting is quick and straightforward!

Stardew Valley lets you have the freedom to create items that you’ll find efficient with the Crafting feature. From the moment you start the game, you can make something you may use to the end. For example, Hyper-Speed Gro is one crafted item that helps your crops grow much faster.

When Crafting, you must collect resources here and there. Of course, it may take effort and time, but after you make it, you’ll realize it’s worth it. Fortunately, several crafted items take minimal effort but are still helpful.

Nevertheless, if you want to learn about Crafting for more plentiful farming, this article will guide you in exploring the feature. 

What is Crafting?

In Stardew Valley, Crafting is an in-game feature where you create items through recipes. Don’t mistake it for Cooking – a completely different skill to master. With Crafting, you can create things that would make farming and fulfilling every other task a breeze. 

How to Craft?

Before starting, you need recipes first. As you go along, you’ll get recipes by honing your skills, befriending other townspeople, or buying them from different merchants. If you’re a beginner, don’t worry because you’ll have the following upon starting the game: 

  • Gate
  • Wood Fence
  • Wood Path
  • Gravel Path
  • Cobblestone Path
  • Torch
  • Camp Fire
  • Chest
  • Wood Sign
  • Stone Sign

Pressing the “E” button on your PC activates the Crafting Menu. Look for the tab with the hammer icon where you’ll see the recipes on top and the Inventory at the bottom. 

Colored recipe icons indicate you’ve already obtained the materials needed. However, it’s faded if you haven’t collected them.

You can find most of the Ingredients in the trees, stones, and plants around your farm.

Hover over every item with your cursor to see the ingredients you might be missing for each of them. The component’s text is colored red if it’s not in your backpack. Remember: even if you have the item somewhere, you can’t craft it if it’s not on your Inventory.

Once you’re sure your desired item’s ingredients are ready, you may start clicking its icon. It’ll appear under the cursor when it’s ready. Put it in your Inventory and use it whenever you need it.

Crafting With Workbench – Is It Possible?

In this activity, you may find a Workbench helpful when you find difficulty in managing your Inventory. It’s possible to make anything as long as your ingredients are in Chests adjacent to the Workbench. Because of this approach, you won’t have to spend so much time looking for them in your backpack.

Organizing your chests can be helpful in the long run!

However, don’t expect it to withstand explosives, lightning, and storms, so use it carefully.

What Can You Craft?

There are a lot of items that you can craft in this game. Almost everything you can find helpful in the game is a crafted item. So if you aren’t familiar with this activity, you’d miss out on one of the things that makes the game interesting.

You don’t have to stress about it since it may get overwhelming, especially for beginners. 

Below is a table to help you learn about everything you can craft, their ingredients, and where you can find them. If there’s anything specific that you’re looking for, you’ll find everything here:

Artisan Equipment

These machines make Artisan Goods. Each of them makes one product at a time. So, more production would need extra equipment.

ItemIngredientsRecipe SourceUses
Mayonnaise Machine●Wood (15)
●Stone (15)
●Copper Bar (1)
●Earth Crystal (1)
Level 2 FarmingProcess eggs into Mayonnaise.
Preserves Jar●Wood (50)
●Coal (8)
●Stone (0)
Level 4 Farming Makes jellies and pickles from fruit and vegetables, respectively.
Bee House●Wood (40)
●Iron Bar (1)
●Maple Syrup (1)
●Coal (8)
Level 3 Farming Produces honey when placed outdoors.
Cheese Press●Wood (45)
●Stone (45)
●Hardwood (10)
●Copper Bar (1)
Level 6 FarmingMake cheese from milk.
Loom●Wood (60)
●Fiber (30)
●Pine Tar (1)
Level 7 FarmingTurns wool into cloth.
Keg●Wood (1)
●Iron Bar (1)
●Oak Resin (1)
●Copper Bar (1)
Level 8 FarmingMakes beverages out of fruits or vegetables.
Oil Maker●Slime (50)
●Hardwood (20)
●Gold Bar (1)
Level 8 FarmingProduces gourmet truffle oil.
Cask●Wood (20)
●Hardwood (1)
Buy the Farmhouse cellar upgrade from Robin’s Shop for 100,000gUsed for aging wine and cheese.

