Stardew Valley Gate: Uses, Mods, and Crafting

The Stardew Valley gate might seem like a very simple item. However, there are a few additional things you should keep in mind!

In this guide, we will go over the main aspects that are connected to crafting and having a gate in Stardew Valley.

What Do You Need For a Stardew Fence?

Thankfully, this is the easy part! You only need 10 wood to create a Stardew gate. Therefore, this shouldn’t be a big problem no matter at what stage of the game you are.

Crafting the gate in Stardew Valley

Of course, you might need to change your gates after some time, but it still won’t cost you a lot. What we mean is, you need to change your gate every 400 days.

The gate itself can be a great way to divide your farm into parts, but it also serves the decorative purpose because it just feels nice to pass the gate, right?

You can even pass through the gate with your horse! That part definitely sounds amazing.

You can also get yourself a double gate by putting two gates next to each other. That is not necessary, but just might look better if you are looking for something more decorative!

How to Use the Stardew Valley Gate?

Before we dive deeper, let’s talk about a few ways that you can actually use the gate.

The most common one is by dividing your crops and animals! You can use a nice wooden fence to make everything look more put together without a lot of effort.

That’s how these small gates can add a nice touch to your farm.

You can always choose to sell your gate, but this will only give you 4 gold coins, so we wouldn’t recommend that as the first use of the Stardew Valley gate.

Fun fact, technically, you can give your gate as a gift to your fellow characters in Stardew Valley, but they won’t be happy about it! None of the characters like the fence as a gift, so this won’t help you to work on your friendship at all!

If you need better options for gifts, take a look at our Stardew Valley gifts guide! This way, you will always know the best choice for every Stardew Valley character.

How to open the Stardew Gate?

This question is often asked by beginners of Stardew Valley as it’s not always clear what you need to click.

Once you have your fence and the gate down, just walk up to it and right click to open the gate!

If you’re still new to having a gate in your farm, then it might be useful to note down this function until you can remember it!

However, there is one more thing you can do to make everything easier!

Stardew Valley Gate Mod

Did you know that there is a Stardew Valley gate mod that can automate more things for you?

We shouldn’t be too surprised because there is a mod for most things in this game!

That’s right, we are talking about AutoGate that was created in 2021 as a way to open gates automatically whenever your character walks up to them. Also, the gates will automatically close when you walk away.

This does sound kind of cool, right? This way, you won’t need to remember to right click every time you walk in or out of your farm.

This mod also works when you’re on your horse, so this does seem like a good solution!

Stardew Gate Not Working?

Stardew Valley players have written a few situations when your Stardew Valley gate might not work.

However, don’t worry, it can be fixed easily!

If it’s not an error (and refreshing the game doesn’t work), then there is one common thing that can stop the gate from working.

We are talking about the situation when the gate doesn’t have at least one piece of fence on each of its sides.

A gate and two pieces of a fence

This means that the gate cannot be attached to a building without any additional fence.

Once this is fixed, the players seem to be happy with the results as they can use the Stardew gate properly.

Now you are ready to upgrade your farm with a nice gate in Stardew Valley! If you want to automate it, don’t forget to check out the gate mode.

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