10 Games like Stardew valley that come with a similar gaming experience (2022)

Love Stardew Valley but looking to try games like Stardew Valley that come with a similar gaming experience? Maybe a friend has a birthday coming up and you want to get them the perfect gift. Well, look no further! Here are 10 games to check out if you love Stardew Valley.

1. Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons

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Love Stardew Valley? Try something from the Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons franchise. Image description: the logo for Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town over a serene image overlooking a seaside with a lighthouse in the background.

Of course, if you like Stardew, you should definitely check out the game that inspired it all, Harvest Moon. The series that Harvest Moon began is now called Story of Seasons, and like the many Zelda or Mario games that exist, there are several iterations in the Story of Seasons world. These games are in 3-D rather than Stardew’s charming 16-bit style. This is a great game to try if you like the farming and life sim aspects of Stardew.

2. Animal Crossing

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Image Description: a diverse group of Animal Crossing player characters standing on some rocks on the shore to the left of the image. They are looking off into the sunset at the Animal Crossing New Horizons logo on the right side of the image.

Animal Crossing also has several iterations, with the most recent one, New Horizons, making a splash with its release in March of 2020. In this game, you’re the mayor of a town (or village, city, or island) which is populated by adorable, anthropomorphic animals. If you love Stardew Valley for the ability to decorate your farm and build relationships with the villagers, Animal Crossing is a fantastic choice for you.

3. My Time at Portia

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Image description: the logo for My Time at Portia with a beautiful pink sunset in the background and looking over the cozy town at the center of the game.

Despite the fact that it only came out a few years ago, My Time at Portia has made a big impact on those who love Stardew Valley. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world trying to rebuild society. But this game doesn’t have the gritty aesthetics of other post-apocalyptic games. Visually, it’s very similar to the recent games in the Story of Seasons series. But unlike Harvest Moon, you’re rebuilding your late grandfather’s workshop and are fulfilling commissions for your neighbors. It also has a somewhat robust combat system.

4. Slime Rancher

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Image Description: The hot pink logo for Slime Rancher over an image of a dark-skinned blue-haired player holding their slime ranching gun. The image is filled with happy looking bouncy pink slimes.

Slime Rancher definitely has the cute and chill vibes of Stardew going for it. The bouncy slimes look very similar to the slimes in Stardew, but have a colorful air and smiley nature that is all their own. One major difference in Slime Rancher is that it uses first-person shooter mechanics, rather than a top-down third-person perspective. If you love all of the different slimes in Stardew and wish you could get a little more out of the Slime Hutch, then this game will be right up your alley.

5. Spiritfarer

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Image description: The logo for Spiritfarer across a dark blue background of a starry night sky filled with several constellations. Below the logo is a dimly lit boat with various structures teetering dangerously.

While this one touches on a slightly heavier topic, Spiritfarer is a great choice for people who love Stardew Valley. In it, you play Stella, who has been selected as the successor to Charon, whose job it is to grant the last wishes of departed spirits and usher them through the Everdoor and into the afterlife. You’ll meet all sorts of characters and form deep albeit fleeting relationships with them. This game has beautiful music, endearing characters, dazzling art, and a heartwarming storyline. 

6. Cozy Grove

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Image Description: a sepia-toned image of a rustic wooden sign that reads "Welcome to Cozy Grove" with the "welcome to" on a separate plank nailed to the top. There is a cute sketch of a simple campfire with eyes.

If the comic book series Lumberjanes and Stardew Valley had a baby, it would be Cozy Grove. In this game, you’re a camper and a Spirit Scout who collects resources to help out local ghosts. The art style of this game is extremely unique as well. Additionally, since its release in April of 2021, the developers have released several seasonal updates. These updates bring new festivals, clothing options, craftable items, characters, and more. You’ll never run out of new things to do with Cozy Grove.

7. Dinkum

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Image Description: The logo for Dinkum overlooking a cute little town at night. There is a brick path lined with flowers and trimmed hedges.

Have you ever been playing Stardew Valley and thought to yourself, “Man, I really wish there were more wombats in this game!” Then you’re in luck because Dinkum is the right game for you. While it’s visually similar to Story of Seasons and My Time at Portia, this game brings a unique story all on its own. Additionally, this game is brand spanking new; it only came out in July of 2022, and it’s still in Early Access. Get in on the ground floor of this charming game set in the Australian outback.

8. Graveyard Keeper

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Image Description: The logo of Graveyard Keeper with a smiling skeleton in a green tunic and brown leather gloves giving a huge thumbs up. Behind the logo is a wide shot of a medieval town with a waterfall and small buildings both on and beneath a rocky cliff face.

While several games on this list add a spooky or somber element to the farming and resource collecting, Graveyard Keeper adds a little more morbidity. In this game you run a medieval cemetery, making deals with local donkeys for bodies. You can explore local dungeons, gather resources to build up your cemetery, and even participate in witch burnings. This game is great for making morally dubious decisions about how to run your business. Player beware, however! If you’re not a fan of Stardew’s fishing mechanic, keep in mind that this game uses the same one.

9. Sun Haven

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Image Description: the logo for Sun Haven over top a busy city street with a diverse cast of characters looking at the viewer. The style is distinctly 16-bit and gives off medieval fantasy vibes.

What if Stardew Valley took place in a fantasy town full of magic? Why, you’d get Sun Haven of course! This game has similar resource collection, dungeon crawling, and relationship building to Stardew. However, it also adds an RPG element that some of these other games lack. You can build your own character, choosing between human, elf, demon, angel, amari, or element. Additionally, Sun Haven has a far more robust multiplayer system, allowing up to eight players at a time. 

10. Unpacking

Watch the Trailer Here

Image Description: the logo for Unpacking above an open moving box with a cute stuffed pig and a box of crayons peeking out the top. In the background are two more sealed moving boxes and a white dresser with pink, blue, and green drawers. A roll of packing tape sits atop the dresser.

Of all the games on this list, Unpacking may be the most different. However, if you love Stardew Valley for the warm and cozy vibes, then definitely check this one out. You follow a faceless protagonist all the way from their childhood bedroom to a house with a family. For each level you unpack moving boxes, finding the best organizational methods for their life. With every new living arrangement comes a little more insight into the protagonist’s life, hobbies, and relationships. This short and sweet game will have you feeling relaxed and happy.

10 More Games to Check Out If You Love Stardew Valley

If this list isn’t enough, here are 10 more games that fans of Stardew Valley recommend.

  1. Minecraft
  2. Terraria
  3. Starbound
  4. Power Wash Simulator
  5. Little Witch in the Woods
  6. Let’s Build a Zoo
  7. Rune Factory
  8. Don’t Starve Together
  9. Astroneer
  10. Littlewood

Still not satisfied? Well, you can always spice up your experience playing Stardew by adding plenty of mods! Click here to find out the 40 best mods for Stardew Valley.

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