Seeds And Seed Packets

Crafted Seeds function the same way as their purchased counterparts in the game. Although some are mainly crafted, such as Wilds Seeds that yield seasonal foraged fruits, vegetables, or flowers, they’re unavailable anywhere.

ItemIngredientsRecipe SourceUses
Grass Starter●Fiber (10)Available at Pierre’s General Store for 1,000gFor creating a grass patch.
Fiber Seed (4) ●Sap (5)
●Mixed Seed (1)
●Clay (1)
Do Linus’ Community Cleanup quest from the Special Orders board.Don’t require watering daily and can grow during winter. Planted in tilled soil.
Tea Sapling●Fiber (5)
●Wood (5)
●Any Wild Seed (2)
After Caroline’s 2-Heart event, you’ll receive this as a giftProduces Tea Leaves.
Ancient Seed●Ancient Seed (1)Donate Ancient Seed to MuseumGrows Ancient Fruit.
Wild Seed (Sp)●Leek (1)
●Wild Horseradish (1)
●Daffodil (1)
●Dandelion (1)
Level 1 ForagingProduces 10 Sp Seed.
Wild Seed (Su)●Grape (1)
●Spice Berry (1)
●Sweet Pea (1)
Level 4 ForagingProduces 10 Su Seed.
Wild Seed (Fa)●Wild Plum (1)
●Common Mushroom (1)
●Blackberry (1)
●Hazelnut (1)
Level 6 ForagingProduces 10 Fa Seed.
Wild Seed (Wi)●Crocus (1)
●Snow Yam (1)
●Crystal Fruit (1)
●Winter Root (1)
Level 7 ForagingProduces 10 Wi Seeds.


Each Fertilizer either speeds up the growth of plants, increases the chances of yielding high-quality crops or helps with water retention. While you can use some at any time of the plant’s growth cycle, you can use the others before the seeds sprout. 

ItemIngredientsRecipe SourceUses
Basic Fertilizer●Sap (2)Level 1 FarmingIt’ll increase the soil’s quality a little.
Quality Fertilizer●Sap (2)
●Any Fish (1)
Level 9 FarmingYou’ll have better chances of getting Gold and Silver crops.
Deluxe Fertilizers (5)●Sap (40)
●Iridium Bar (1)
Buy from Mr. Qi for 20 Qi gemsIt’ll give you Iridium quality crops.
Tree Fertilizer●Stone (5)
●Fiber (5)
Level 7 ForagingSprinkled on Wild Tree for rapid growth.
Basic Retaining Soil●Stone (2)Level 4 FarmingMay keep the dirt watered overnight.
Quality Retaining Soil (2)●Stone (3)
●Clay (1)
Level 7 FarmingBetter chance at keeping the dirt watered overnight.
Deluxe Retaining Soil●Stone (5)
●Fiber (3)
●Clay (1)
Avail from Island Trader for 50 Cinder Shards100% chance to keep the soil watered overnight.
Speed-Gro (5)●Clam (1)
●Pine Tar (1)
Level 3 Farming Increases growth rate by 10%.
Deluxe Speed-Gro (5)●Coral (1)
●Oak Resin (1)
Level 8 Farming Speeds up growth by 25%.
Hyper Speed-Gro●Radioactive Ore (1)
●Solar Essence (1)
●Bone Fragments (3)
Avail for 30 Qi gems from Mr. QiDramatically speeds up the production of leaves and growth by 33%.


Sprinkler automatically waters crops every morning, making it one less daily task. The number of crops it waters depends on your sprinkler and how many tiles it can reach.

