All 14 Heart Events in Stardew Valley (Ranked)

As more stories unfold for every marriageable candidate in Stardew Valley, we can’t help but think about which one’s good. After all, these good cutscenes leave great remarks. In this list, we’re ranking all fourteen heart events and explain why.

Entering Stardew Valley.
A new journey is up ahead.

There’s a well-written lore in the world of Stardew Valley. From the war that broke out between Ferngill Republic and Gotoro Empire to alien creatures roaming the entire continent. There are even lovely bits of secrets hiding that’ll stay out of sight unless discovered.

To connect with every villager in Stardew Valley is heartwarming. With gift-giving and making good decisions while interacting opens the door to their heart.

In this list, we’ll explore the heart of every NPC in-game (bachelors and bachelorettes only). We’ll also give our opinion and rank them accordingly. There are no criteria whatsoever, personal perspective only. As always, we respect your preference in case it doesn’t align with ours.

Side Note: All 14 Heart Events are good. However, we’re still ranking on what we think stands out from another.

13. Emily

Emily leaning over the player in the 14 Heart Event in Stardew Valley.
What a cute cutscene, isn’t it?

Many players often skip the small things that turn out to be the biggest in the end. Say Emily, for example, has a fantastic cutscene where she’ll handcraft a cute set that’ll make you remember her.

To begin, exit the Farmhouse from 6am to 8:20am. Emily will ask for Fiber (200) for a sweet project she’s working on. Note that it’ll take three days before another cutscene happens.

Between 8pm to 12am is the time you must enter on the third day. She’ll then hand Emily’s Magic Hat, Emily’s Magic Shirt, Emily’s Magic Boots, and blue Genie Pants.

It’s a great set, topped with Emily’s cute and loving gestures at the end.

12. Harvey

The player having a nice dinner with Harvey at the 14 Heart Event.
Harvey’s rare, sweet side.

Here’s the truth about Harvey: he’s pretty underrated. Without him, Pelican Town villagers will most likely travel far to Zuzu City for a medical check-up.

Romance-wise, we get why Harvey is an exotic choice, but you’ll love his 14 heart event. This doctor is a big fan of dinner dates and is a great cook! It’ll be a sweet, romantic night with your beloved Harvey. On a side note, please don’t expect anything besides the cutscene.

To trigger the event, enter the Farmhouse (with at least two upgrades) between 8pm and 12am. The way he talks sweetly in a short while will capture your heart!

11. Elliott

The player and Elliott hanging around and making love in Stardew Valley.
Are all writers like Elliott?

Elliott’s 14 heart event is perhaps the most unique in Stardew Valley (and pretty sweet too)! It starts with the husband’s departure for an important book signing event. From that point, you’ll still notice how Elliott is concerned and clingy without making it weird.

Note that you’ll get his letter daily (which progressively gets cuter). After the final day, Elliott will appear near your bed. While we expect a bit more, the cutscene ends there. It’s neither good nor bad, but we love the effort and dedication of this man!

Triggering the event happens when you exit the Farmhouse between 6am and 3pm. There also must be no festival within eight days, or nothing will happen.

10. Abigail

Abigail saving the injured player after an encounter with a Wilderness Golem in Stardew Valley.
When one survives, another falls.

There’s a lot to learn regarding Abigail’s final cutscene – aside from her saving you. We regard her as the best wife on our list, but we’re putting her in the 10th spot. We’ll reveal the reason later.

If you enter the Backwoods between 6:10am and 5pm, you’ll encounter a Wilderness Golem. Through normal gameplay, the monster is easy to defeat. However, you’re the prey this time.

Later on, Abigail will see you lying on the ground, forcing her to slay the Golem. It’s a heroic act, but the young lady is regretful. Nonetheless, there’s a lesson learned: It’s either you or the monster (lying dead). It’s all about survival in this world.

Although it’s sweet and all, the cutscene is still lacking. We’re not expecting it to be too violent either (honestly). But how is the character too weak to pull out a weapon? Sure, he’s down, but does that happen in-game? We’re doubtful. But if it does, that’ll be rare.

