Stardew Valley Wedding Dress Mod: How To Look Best!


Stardew Valley Wedding Dress mod is a mod that changes the player’s visual appearance during certain game events.

Stardew Valley has a wide range of unique and interesting NPCs to meet in and around Pelican Town. The player can interact with these characters by speaking to them, giving them gifts, or completing quests for them. Doing these will cause the player’s relationship status to increase with that character. Doing quests and giving gifts will reward the player with Friendship Hearts for that character.

The player’s journal will mark several NPCs as “single”. The player can attempt to romance these characters, propose to them, and eventually marry them.

How Do I Get Married?

Players can marry any of the “single” NPCs in the game. First, players must obtain 8 friendship hearts with a single character. After that, players will receive a letter from Pierre telling them that he is now selling the Bouquet for 200 Gold. Giving this to an eligible NPC unfreezes the relationship status and lets the player progress beyond 8 hearts. This now marks the NPC as “Boyfriend” or “Girlfriend” in the Player Journal.

After earning 10 Friendship Hearts with a character, the player will receive a letter from Mayor Lewis informing you that to propose, you will need to acquire the Mermaid’s Pendant. The Old Mariner near the beach seels them for 5,000 Gold.

Three days after proposing, the wedding will take place.

Stardew Valley Wedding Dress Mod

For your big day you’ll want to look your best. While it is possible to craft your own bridal outfit, you may want something a bit more elegant. There are several mods that provide a variety of wedding dress options for Stardew Valley.

Ran’s Wedding and Flower Dance Attire – This mod provides multiple white formal options for male and female characters to wear during events.

Wedding Dresses and Red Shirts – This mod provides several additional wedding options for characters who want something more than the base options presented in the game.

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