ItemIngredientsRecipe SourceUses
Sprinkler●Iron Bar (1)
●Copper Bar (1)
Level 2 FarmingIt will water four adjacent tiles.
Quality Sprinkler●Gold Bar (1)
●Refined Quartz (1)
●Iron Bar (1)
Level 6 FarmingIt will moisten eight adjacent tiles.
Iridium Sprinkler●Gold Bar (1)
●Battery Pack (1)
●Iridium Bar (1)
Level 9 FarmingIt will water 24 adjacent tiles.

Light Sources

Every light source in this list provides light at night.

ItemIngredientsRecipe SourceUses
Torch●Sap (2)
●Wood (1)
Owned by defaultIt gives a bit of light and is helpful for mining.
Campfire●Wood (10)
●Stone (10)
●Fiber (10)
Owned by defaultIt gives moderate light.
Wooden Brazier●Fiber (5)
●Wood (10)
●Coal (1)
Buy from Carpenter’s Shop for 250gA large torch perfect for outdoor lighting.
Stone (S.) Brazier●Stone (10)
●Fiber (5)
●Coal (1)
Purchase from Carpenter’s Shop for 400gStone-carved lighting that matches perfectly with the Hill-Top Farm.
Gold Brazier (Braz.)●Fiber (5)
●Gold Bar (1)
●Coal (1)
Purchase from Carpenter’s Shop for 1000gA source of light with an aesthetic perfect for fancy themes.
Carved Braz.●Hardwood (10)
●Coal (1)
Purchase from Carpenter’s Shop for 2000gLighting that matches well with Mahogany Trees as they have the same color.
Stump Braz.●Hardwood (5)
●Coal (1)
Purchase from Carpenter Shop for 800gIt’s a stump that provides light.
Skull Braz.●Bone Fragments (10)Purchase from Carpenter Shop for 3000gSource of light perfect for Halloween.
Barrel Braz.●Wood (50)
●Solar Essence (1)
●Coal (1)
Carpenter Shop for 800gA torch made from a barrel.
Marble Braz.●Stone (100)
●Aquamarine (1)
●Marble (1)
Carpenter Shop 5000gA light source that looks best with gem-like items.
Wood (W.) Lamp-Post●Wood (50)
●Battery Pack (1)
Carpenter Shop for 500gA wooden lamp post that provides light on the farm at night.
Iron Lamp-Post●Battery Pack (1)
●Iron Bar (1)
Carpenter Shop for 1000gA lamp post made from Iron provides light on the farm at night.
Jack-O-Lantern●Pumpkin (1)
●Torch (1)
Buy from Pierre’s Stall at the Spirit’s Eve Festival for 2000gFall decoration that glows and changes into a Rotten Plant after the season.

Fences and Signs

Fences are barriers that keep animals from escaping and grass from spreading to unwanted areas. On the other hand, signs display the image of an item that you can put in the Inventory. It’s possible to place both anywhere. However, setting a Sign on a Fish Pond will copy the fish’s icon.

ItemIngredientsRecipe SourceUses
Gate (lasts for 400 days)●Wood (10)Acquired from the beginningIt lets you pass through fences.
Wood Fence (54-58 days)●Wood (2)Acquired from the beginningContains animals and pastures.
Stone Fence (118-122 days)●Stone (2)Level 1 FarmingKeeps animals and pastures contained and lasts longer than the Wood Fence.
Iron Fence (10) (248-252 days)●Iron Bar (1)Level 4 FarmingKeeps animals and pastures contained longer than Stone Fence.
Hardwood Fence (558-562 days)●Hardwood (1)Level 6 FarmingKeeps the animals and pastures contained for the longest time.
Wood Sign●Wood (25)Acquired from the beginningDisplays an image of any item in the Inventory.
Stone Sign●Stone (25)Acquired from the beginningShows a photo of any item in the Inventory.
Dark Sign●Bone Fragment (5)
●Bat Wing (5)
Gain 3+ Hearts with KrobusDisplays a picture of any item in the Inventory.