9. Shane

The player, Marnie, and Jas tailing Shane at the Stardrop Saloon in his 14 Heart Event.
Sure, Shane, it’s a new addiction.

Back on your first day, interacting with Shane can get intimidating. He explained why: depression is taking over his body, and life is failing him. There are two more reasons: Beer and Stardrop Saloon (we’re not blaming Gus’ business, by the way).

But as you progress through his character, Shane has one of the most brilliant arcs. For example, he’ll be more optimistic and try to change his lifestyle. It’s true, especially upon marrying him. Sure, there’ll be no changes overnight from his alcohol withdrawal, but at least his latest heart event makes it comforting.

Speaking of which, Shane will instead indulge in Junimo Kart instead of Beer. And the cans? They’re Joja Colas. Triggering the event happens between 8am and 5pm on non-Fridays. For the next two days, you can enter the Town Square anytime.

On a brighter note, we hope ConcernedApe makes him a little less alcoholic. Anything too much is bad.

8. Krobus

A merman playing with Krobus at the Beach Pier in Stardew Valley.
What a rare sight!

You’ll love to see Krobus on this list for many reasons. One, it’s the latest NPC (non-marriageable but can be a roommate) to have a 14-heart event. Two, the event itself is cute (and short).

Unfortunately, there’s no interaction between you and Krobus. At the docks, a Merman will approach him and give him a ride. Yes, it’s cute and not horrible (Krobus will see the light of day).

Enter the Beach between 8pm and 1am when it’s not raining to witness the event.

7. Penny

Penny's 14-Heart Event alongside the player laying in the bed.
Making you comfortable at home is one of Penny’s specialties.

Penny is one of the most hardworking NPCs in Stardew Valley. After marrying her, she’ll still teach kids to deliver quality education. The best part is how she also takes good care of the Farmhouse with her decorating skills.

Speaking of which, Penny will ask you for permission to decorate the room. It’s a romantic gesture to make you feel better after long working hours (according to her). You can pick three different themes, but declining is also a response.

While the heart event can be easily dismissed as too trivial or shallow, we think otherwise. It’s still sweet that Penny tries to make a difference by doing as much work as possible while juggling different tasks.

It’s a brief cutscene, but it’s undoubtedly a wholesome one.

6. Leah

Marnie, surprised to the player's painting at the Cindersap Forest, alongside Leah.
Practice makes perfect, they say.

Personality-wise, Leah may have the best one, as encountered through her dialogues. She’s also a fan of painting and ice and wood sculpting, which is the main content of her heart events. The last cutscene takes it to another level, as it’s the first time your character will try to copy Leah.

It’s an honor to receive a portrait from artists – be it Classic Country, Colorful Retro, or Minimalist Modern style. Marnie is the first to take the opportunity and pose. Depending on your choice, Leah will give Marnie a fabulous painting. Yours? At least it’s unique in every way; you’ll get there.

Leah’s cutscene earned the 6th spot, as it’s pretty silly and cute at the same time. Oh, and you get to keep Your First Painting (unfortunately).

Triggering this event is done between 6am and 8:20am on non-winter and Sunny days. Wait for another day (Sunny weather) and enter Cindersap Forest between 11:30am and 2pm to trigger the second part.

5. Sam

Sam's music job at the Player's house at his 14 Heart Event in Stardew Valley alongside the player.
No matter what he does, Sam always wins a child’s heart.

It’s unusual for Sam to take 5th place, but we have a surprisingly cool reason. Remember Vincent and Jas? They’re the only children in Pelican Town (Leo will come later, but it’ll depend on your progress). 

Sam is well-known for playing musical instruments, and his final cutscene reveals his dream job as a music producer. Eventually, he landed a job, although it was for a kid’s show. He’s initially hesitant, but Sam will take the gig upon being convinced. In the end, everyone is happy (including Vincent and Jas) after enjoying the music.

While there might be nothing special to the event at first, it’s wholesome how Sam can make the children happy. Huge respect!

4. Haley

Haley's Cake-Walk at the Pelican Town in Stardew Valley.
An excellent activity for a meaningful cause (Haley’s character arc?)