Floors and Paths

The items below decorate the floors or create paths. They give a +0.1 boost on the Player’s Speed when placed outside the farm. They also prevent grass from growing in areas with a lot of movement, which helps avoid the obstruction of said movement.

ItemsIngredientsRecipe SourceDescription
Wood Floor●Wood (1)Carpenter Shop for 100gIt looks like a typical wooden floor and turns darker during winter.
Straw Floor●Wood (1)
●Fiber (1)
Carpenter Shop for 200gA darker shade of the wood floor but with straw spread over it.
Rustic Plank Floor●Wood (1)Carpenter Shop for 200gA rust-colored brick-type floor. Its appearance doesn’t change.
Weathered Floor●Wood (1)Dwarf’s for 500gWorn-looking brick floors that turn a darker shade of brown during winter.
Crystal Floor (5)●Refined Quartz (1)From Krobus for 500gGrayish-blue in color and reminiscent of pool tiles and becomes bluer during winter.
Stone Floor●Stone (1)Carpenter Shop for 100gA floor covered in gray stones, and its color becomes a little cooler in the winter.
Stone Walkway Floor●Stone (1)Carpenter Shop 200gSimilar to Stone Floor but with irregularly shaped stones in varying shades of gray.
Brick Floor (5)●Stone (5)
●Clay (2)
Carpenter Shop 500gA floor decorated with basic bricks.
Wood Path●Wood (1)Immediately OwnedThese are tree branches cut in half, lined up across the floor, and turn pale during winter.
Gravel Path●Stone (1)Immediately OwnedIt appears like wet sand, but it’s crushed stone. It becomes blue during winter 
Cobblestone Path●Stone (1)Immed. OwnedBeige-colored stones that turn bluish in the winter.
Stepping Stone Path●Stone (1)Carpenter Shop for 100gSimilar to but broader than the Cobblestones. It becomes saturated during winter.
Crystal Path (5)●Refined Quartz (1)Carpenter Shop for 200gSmall stones in various colors turn monotonous during winter.

Storage and Furniture

Storage items are just as the name suggests, whereas Furniture items are mainly for display or fun. On the other hand, the Wicked Statue isn’t just for show but prevents the Witch from visiting the farm.

ItemIngredientsRecipe SourceUses
Chest●Wood (50)OwnedStorage
Stone Chest●Stone (50)Complete Robin’s Resource Rush quest from the Special Orders board.Storage
Tub O’ Flowers●Wood (15)
●Jazz Seed (1)
●Tulip Bulb (1)
●Spangle Seed (1)
●Poppy Seed (1)
Avail from Pierre’s stand at Flower Dance festivalDecoration
Flute Block●Fiber (20)
●Wood (10)
●Copper Ore (2)
See Robin’s 6-heart eventPlays flute.
Drum Block●Stone (10)
●Fiber (20)
●Copper Ore (2)
See Robin’s 6-heart eventPlays drum.
Wicked Statue●Stone (25)
●Coal (5)
Buy from Krobus for 1000gPrevents the Witch from visiting the farm and turning the Slimes black.


Rings are accessories that provide you with varying benefits when equipped. You can wear two rings at the same time. Combining two different rings at the Forge will stack their effects.

ItemIngredientsRecipe SourceUses
Sturdy Ring●Bug Meat (25)
●Copper Bar (2)
●Slime (25)
Level 1 CombatIt halves the duration of negative status.
Warrior Ring●Coal (25)
●Iron Bar (10)
●Frozen Tear (10)
Level 4 CombatSometimes gives Warrior Energy buff after slaying a monster if worn.
Ring of Yoba●Iron Bar (5)
●Gold Bar (5)
●Diamond (1)
Level 7 CombatThis ring may give Yoba’s Blessing buff after taking damage if worn.
Thorns Ring●Bone Fragment (50)
●Stone (50)
●Gold Bar (1)
Level 7 CombatWill reflect damage inflicted by enemies.
Glowstone Ring●Solar Essence (5)
●Iron Bar (5)
Level 4 MiningHas constant light and widens the radius for collecting items.
Wedding Ring (Multiplayer Only)●Iridium Bar (5)
●Prismatic Shard (1)
Buy from Traveling Cart for 500gAsk another farmer for marriage.
Iridium Band●Solar Essence (50)
●Void Essence (50)
●Iridium Bar (5)
Level 9 CombatLights up and attracts items. It improves attack damage by up to 10%.


Crafted consumable items with special effects that make activities like traveling or even finding monsters much quicker are listed below. It’s a one-time consumable, so you can’t use them again after that.

ItemIngredientsRecipe SourceUses
Monster Musk●Slime (30)
●Bat Wing (30)
Finish the Wizard’s Prismatic Jelly quest from the Special Orders board.Doubles the number of monsters you can encounter.
Fairy Dust●Diamond (1)
●Fairy Rose (1)
Complete the Pirate’s Wife questInstantly makes equipment finish its production of goods/objects.
Warp Totem: Mountains●Stone (25)
●Hardwood (1)
●Iron Bar (1)
Level 7 ForagingTeleport to the Mountains.
Warp Totem: Beach●Hardwood (1)
●Fiber (10)
●Coral (2)
Level 6 ForagingTeleport to the Beach.
Warp Totem: Farm●Fiber (20)
●Honey (1)
●Hardwood (1)
Level 8 ForagingTeleport back to the Farmhouse.
Warp Totem: Desert●Hardwood (2)
●Iridium Ore (4)
●Coconut (1)
Get from Desert Trader for 10 Iridium BarsTeleport to Calico Desert.
Warp Totem: Island●Hardwood (5)
●Ginger (1)
●Dragon Tooth (1)
Buy for 10,000g from Volcano Dwarf shopTeleport to Ginger Island.


These make tasks more efficient, including moving from one spot to the other, keeping Crows away, and cooking on the go. 

ItemIngredientsRecipe SourceUses
Garden Pot●Stone (10)
●Refined Quartz (1)
●Clay (1)
Receive from Evelyn after unlocking GreenhouseGrow crops any season indoors.
Scarecrow●Fiber (20)
●Wood (50)
●Coal (1)
Level 1 FarmingPrevent Crows from destroying your crops within a small radius.
Deluxe Scarecrow●Fiber (40)
●Wood (50)
●Iridium Ore (1)
Collect all Rarecrows and receive this in the mail the next dayStops Crows on a broader radius.
Cookout Kit●Wood (15)
●Coal (3)
●Fiber (10)
Level 9 ForagingAllows you to cook on the go.
Mini-Jukebox●Iron Bar (2)
●Battery Pack (1)
Receive after Gus’ 5-heart eventPlays the official soundtrack of Stardew Valley.
Staircase●Stone (99)Level 2 MiningClimb down a level in the mines.
Mini-Obelisk●Hardwood (30)
●Solar Essence (20)
●Gold Bar (3)
Finish the Wizard’s “A Curious Substance” quest from the Special Orders boardTeleport between different spots on your farm.
Farm Computer●Refined Quartz (10)
●Battery Pack (1)
●Dwarf Gadget (1)
Finish Demetrius’ “Biome Balance” or “Aquatic Overpopulation” from the Special Orders boardA computer that displays valuable information about the farm.
Explosive Ammo (5)●Coal (2)
●Iron Bar (1)
Level 8 CombatExplosive used with Slingshot.
Transmute (Fe)●Copper Bar (3)Level 4 MiningCreates a bar of Iron.
Transmute (Au)●Iron Bar (2)Level 7 MiningCreates a bar of Gold.
Hopper●Hardwood (10)
●Radioactive Bar (1)
●Iridium Bar (1)
50 Qi gems from the Walnut RoomLoads anything into the machine adjacent to it


Explosives are only for one use. Specific items within their radius will be damaged when they explode. Great for mining ores and stones faster.