No seasoned player will ever forget Haley and her attitude during the first days of Stardew Valley. Even beginners may have a complete idea of her personality: judgmental and selfish. While her behavior is undesirable, her 14 heart event shows a bright character arc like Shane’s.

Since Haley’s home is near Penny and her students, she can easily catch up to their conversation. The budget is currently short, and the kids may have fewer educational resources (a recurring Pelican Town issue). As Haley heard everything, she decided to make a cake-walk charity.

After the mini-game, Haley gave Penny 5,000g for school books. Everyone also has their delicious and healthy cake, so win-win for everybody!

It’s noteworthy that Haley isn’t like this before. Of course, getting to know her more makes her good character bloom more. However, her act of philanthropy mustn’t be taken for granted.

Follow the instructions below to trigger Haley’s cutscene:

  • Between 8am and 3pm, enter the Town Square (should be non-rainy).
  • Between 6:20am and 5pm, enter the Farmhouse one day later.
  • Between 6am and 3pm, enter the Town Square with Chocolate Cake on the Inventory (non-rainy day).

3. Sebastian

The player and Sebastian at the Mountains, saving the frog (left). The player and Sebastian at the home, tending to the frog and keeping them.
Someone find a new hobby!

Sebastian’s 14-heart event is nothing more than finding a new hobby. 

After entering the Mountains between 6am and 7pm on a rainy day, Sebastian will catch an injured frog with you. Afterward, he’ll nurse it at the Farmhouse until fully healed. It might not be long-term, but Sebastian will soon breed frogs. Even you can encourage him to do his new hobby!

This event shows how caring a person could be given the natural urge, and that’s a beautiful thought to ponder.

2. Maru

The player kissing Maru at her 14-Heart Event in Stardew Valley.
Love is not as complicated as science for Maru!

Now, enough with the Demetrius jokes. Everyone knows Maru’s dad made her heart events in Stardew Valley silly and funny. Not to mention the part where he thought Maru was making love with the player (and trying to hide it). In reality, Miss Scientist here’s the sweetest.

The final cutscene where you two witness a comet in their yard is remarkable. As the celestial object travels through the empty vacuum, Maru will start appreciating your presence and love. It’s customary to make a wish, and choosing the second option is straightforwardly the best to say!

Yes, the event is short, but we’re touched by the interaction, which earned it the 2nd spot.

Follow the instructions below to activate the cutscene:

  • Between 6:10am and 5pm, enter the Farmhouse (must be non-Sunday and non-Winter).
  • Between 10pm and 1am, enter the Mountains (non-sunny).

1. Alex

The player, Alex, Shane, Gus, Kent, and George watching a gridball game in Stardew Valley (14 Heart Event).
The boys enjoying a good time in the Stardrop Saloon.

Alex has always been an aspiring quarterback. But on the current day in Stardew Valley, he’s no longer playing. Of course, there’s the hope of returning the former glory and bagging trophies to make Evelyn and George proud. Will it happen this time?

Exit the Farmhouse between 6am and 8:20am in Year 2 (or later) on any day except Sunday. Alex will ask for 5,000g for a special project he’s working on that’ll be ready on the first day of the week.

The second part is at the Stardrop Saloon, where you’ll see Alex, George, Gus, Kent, and Shane. They’re watching a gridball game in the backroom and cheering for their favorite team. It’s Alex’s secret project – a pretty wholesome one. Don’t get the guy wrong. He’s already accepting that he might not play anytime soon.

On a brighter note, there’s now a special place for the boys to have fun!

How to Marry Someone in Stardew Valley and Uncover All Fourteen Heart Events?

Depending on your preference, finding the right marriage candidate or spouse could be easy or hard. There’s the trouble of knowing the following things:

  • Universal Loves
  • Universal Likes (optional)
  • Schedule
  • Dislikes

Combining all four doesn’t end there. Knowing a candidate’s birthday is a must to make progress easier. Doing so will result in a higher friendship level until you give them Bouquets and the Mermaid’s Pendant.

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