ItemIngredientsRecipe SourceUses
Cherry Bomb●Copper Ore (4)
●Coal (1)
Level 1 MiningHelps excavate ores, gems, and products from dead Trees; destroys enemies; tills untilled dirt within its 3-tile radius.
Bomb●Iron Ore (4)
●Coal (1)
Level 6 MiningHelps excavate ores, gems, and products from dead Trees; destroys enemies; tills untilled dirt within its 5-tile radius.
Mega Bomb●Gold Ore (4)
●Void Essence (1)
●Solar Essence (1)
Level 8 MiningHelps excavate ores, gems, and products from dead Trees; destroys enemies; tills untilled dirt within its 6-to-8-tile radius.


The items below make Fishing easier, including Tackle and Baits.

ItemIngredientsRecipe SourceUses
Spinner●Iron Bar (2)Level 6 FishingIncreases the chances of fish biting.
Dressed Spinner●Iron Bar (2)
●Cloth (1)
Level 8 FishingReduces the bite delay of a fish by 7.5 seconds
Trap Bobber●Sap (10)
●Copper Bar (1)
Level 6 FishingSlows down the escape of the fish you’re pulling in.
Cork Bobber●Wood (10)
●Slime (10)
●Hardwood (5)
Level 7 FishingMakes the fishing bar bigger.
Quality Bobber●Sap (20)
●Solar Essence (5)
●Copper Bar (1)
Complete Willy’s “Juicy Bugs Wanted!” quest from the Special Orders boardHeightens the quality of the catch.
Treasure Hunter●Gold Bar (2)Level 7 FishingWon’t let the catch escape while collecting treasure.
Barbed Hook●Iron Bar (1)
●Copper Bar (1)
●Gold Bar (1)
Level 8 FishingLocks your catch more; Best with slow fish.
Magnet (3)●Iron Bar (1)Level 9 FishingBetter chances of finding treasure when fishing.
Bait (5)●Bug Meat (1)Level 2 FishingMakes fish bite faster.
Wild Bait (5)●Fiber (10)
●Bug Meat (5)
●Slime (5)
Linus 4-heart eventCatch two fish at the same time.
Magic Bait (5)●Bug Meat (3)
●Radioactive Ore (1)
20 Qi gems from the Walnut RoomCatch any fish anytime, anywhere, or in any season.
Crab Pot●Wood (40)
●Iron Bar (3)
With Trapper Profession:
●Wood (25)
●Copper Bar (2)
Level 3 FishingHelps catch some fish overnight.

Refining Equipment

The following equipment produces other practical objects from your input items. Here’s a complete list:

ItemIngredientsRecipe SourceUses
Charcoal Kiln●Wood (20)
●Copper Bar (2)
Level 4 of Foraging Turns Wood (10) into one piece of Coal.
Crystalarium●Stone (99)
●Gold Bar (5)
●Iridium Bar (2)
●Battery Pack (1)
Level 9 of Mining Duplicates any gem you insert in it.
Furnace●Copper Ore (20)
●Stone (25)
Receive this from Clint after collecting more than one Copper OreTurns Coal (1) and Any Ore (5) into a pure bar.
Solar Panel●Refined Quartz (10)
●Gold Bar (5)
●Iron Bar (5)
Fulfill Caroline’s “Island Ingredients” quest from the Special Orders board.Generates Battery Pack when left outdoors.
Seed Maker●Wood (25)
●Gold Bar (1)
●Coal (10)
Level 9 FarmingCreates seeds out of crops.
Lightning Rod●Bat Wing (5)
●Refined Quartz (1)
●Iron Bar (1)
Level 6  ForagingTransforms lightning collected from Lighting Storms into Battery.
Recycling Machine●Stone (25)
●Wood (25)
●Iron Bar (1)
Level 4 Fishing Creates resources out of trash caught from Fishing.
Ostrich Incubator●Hardwood (50)
●Bone Fragment (50)
●Cinder Shard (20)
Find all the fossils on Ginger Island and donate them to Professor SnailHatches Ostrich eggs into Ostrich.
Slime Incubator●Slime (100)
●Iridium Bar (2)
Level 8 CombatHatches Slime eggs into Slime.
Slime Egg-Press●Fire Quartz (1)
●Battery Pack (1)
●Coal (25)
Level 6 CombatPress 100 Slime into a  Slime Egg.
Worm Bin●Fiber (50)
●Hardwood (25)
●Iron Bar (1)
●Gold Bar (1)
Level 8 FishingChurns out worms regularly.
Tapper●Copper Bar (2)
●Wood (40)
Level 3 ForagingProcesses Maple Syrup, Oak Resin, Pine Tar, or Sap.
Heavy Tapper●Hardwood (30)
●Radioactive Bar (1)
Purchase from Mr. Qi for 21 Qi gemsSame as a normal tapper but processes twice as fast.
Geode Crusher●Stone (50)
●Gold Bar (2)
●Diamond (1)
Finish Clint’s “Cave Patrol” quest from the Special Orders boardUsed to break Geodes open.
Bone Mill●Stone (20)
●Bone Fragment (10)
●Clay (3)
Complete Gunther’s “Fragments of the Past” quest from the Special Orders board.Makes fertilizers out of Bone items.

Edible Items

Edible craftables exist, although only a few are there. They have healing properties that affect Health and Energy. And you might want to create them as well to take advantage of their benefits:

ItemIngredientsRecipe SourceEnergyHealthUses
Field Snack●Maple Seed (1)
●Acorn (1)
●Pine Cone (1)
Level 1 Foraging+45+18Helps you regain energy.
Bug Steak●Bug Meat (10)Level 1 Combat+45+30Restores Health and Energy. Last resort only!
Life Elixir●Purple Mushroom (1)
●Red Mushroom (1)
●Chanterelle (1)
●Morel (1)
Level 2 Combat+200+80Fully restores Health.
Oil of Garlic●Garlic (10)
●Oil (1)
Level 6 Combat+200+80Repels weaker monsters.

After collecting the desired ingredients for your desired item, you can craft as you’d like. It’s simple and easy. The process usually is heavier on the time, energy, and effort spent on getting the recipe and gathering ingredients.


Crafting achievements are a thing. Considering the work you’ll need to get a handful of recipes, you deserve something as a reward. 

You’ll get each of them for working on a specific number of items. In the game, there are a total of 94 things to craft. Here’s the list of those achievements and the number of stuff you need to get them:

  • DIY – 15 
  • Artisan – 30 
  • Craft Master – All of them

Now, you might be wondering how you’re supposed to know how many you’ve crafted. You must go to the Options menu and tick the “Show Advanced Crafting Information” checkbox. This way, you’ll know which ones you’ve already crafted in the game and which you haven’t.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy chests in Stardew Valley?

No. You can’t buy Chests in Stardew Valley. Crafting them is the only way you can have them. If you want an instant way to own one, that’s not a problem with chests since one ultimately takes no time to make. You have to collect Wood (50), and that’s it.

What should I craft in Stardew Valley?

Craft the items that would benefit you the most throughout the game. Some of the best craft recipes are attainable early-game. Although some are a little more difficult to obtain, it’ll be worth it in the end.

For starters, you should craft the Furnace. You’ll need this for turning ores into bars, essential for tool upgrades and crafting other items.

For artisan goods, crafting Preserves Jar and Keg will aid you in making the most out of them. As for farming, a Seed Maker will help you with some excess crops and make them into seeds. For this reason, it’s also an essential thing to craft.

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